Getting Lucky (part 2 of 2)

Never had anything sounded so inviting to Kirsty. She really wanted to cum. But with Sarah, there? Kirsty was not so sure she could masturbate in front of Sarah, but she was also surprised at how much she wanted to and not just because of the scene earlier in the park. She was feeling a strange and quite overpowering urge to have Sarah watch as she fingered herself; it was somehow deliciously and excitingly naughty.

Not quite able to make the first move, Kirsty was surprised and quietly relieved when Sarah reached round, gently took hold of her unresisting hand and guided it down so that Kirsty was touching herself.

"I can't," Kirsty said quietly, but also very aware that Sarah was still holding her hand that was pressed against her excited moist sex.

"Sure you can. You have touched yourself before?" Sarah added as she moved her own hand so that it was moving Kirsty's slowly against herself, rubbing her pussy. Sarah slowly moved her hand away and was glad to see that Kirsty's not only remained in position but continued to move against herself, caressing lightly.

Kirsty felt herself blushing bright red, but was also feeling incredibly turned on; heightened by what she had witnessed in the park and now because she knew she was going to masturbate in front of her best friend. She was enjoying the intense arousal as she pressed her hand against herself. Again her clit was throbbing, demanding attention. Her pussy lips were swollen with desire and she was so wet! "I have never done anything like this with someone else watching."

"So just pretend I'm not here do what you know feels good for you, relax and just enjoy. I would love see you finger yourself until you cum, please Kirsty. Masturbate for me, let me see you shudder as you orgasm!"

Kirsty could not stop her hand from caressing herself, in fact she did not want to stop. There was something incredibly exciting about standing in front of the mirror touching herself with Sarah close behind watching. She really felt very sexy, so very naughty and wanted nothing more than to satisfy a deep longing to climax. The fact that Sarah was watching only seemed to make her feel even hornier. Naughty and very horny. She was also wetter than she had been in months and her whole body was aching for release.

"You have the most amazingly soft skin." Sarah whispered as she rested her hands lightly on Kirsty's hips.

Kirsty looked into Sarah's eyes reflected back at her from the mirror and she realised she wanted nothing more than to cum with Sarah watching and holding her. The warm hands on her hips made her feel somehow safe. She allowed a couple of fingers to slip between her labia and she used her lubricated fingers to rotate around her clitoris, gasping at the intense pleasure. She moaned delightedly as Sarah lightly kissed her on the back of her neck and moved her hands to lightly caress her breasts.

Kirsty looked in the mirror watching as Sarah continued to caress her. Her nipples felt harder, tighter than ever before, advertising her growing excitement as was the warm moistness between her legs.

"Keep touching yourself Kirsty; I want to see you pleasure yourself for me. Masturbate so I can watch." Sarah whispered into Kirsty's ear, she then lightly bit into the earlobe enjoying the moan that escaped Kirsty's lips. She looked into the mirror watching Kirsty caressing herself.

Kirsty leant back against Sarah, her eyes were now closed as her hands busied themselves between her legs. She had two fingers between her engorged lips slipping slowly in and out of her slippery pussy. Two fingers of her other hand were circling her clitoris. She could not believe she was actually doing this, but was unable to stop herself. Her her whole body was tingling with delicious excitement and her breath was a series of excited gasps.

Sarah continued to watch as she pressed her lips against Kirsty's neck and captured both tight nipples with her thumbs and index fingers. She rolled and pulled at the erect buds eliciting louder gasps from Kirsty.

Kirsty heard Sarah moan softly and she opened her eyes to look into Sarah's incredibly beautiful blue eyes, which were fixed on her pussy. Seeing Sarah watching her so intently made her feel even hornier and she knew she would not hold back much longer. Kirsty knew her pubic fair hair did little to hide her lips usually but with her fingers spreading them open she was very aware that Sarah could see everything. This only made her feel even more deliciously wanton, naughty and horny.

As Sarah watched her play with herself Kirsty was even more brazen than she thought she was capable of. She continued look Sarah in the eyes as she leaned back and spread her legs wide, giving her a really good look at her pussy as she felt her orgasm hit her, her hips thrusting furiously as she let herself go. Her body shaking and convulsing as she came harder than she ever had before.

Kirsty slowly opened her eyes when she had finished shuddering, she could not believe how she was behaving nor did she really care. I am an exhibitionist, she thought, her legs were still spread open like a whore, her fingers still lazily stroking her pussy. Sarah was watching her still, her eyes wide.

