Getting Lucky ( part 1 of 2)

"You are so going to get lucky this evening." Sarah said.

"God I hope so," Kirsty replied as she stood before the full-length mirror and gave a twirl. Her reflection showing an excited young lady who returned her wide cheeky grin. Her newly cut blonde hair was shorter than she would normally wear it but Kirsty was pleased with the effect. Sexier, she thought as she watched her image complete the twirl. The mini skirt was also much shorter than anything she had ever worn, but showed her great legs. The silk blouse was a little too tight she thought, her new found self-confidence starting to flounder. Far too tight she thought again, her breasts were not very big but were straining against the material and her nipples were very noticeable.

"Perfect, just perfect," said Sarah triumphantly as she watched her best friend view herself with surprised delight. Normally, Kirsty dressed, downright bl**dy boringly, Sarah always said; preferring loose fitting clothes that did nothing for her slim attractive figure. Maybe that arse of a two timing boyfriend of hers leaving was not such a bad thing after all. "You are looking hot; you are so going to pull tonight."

Kirsty giggled and asked shyly, "Sarah, don't you think I look, you know a bit slutty?"

Sarah looked at her friend in wonder. She looked great, actually she always looked great, but tonight she was positively glowing. "Kirsty, I have to be honest. You look wonderfully slutty, look; even your nipples are becoming erect!"

Sarah laughed at Kirsty's look of horror. She was also amused to see that the nipples really had just become noticeably quite stiff under the silk. Kirsty was also blushed a pretty interesting shade of red, which only made her look even more attractive.

"You are looking pretty hot yourself; someone is in for a treat tonight." Kirsty said, looking at Sarah dressed in a simple midnight blue dress that ended mid thigh. It complemented her stunning figure and beautiful blue eyes wonderfully. Sarah did not have to try too hard to look good, she just did. And to top it all, Kirsty thought, Sarah was a fantastic friend, one who had stood by her when she had been going out with that pig Adrian. Kirsty knew Sarah had never liked him, had never trusted him. She had not even said "I told you so" when Kirsty had caught him in her bed with that tart Mandy Arnold. Kirsty had dumped him fairly quickly afterwards and Sarah had been there to offer her support and a shoulder to cry on.

Now after only two months Sarah had convinced Kirsty to start living again, to enjoy life and to get herself laid. That was the plan anyway. Kirsty had even agreed to dress up a little more daringly than she normally would. Sarah had convinced her that what she needed was to get herself some good sex so she can forget her ex and move on with her life. Kirsty was normally not quite as outgoing as Sarah was but found she was more than a little excited at the idea of just going out and perhaps having some well overdue sex.

"And remember Kirsty, tonight is for fun. Let yourself go, enjoy yourself and maybe get some yummy sex." Sarah laughed as Kirsty blushed red again before she took her hand as they made their way to the waiting taxi.


Two hours later Sarah watched as another young man walked away after trying his luck with Kirsty. They had been at the popular nightclub for several hours and Kirsty had been approached by several hopeful but unsuccessful men.

"He was okay, wasn't he?" Sarah asked as she moved up next to Kirtsy.

"Yeah, he looked okay. But, well.....I am just not sure." Kirsty shrugged and smiled at Sarah. "Maybe I am just not cut out to be a slut after all."

"It is only sex, Kirsty. What about him? He has a cute arse." She pointed to a well built man standing at the bar.

"Too ugly!" Kirsty replied.

"Him." Sarah nodded at another.

"Too old."


"Too young."

"What about him, he is gorgeous?"

"No, he approached me earlier. Asked if I liked my eggs scrambled or sterilized? I mean who says that?"

Sarah laughed. "Kirsty, you are just too choosy, so his chat up lines are crap but admit it, he is bl**dy good looking."

"Well why don't you have him then?" Kirsty looked questioningly at her friend.

"Kirsty we are here for you, to get you laid. When was the last time you had a good mind numbing orgasm?.... Remember? When your whole body is tingling and you can't stop shaking, when, when?" Sarah punched Kirsty on the arm.

"Ouch!" Okay, okay. I heard you. Adrian was good, but not that good. Show me someone who will make me feel like that and I will let them take me here and now. I won't care who watches." She giggled.

