Bus Stop Part 2

Still sucking he worked it in and out or my gagging hole. With every thrust I could feel my hips come up too meet it of there own accord pushing my cock deeper into his mouth at the same time. I was moaning like a porn star when suddenly without warning Ron switched it on. The sensation seemed to travel right the way through my arsehole into my balls and up my shaft. I'd never felt such pleasure. I was in heaven as he worked it backwards and forwards. Slowly at first then building up speed. "I take it you like that" he said with a huge smile on his face.

"Like it?" I said "I fucking love it". Then your going to love the next one". Next one my mind questioned and I looked down to see him pull something larger out of the black bag of tricks. It was shaped like a cock, it even had a vein running from the head down it's length. This too was black but a lot thicker than the last and just as long. "The vibrator was just a warm up Dave. This doesn't vibrate but I know your going to love it". He dripped lube on it exactly like the last on, placed my legs over his shoulders and went down on me again. I could feel the head of the dildo push up against me and gently the pressure increased. I grabbed the pillow hard and let out a deep guttural moan as I felt it f***e its way past the opening.

Ron just kept it there as he went to work slowly on my cock, taking loving care and attention in the art or oral. I don't know how long passed, seconds, minutes, days? All I know is that I felt it move again forcing its way into me. He pulled it back a bit and then forward again and the movement sent shivers down my spine and made my toes curl. This was so erotic I just didn't know what to do with myself other than just lie there and enjoy every minute of it. He worked it in and out of me but never going further than he already had. I was u*********sly pushing down into it with every thrust, fucking it as he fucked me with it when suddenly he pushed it deeper and I felt it pass sometime of a barrier up my arse. My hands grabbed harder and a whimper escaped my lips.

"Ssssh it's ok. It's just the anal muscles. I had to get past them" he said looking at me with genuine affection in his eyes. "It'll be ok in a second, trust me ok" and the funny thing was even thought I didn't really know Ron I did. I trusted him completely. He went back to sucking on my now throbbing cock. The feeling of this rubber cock filling me had done something to it. Had made it harder than I'd ever know. I wanted to cum and didn't at the same time. I uncapped the poppers and after a few deep inhales sunk back into the soft pillows as waves of pleasure enveloped me.

Suddenly I felt it move again this time it push harder, traveling past the point that had hurt only a minute or so ago. I could feel it filling me and it just seemed to keep on going. Ron latched onto my cock hard with his lips and started fucking me hard with it and I was fucking back every step of the way. With each thrust it went deep and deeper into me and with each withdrawal it came further out till I felt it pop clean out of me only to be shoved hard all the way in, knuckles deep. My cock was twitching in Ron hot, wet mouth as he kept up the barrage on my wanton hole. Slipping all the way out each time and diving straight back in.

I felt my balls tighten. "oh GOD I'm going to cum Ron". He didn't stop just kept on sucking as he fucked my hole. I felt my spunk rising along the shaft and with a scream I shot into his waiting mouth. I could hear him suck greedily at my cum as the fake cock fucked me. With each thrust I felt another shot of cum fire out the end like sticky white cannonballs. He withdrew the dildo and slide up my body pushing my legs onto his hips and kissed me deep, emptying the last of the cum in his mouth into mine. I swallowed the lot and grabbed his head hard. Kissing him more passionately than I had ever kissed anyone before.

His hands were all over me and mine him as we kissed then I felt that feeling again, that pressure at the entrance to my arsehole. My god he didn't think he could fuck me with that monster between his legs did he. My body moved without me asking it too. My legs opened wider and I bent so as too give him better access. It was like my body knew what too do. I felt him try to push in and it hurt. I could feel my hole opening to try and take him but he was just too big. Well that's what I thought until I felt something like a pop and he was inside me. Not much. I couldn't see but I was guessing just the head of that a****l was in me. It felt like I would be ripped in two but his kisses had me turned on so much I could feel my own cock grow harder and harder.