"Wow, that was so hot girl." Sarah laughed, "you really did need that didn't you!"

Kirsty's legs were still shaking with the intensity of her orgasm, her legs could hardly hold her weight. She giggled as another shudder went through her body. "Wow that was amazing! Oh God, I am so sorry. I can't believe I just did that. What must you think of me?"

"I'm thinking that I want you," Sarah whispered, as she moved her lips to the lobe of her ear and sucked it between her lips causing Kirsty to shudder with delight. "No, I know that I want you!"

Kirsty's breath again came in gasps. "I'm yours," she assured her. "All yours."

Sarah reached around Kirsty's body and let her hand travel downwards to stroke between Kirsty's legs which she parted u*********sly to allow better access. Sarah's fingers slipped easily through the warm wet lips, two fingers finding access to the smooth valley within.

Kirsty turned to face Sarah without disrupting the soft insistent caressing of her skillful fingers as they worked their magic between her legs. Her lips met Sarah's and she pushed her tongue between them as Sarah continued to slide her fingers between her pussy lips.

Kirsty's hips bucked again and again as Sarah's fingers brought her closer to another orgasm. Kirsty gasped through the kiss as their tongues teased each other and Sarah's thumb located her clitoris. She began to whimper as the intense sensation built up, alarming in its intensity.

"Stop," she begged, not meaning it at all, "I can't take anymore, I'm going to die." The fingers in her slippery passage did not stop but continued and suddenly the expert manipulation of her clit was enough to bring her to another shattering orgasm. Her mouth flew open. Her hips bucked furiously against Sarah's hand and she heard herself squealing. Her body shuddered her muscles contracting as her body flooded with pleasure. This time her legs were unable to support her weight and she slipped still shuddering to the floor.

"Enjoy that?" Sarah whispered between breaths.

Kirsty sat wide-eyed on the bathroom floor, her mouth open still gasping for breath as she panted. Her legs shook uncontrollably as another spasm passed through her "God," she gasped. "I think I wet myself.

Sarah, laughed delightedly. "Wow, baby. I have never seen anyone cum like that before."

Kirsty, already flushed, felt herself blushing even more. "I am so sorry, Sarah, I just got carried away. I have never done that before."

"What, orgasmed?" Sarah laughed.

"Now you are teasing me again. I mean I have never let another woman do that to me."

"I know. Good though wasn't it!"

"Does that make me a lesbian?" Kirsty whispered.

"No of course not. You still like men don't you?"

"Yes of course."

"Well then, you know you needed it. What sort of friend would I be not to help my best friend when she needs release?"

"That was the hottest thing I have ever done." Kirsty said dreamily. She looked at Sarah intently. But what about you. You still haven't cum?"

"You want to give me a hand?"

As an answer, Kirsty leaned forward and taking Sarah's head in her hands gently pressed her lips to hers. Kissing a girl was so different to kissing a man. Sarah's lips were so soft, warm and very, very nice. Kirsty slipped her tongue into Sarah's willing mouth meeting her tongue with her own, tasting Sarah and running her tongue over her teeth.

Kirsty was delighted to hear her best friend moan softly as their kisses became more frantic. Most men she thought, just did not spend enough time doing this. There was nothing sexier than really taking your time and really kissing. God, Sarah could kiss! Kirsty heard herself moan as their tonques explored each others mouths and their lips and teeth sucked, nipped and pulled.

Their hands explored each other, caressing, stroking and teasing. Kirsty cupped Sarah's breasts in her hands enjoying the springing firmness and silky softness. Sarah's nipples were tightly puckered and Sarah moaned excitedly as Kirsty squeezed them between her thumb and forefinger as Sarah had done to her minutes earlier.

"It's your turn now." Kirsty whispered as she kissed her way down Kirsty's exquisite body. She kissed and licked Sarah's breasts knowing exactly where and how it felt best. Delighting at every gasp and sharp intake of breath she took her time to pleasure her friend. Her tonque darted out licking and circling the tight nipples, before she captured them lightly nippling them with her teeth. Sarah whimpered softly, encouraging Kirsty with her moans and guiding her with her hands on her head.

Kirsty allowed herself to be guided further down, trailing kisses over Sarah's taut stomach pausing to dip her tonque into her navel and enjoying seeing her squirm delightfully.