"Yeah, me too." Sarah laughed again, well I can't promise that but come on lets have a little fun. As there is no-one here you fancy miss fussy pants, shall we move over to that nice little pub by your place. We can check out the talent there?"


The girls grabbed a couple of drinks and settled themselves at an empty table near the far corner where they could observe what was going on. There was a good looking couple sat at the table next to them, but they were so intent on each other that they had paid the two girls no attention as they had sat down.

Sarah nudged Kirsty and indicated the couple near them. "Don't they just make you feel jealous?"

"Yeah, and isn't he just so gorgeous!"

"Well I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed," giggled Sarah.

"Nor me! Why are the good looking ones always taken?" Kirsty asked.

"I suppose." Sarah paused, "because they are good looking, duh."

The two girls laughed and continued chatting happily away to each other. Kirsty though, felt her eyes constantly drawn back to the couple sat at the next table. They were both really good looking and well matched.

"Pretty hot aren't they?" Sarah whispered.

"You can say that again." Kirsty watched as the girl giggled and leaned closer to her boyfriend. She said something and put her hand over the obvious bulge in his chinos and squeezed gently. "This is all because of me?" asked the girl giggling again.

"Right come on." The girl's boyfriend stood up and taking a firm hold of his laughing girlfiend's hand led her out of the pub.

As the couple passed their table Kirsty, felt her eyes drawn to the front of his trousers where it was easy to see how excited he had become. Kirsty looked up quickly and met the girls gaze. The girl could not have missed Kirsty checking her boyfriend out. But far from being annoyed she winked and beamed a proud smile at her.

Kirsty felt the colour flush her cheeks as she blurted out. "Looks like enough there for two, if you want a hand?"

"Oh I am looking forward to taking care of this myself." The other girl giggled as she quickly passed.

"You little tart." Sarah laughed.

Kirsty's hand went to her mouth, "Christ, I don't believe I said that out loud. But boy were they hot or what? I bet they are at each other as soon as they get outside."

"Shall we take a look."

"We couldn't, could we?"

The two girls looked at each other again. "Come on lets get outside." Kirsty finished her drink and headed to the door. Sarah was not far behind her. She was a little surprised at quite how the evening was turning out, but Kirsty really seemed excited at the prospect of spying on the other two. Maybe a little voyeurism was just what Kirsty needed to get her back into the land of the living again.

The girls noticed that the couple were not that far ahead as they were constantly stopping and kissing each other. Sarah and Kirsty hung back and followed slowly while trying to pretend that they were not interested in the other couple. They need not really have bothered as the other pair were so busy with each other they would not have noticed anyone else anyway.

"This is so wrong." Kirsty whispered.

"Yeah, I know." Sarah agreed.

"Shall we just let them get on with it and go back into the pub or go home?" Sarah, looked at her friend.

"We should.....but... no way I am missing out on this. Look at them, they are so hot. If they are going to do anything interesting outside then I want to see." Kirsty suddenly looked at her friend. "Does that make me a bad person?"

"Oh, you are so bad." Sarah laughed."Whatever happened to Miss sweet and innocent?"

"Shit." Exclaimed Kirsty as the first raindrops fell. "This will ruin everything."

Within seconds it was raining harder and harder until it was belting down furiously. The two girls were soaked within seconds. The rain had reduced visibility and it was difficult to make out the other couple who were now about fifty meters away. They did not seem to be particularly worried by the rain and seemed to be laughing loudly.

"I am soaked." Kirsty said, somewhat uneccessarily, "we should really go home. Shall we go home?"

Sarah looked at Kirsty who was anxiously waiting for her reply. Kirsty wiped her hand across her face wiping rain out of her eyes, she was biting on her lower lip her eyes wide watching her carefully.

Sally knew Kirsty wanted to stay and see what was possibly going to happen between the other couple. "No way, after all this, no way are we giving up now. You wanted a show, look at those two, I think we may be in for one." Sarah directed Kirsty towards the amorous pair that seemed in no way bothered by the rain.

Kirsty looked where Sarah was pointing and she could just make out the hot couple that had stopped again, their arms wrapped around each other they were kissing passionately. The young man moved his head at an angle kissing the girls neck and shoulders, his hands moved to pull her even closer. She responded eagerly and ground her hips encouragingly and suggestively against him.