He slowly rocked on me and I moaned out load. It hurt but it felt so good at the same time. More and more of him was sinking inside me then he was at the same point as the dildo. The bit that had hurt. The dildo hadn't hurt too bad. It was a sharp pain but it was over in no time. This I had a feeling was going to hurt like hell. I tried not to clamp up on it but the thought of him in me was just damn scarey. I had never seen a cock like his outside a porn film but I thought if they could take it I'm sure I could. Ron must have picked up on what I was think and stopped rocking and just kept kissing me whilst I felt him throb inside me. It was like we were one. I could feel his pulse as much as I could feel my own.

"You want me too continue. I'll stop if you want" He said looking deep into me. I knew he would too and I felt my heart skip a beat.

"Fuck me" I said biting my bottom lip. "Please fuck me". He smiled down at me and without another word f***ed his massive helmet into me. My fingers dug int his back and tears came to my eyes. It felt like my insides were on fire. Part of me wanted to scream but I just looked into those eyes of his and let the trust I had for him get me though this. He pushed a little further in and stopped like before, kissing me and kissing the pain away. In a second it was gone and I felt so at ease and horny it was unbelievable.

"More?" he asked.

"More? I thought you were all the way in" I moaned at him with wide eyes.

"Not even halfway" he smiled.

"More, all of it. I want it all." And he obliged. Rocking his cock and slowly slipping more and more into me. Stretching me more and more when suddenly I felt his pubes brush against my balls. He sat up and grabbed my thighs and started to slowly fuck me. The pain was still there but it was like a whisper compared to the howl of ecstasy that I was feeling.

"God your so tight Dave. I want to fuck your brains out". He said between thrusts. "I wanted to do this since I first layed eyes on you". I just lay there, looking at him doe eyed as I panted and moaned. "Do you want me to fuck you properly." I traced my fingers down his strong arms and nodded with a big smile. He took his cock out with an audible pop and half asked half commanded that I get on all fours on the bed. I was his and the thought of saying no never once crossed my mind. I could feel him position himself behind me and felt the the lube cold on my hole and without a second thought he pushed his cock slowly into me. I pushed back onto it. It felt so amazing as he pulled out a bit then pushed in again deeper, each time deeper and I was there too match his strokes.

He grabbed my hips and started to pound into me. I couldn't help the cry's of pleasure that escaped my mouth as I felt that hot cock of his fuck my virgin hole. My cock was solid and slapping off my belly with each thrust. My balls slapped against his and I knew this is what I was made for. All these years thinking I was straight blew away in an instant. I didn't know when it had started but I was telling him to fuck me, to fuck me hard. He didn't disappoint as I felt him slap against me again and again. He started getting dirty with me too, asking if I enjoyed being his little slut and that he was going to fill me with his hot spunk like the dirty little boy I was. It was too much.

The feelings in my balls started again and I didn't even have time to say anything as a hot string of cum shot onto the duvet follow by another and another. The thrust of that beautiful cock send more and more cum onto the fabric underneath me. With one hand on my shoulder and one on my waist he fucked me hard, moaning himself now. I could feel his cock getting bigger in me. "I'm gonna cum babe, gonna cum right inside you".

"CUM IN ME!!!" I screamed as my own orgasm continued and more shots of spunk shot from me. He pounded harder and faster, moaning and panting with each fuck. My hand had shot down to my cock and I was wanking it for all it was worth. Milking every bit of my own orgasm as I could when he pushed into me hard with a cry of pleasure. I felt the hot liquid hit my insides and I yelped in happiness. He thrust again and again. More and more cum shooting deeper and deeper into me and I loved it. He lay on my back, sweating and panting as his thick cock splashed the last of its juices up into me. My arsehole was on fire and slowly his cock popped out of me followed by a trickle of his salty juices that ran down my legs.

He stood up and pulled me gently off the bed and into his arms. My legs felt like jelly as he held me in his arms. We kissed lovingly. I looked up at him and asked "What now?"

"Now we shower and get clean then we go into the other bedroom and sl**p. Don't think I can be bothered to clean that up" he said jerking a thumb at the cum the splattered the duvet cover. We laughed. He looked into my eyes. "Your mine now so come on lets get clean. Tomorrows Saturday and we got all weekend to have more fun".
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2 years ago
Well Done!
Nice conclusion!
2 years ago
Lucky you having a guy who knows what that fuck he is doing.