Sarah's thighs parted letting Kirsty feast her eyes on her most intimate parts. Kirsty kissed the silky smooth inner thighs parted before her, running her hands, one each side underneath before gently pushing the legs back until the thighs were against Sarah's chest exposing her completely.

"Wow, look at you all exposed and looking beautiful. What should I do now?" Kirsty asked teasingly. "I could do this." She said as lowered her head and licked up and down the length of Sarah's pussy, almost touching her clit down to her ass and back again.

"Or this," her lips sucked one of her friends labia, pulling it into her mouth before releasing it and taking the other one sucking gently.

"Or this maybe," she pursed her lips and blew softly on the delicate puckered ass hole open before her. Sarah was squirming delicously at the assault on her nether regions. Kirsty giggled and then continued to lick the length of the pussy, again and again.

Sarah was breathing heavily and moaning almost continuously. Kirsty never thought that she would be eating her flatmate out and delighting in the sounds of excitement emanating from her, but here she was and enjoying every minute. She pushed her tongue in and out of Sarah's wet pussy, alternating between quick and slow thrusts. She continued teasingly tongue fucking Sarah, knowing very well that it was Kirsty's tongue on her clit that she was dying for.

Kirsty could see that Sarah's clit had become hard enough to peek out of its hood and was begging for attention. Sarah was also moaning louder and her breathing was getting quicker. So delightedly pink and beautiful, I wonder if this is what I look like? thought Kirsty as she brought her tongue up to the top of the slit and located the clit. She licked hard pressing into Sarah's skin as she gently pulled the pussy lips away and flicked her tongue quickly against the clit, delighting in the feeling of Sarah's legs shaking with excitement. At the same time she eased a couple of fingers between Sarah's pussy lips and with the fingers of her other hand used some of the copious juices to lubricate her forefinger before slipping it into the little puckered hole. Sarah squealed delightedly, amazed at what her friend was doing to her.

Kirsty realised Sarah was close as she took the clit into her mouth and started sucking gently, she continued using her fingers fucking both holes, again and again. Sarah was squealing and moaning loudly, her whole body starting to shudder, there was nothing she could do to stop the all engulfing orgasm that hit her. Her hips bucked against Kirsty's mouth and fingers as the orgasm erupted, enveloping her with powerful waves of pleasure.

As she felt Sarah cumming Kirsty moved with her as Sarah bucked her pelvis into the air with the tension of the powerful orgasm. Amazingly Kirsty kept her mouth on Sarah's clit sucking a little harder as she felt the pussy walls clenching and Sarahs thighs quivering. Kirsty also kept moving her fingers slowly in and out prolonging the pleasure.

"Oh,fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. God. Yes. Yesssss." Sarah cried out as she came hard again, her whole body shaking and her mouth gasping for breath. She was finding it hard to get enough oxygen into her lungs as she had held her breath as the orgasm had hit and was now gasping great gulps to satisfy her need. Her body was still shaking, tremors going through her like little earthquakes.

Kirsty let Sarah roll with her eyes tightly closed, her teeth still biting on to her lower lip. She was still convulsing as aftershocks kept hitting her and causing her legs to shake. Slowly Sarah opened her eyes and looked lovingly at Kirsty.

"Wow, that was..........."

"Okay?" Kirsty offered, smiling.

"Oh that was more than okay. Thank you.You, have never done that before? What a waste!" Sarah laughed. "Girl you are so talented!"

"Come." Sarah, took Kirsty's hand and led her through to the bedroom. They turned to each other and kissed, long and slowly. Their hands caressing and feeling each other, investigating, leaving no place untouched. Where their hands went, their mouths and lips followed. Both girls were breathing heavily, their breasts rising and falling, moans of desire and encouragement, turning them on even more.

"You are so incredibly naughty." Sarah laughed, "how did you know how to do that? I have never been eaten out like that before."

"I don't know. I just did what I hoped you would like."

"I liked!"

"I noticed."

"Oooh what the...." Kirsty exclaimed as she was pushed backwards onto the bed. Sarah, laughing dived onto her.

"Do it again, please."


"Do what you just did to me." Sarah said, her blue eyes sparkling. "While I do you."

"Well, what are we waiting for."

"I think, our friendship has just got better," Kirsty sighed as she felt Sarah start to kiss her way down her body.

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4 years ago
Great story hot and horney
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very hot
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Lucky and lusty! ;-)P
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You write beautifully erotic stories. Thanks for sharing.