"Wow, they just don't care that anyone could be around. Lets get closer." Sarah grabbed Kirsty's hand and pulled her closer to the kissing couple. As they got closer they veered off behind one of the many bushes. The girls were now able to watch the other couple from a short distance without being seen.

"God, this is so hot. I feel like a right perv." Sarah giggled quietly into Kirsty's ear. The hot couple did not seem to have noticed or heard them. Not that they could have anyway with the rain belting down.

Kirsty could not believe how excited she was starting to feel as she watched them. The girls dress was soaked through and was clinging to her body, her nipples painfully erect because of the sudden cold were straining against now almost see through material. Her boyfriends chinos were also soaked and his excitement was clear to see by the very obvious bulge. Kirsty thought they looked incredibly sexy, obviously very turned on and she could almost imagine how the girl felt as her boyfriend kissed, fondled and pressed himself against her. His desire so very evident. It had been too long since someone had held her like that and she could feel her own arousal making her body respond sympathetically to the erotic coupling not very far from where she stood. She held back a giggle as she thought how wet she was herself and not all of it was due to the rain. I am so getting turned on by this. God how desparate am I? she asked herself.

Completely oblivious to any possible passers by the young man was continuously running his hands all over the girls body, caressing and fondling her. She in turn was running her hands all over him and as the two girls watched excitedly her hands caressed his cock through his chinos, rubbing him and sqeezing until he let out a low excited growl. In a quick movement he turned her so she was facing away from him and he kissed her shoulders. The girl laughed and leant back against him as his hands cupped her breasts and capturing her nipples between his thumb and index finger he teased them as he continued kissing her.

Kirsty looked over to Sarah who was watching her with a big smile. Both girls were now completely oblivious to the rain which was still beating down. "Hot!" mouthed Sarah.

Kirsty nodded "I can't believe how sexy this is. It is so wrong...but also so sexy."

Sarah smiled and both turned to look as the girl moaned louder.

Kirsty gasped as she watched the boy slip a hand up under the short dress to caress between his girlfriends legs which she moved wider apart to give him greater access. She seemed to push against him as his hands went to work on her sex. The girls head was thrown back, her mouth open, gasping. They could not see his hand on her sex but it was obvious what he was doing. They both looked so very turned on by all they had been doing. The girls breasts were rising and falling to match her quick short breaths. The rain soaked dress moulded against her showing her pert breasts and the excited peaks of her nipples again highlighting how turned on she was. It did not seem too long before the girl seemed to shake as an orgasm hit her, her body convulsing, her head thrown back and her mouth open gasping for breath.

The girl reached behind and with practised fingers located the zip on his chinos and unzipped him. He was still working his hand between her legs as she somehow managed to get a grip on his chinos and quickly tugged them down only stopping as they seemed to get caught on his erection.

He helped her to drop his chinos and boxers to his knees allowing his erect cock to bounce free. He gently pushed her so she was bent over facing away from him and taking hold of his cock he eased it against her. The girl immediately pushed backwards and he slid his cock easily into her. He held onto her hips and pumped deeply in and out of her slowly.

Kirsty gasped as she watched him move his cock in and out of the girl. She had never seen anyone fucking before, apart from porn films, but never live and so close. With the rain and the fading light the beautiful couple having sex was so wonderfully erotic. Kirsty felt her own clit throb as she imagined herself in the girls place and she could almost feel the thick cock sliding slowly in and out of her. "Mmmm".

"Sssh, Sarah whispered into her ear. Don't let them hear you."

"He is fucking her. Right in front of us. I can't believe it. Have you ever seen anything so horny?"

"They do look good, better than a porn film." Kirsty laughed quietly as the girl voiced her encouragement, gasping and moaning at her boyfriend..

"Mmmm, Yes! Harder, Brad, now hard and fast. I can't wait, quickly before someone comes along." The girl pleaded.

Kirsty and Sarah watched as Brad continued to pump his cock deeply in and out of his gasping girlfriend. He was moving in and out much quicker now, drawing out and slamming back into her. They were both breathing faster, their mouths open. He was leaning over her and it looked like he had moved his hand so that he could play with her clitoris as they fucked. She was leaning forward and seemed to have a hand reached back between his legs either on his balls or even playing with his ass. Suddenly he was gasping and moving even quicker still until he seemed to shudder and slam into her even harder as he came. She squealed lightly and seemed to reach another orgasm, shaking visibly, then laughing out loud. She turned and grabbing hold of Brad kissed him hard.

"Wow that was something else." She said pulling back and looking him in the eyes.

"You are not k**ding, what a way to end an evening." He answered, as he pushed his cock into his trousers and quickly zipped himself up.

"End an evening? I think we had better get back to your place. If you think I am going to settle for one little quickie, then you can think again, unless of course you're not up to any more?" She laughed teasingly. They kissed again and quickly headed off laughing delightedly.

Sarah and Kirsty stayed hidden until the two lovers had slipped out of view before holding hands and giggling like mischievious school c***dren they quickly made their way home.

Fifteen minutes later the two friends stood facing each other in their bathroom quickly removing their soaking clothes. "That was incredible, I have never experienced anything like that ever before." Kirsty beamed at Sarah.

Kirsty was beaming a wide satisfied smile and was looking flushed still with excitement. That beats any old porn film hands down.

"Yeah, sexy wasn't it." Sarah replied as she eased her panties down her legs.

"God yeah, I could have reached out and touched them, we were so close." Kirsty sighed dramatically as she threw the rest of her wet clothes into the corner.

"Could have touched his neat little arse."

"And his cock."

"And her cute ass."

They looked at each other and laughed.

"I never thought watching someone else getting it on like that could be so hot." Kirsty exclaimed. "I very nearly started touching myself, especially when she started cumming. God I was feeling so hot, I could almost imagine that cock was sliding in and out of me. Wow. Oops....sorry getting carried away there." She looked at Sarah who had just vigorously towelled herself dry.

Sarah laughed at Kirsty's expression. She looked so innocent, all flushed and biting on her bottom lip. "You are not the only one Kirsty, believe me.

So what stopped you?

"Actually, I did slip my hand under my panties and have a quick rub." Sarah laughed again and moved behind Kirsty and using the towel started to vigorously dry her hair and shoulders.

Kirsty looked at their reflection in the full length mirror. Sarah's eyes met hers as she continued to rub her dry. What had Sarah said? She had slipped her hand into her panties? Kirsty again felt herself going red as she pictured the sight of her friend with her hand between her legs. She had admittedly felt like doing the same but had not trusted herself.

"You what? You never! I never noticed!" Kirsty said.

Sarah laughed again, "you were so occupied watching them you would not have noticed had someone slipped their hand into your panties."

"Hah, if someone had slipped their hand into my panties I really don't think I would have complained." Kirsty said suddenly serious. She looked thoughtful and then hesitated looking wide eyed at Sarah." Suddenly she laughed, "you horny cow, did you, you know did you cum?"

"No, I am saving that for later, but, look at your expression! Don't tell me you were not tempted! And don't lie."

Kirsty was very aware that she was stood naked with her best friend also very naked standing behind her. Sarah had stopped rubbing with the towel and was resting her hands on Kirsty's shoulders holding the towel in place. Her eyes held Kirsty's gaze in the mirror. Of course Kirsty had seen Sarah naked lots of times before, but she had never really noticed how incredibly beautiful she was. Her breasts were bigger than her own with dark pink nipples as hard as buttons. Her stomach was wonderfully flat, with a cute little dimple of a belly button and her skin was so silky smooth.

Kirsty stopped herself. What was she thinking? She had witnessed a couple having sex only a short distance away from herself and she had been incredibly aroused by the whole thing. And now she was thinking about her best friends incredible naked body. Christ I am not gay she told herself. I am just still really turned on. She thought about what Sarah had said about saving herself for later and picturing Sarah gasping as she brought herself to orgasm sent a shiver of excitement through her body.

"Well? You can't tell me you were not tempted?"

"I have never seen anything so sexy, I do still feel a bit horny." Kirsty giggled self consciously.

"Do it."

"What." Surely she can't mean what I think she means, but I really hope she does. Kirsty looked wide eyed at Sarah.

"I am feeling incredibly sexy and I know you are also. I also know that you really could do with some relief. Go on, don't be shy touch yourself."

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3 years ago
Great story. It left so much at the end for you imagination to explore.