Principles of Lust (alittle buffy, faith & wil

"Tell me again why I'm doing this?" Faith asked, arms folded across her chest.

"Because you love me," Buffy replied, grinning. "And because Willow has been feeling kinda left out lately. You and I have been doing the Slayer thing and the relationship thing... I just don't want to be absentee friend again." Buffy set down her grocery bags on the kitchen counter, and started unloading. "Besides, with my mom out of town and the house to ourselves, it's the perfect chance for a girl's night."

Faith grabbed a half-gallon of ice cream from Buffy and stuck it in the freezer. "Hey, don't get me wrong...I mean, Red's ok in my book. It's just that I don't go in for the whole slumber party thing, ya know? Way too vanilla."

Buffy frowned for a moment, wondering what Faith was talking about, since the ice cream was chocolate.

Seeing Buffy's confusion, Faith continued. "You know, vanilla? Square? Dull? Ordinary?"

"Considering your parties always involve alcohol and alternative sexual acts, I'm not surprised," Buffy retorted.

Hmm... That gave Faith food for thought. Maybe there was a way to salvage this evening after all. The dark-haired Slayer walked up behind Buffy, grabbing her around the waist. Leaning close to her ear, she whispered, "Like you're complaining about alternative sexual acts?"

Buffy settled back against Faith, her eyes darkening with desire. "No, not really complaining."

Faith moved her hands up, stroking Buffy's stomach with feather-light touches until her hands settled over the blonde Slayer's breasts. Feeling the nipples harden under her touch, she whispered, "Have you ever seen the way Red looks at you?"

Buffy, whose breathing had become ragged, frowned a little. "Willow? No, what do you mean?"

Faith squeezed Buffy's breasts, and nipped at the back of her neck. She was rewarded with a gasp from the other Slayer. "Like, I mean she wants you, girlfriend. In the worst way."

"Willow? No, I don't think...Willow?" Buffy had a hard time believing that; she had always found the redhead attractive, but she had never pursued it past that point because she figured Willow wouldn't go for it. Besides, the timing had always been really bad, with one or both always seeming to be involved at any given time.

"Yeah, Willow. She wants you, B, you can just see it. Those little covert glances she gives you, the way she stares at your lips sometimes--that's key. Means she wants to press her lips against yours, push her tongue inside your mouth..." Faith started to grind her hips against Buffy's, working the Slayer even harder.

Buffy had to admit that the thought of kissing Willow was pretty exciting. But Faith seemed to be getting off on it, too. "And that doesn't bother you?"

"Bother me? Fuck no!" Faith grinned. She leaned down, nuzzling Buffy's neck and eliciting another groan from the blonde. "Red's pretty hot. Besides, I don't mind sharing. Life's too short, B, especially for us. I don't sweat the petty shit; if someone comes along who we're hot for, we might as well give 'em a turn, right?"

Buffy turned abruptly, facing Faith. "Wait, what are we talking about here?" She held her breath, not knowing what answer she wanted the brunette slayer to give.

Faith just eyed her with amusement. "We're talking about Red being attracted to you, and vice versa, right? Tell me you're not the least bit interested in following through, just to see what it's like?"

Buffy chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. "Well...what if she says no?"

Faith shrugged. "Then she says no. No biggie. But I'll bet she'll say yes."

"And you're ok with this?"

"I already said so, didn't I? Hell, if I get my share of the action, I'm better than ok." Faith grinned at her lover, and kissed her deeply.

* * *

Willow rang the doorbell and heard a flurry of activity from inside. After a moment, Buffy answered the door.

"Hi!" Willow said, stepping inside. She carried a gym bag which held all her clothes and toiletries, and she was also struggling with a VCR. Buffy immediately grabbed the VCR, relieving her of that burden. "Faith said your mom's VCR was busted, so I brought ours."

"Good thinking, Will," Buffy replied, setting the VCR on a coffee table. "C'mon in, you can drop your stuff upstairs." She shifted from foot to foot, and Willow caught the nervous gesture.

"Everything ok?" She asked, concerned for her friend. She hadn't spent a whole lot of time with Buffy lately, mainly because of Faith. It bugged her, but she promised Buffy she wouldn't hold it against the brunette Slayer.

"Yeah! Everything's just peachy," Buffy replied.

Faith walked out of the kitchen, drying her hands on a towel. "Hey, Red. How's it hangin'?" She looked between Buffy and Willow, a wry smile on her face.

"Hi Faith, uh, pretty good I think," Willow responded. "I'll just stow my stuff upstairs..."

Once Willow was out of earshot, Faith walked over and nudged Buffy with her elbow. "Way to go, B. You don't seduce someone by freaking them out."

"Well, excuse me," Buffy replied in a fierce whisper, keeping an eye on the stairway. "I've never done this before, ok?"

Faith snorted. "Couldn't tell. Listen, you've got to relax. Be yourself. That's what Red finds hot anyway."

"Yeah, well I--need to get the ice cream!" She finished loudly, spotting Willow on the stairs. "Hey Will, you mind hooking up the VCR?"

"I'll give you a hand," Faith said.

Faith moved the entertainment center out easily, and Willow climbed in behind, eyes bugging out from the mass of cables. Faith put the VCR on top of the TV, and then dropped the cables back behind to Willow.

"Um, I'm not sure where these go," Willow said, cables in hand. When it came to computers she was an expert, but home A/V equipment baffled her.

"Just plug the white cable into Video In on the back of the TV," Faith replied.

Willow looked at the plug dubiously. "I don't think it'll fit there, Faith."

Faith grinned, and leaned across the redhead, nearly covering Willow's body with the Slayer's own. "Sure it will, Red," Faith whispered huskily, her face just inches away from Willow's, "you just have to wiggle it a little." She demonstrated, covering Willow's hand with hers to plug in the cable.

Once it was plugged in, she retreated from behind the TV, leaving Willow with only the lingering feeling of the brunette's body touching hers. Faith would've sworn that Willow looked flushed when she climbed out from behind the TV.

Faith walked over to where Buffy stood, watching them from the kitchen doorway. "See, B," she whispered, "that's how it's done."

Buffy gave her lover a challenging look. "I can do better." She brought out the ice cream and bowls and said, "Why don't you lay this stuff out, Faith, while Will and I change into our PJs?"

Smooth move, B, Faith thought. "Sure, no problem. I'll be up in a minute."

Buffy climbed the stairs to her bedroom, a half-formed idea in mind. She shut the door behind her and Willow, and Willow grabbed the pajamas out of her bag. Buffy changed slowly, every move seemingly taking ten times longer than it should have. As a result, Willow was completely changed and she turned around just in time to see a very nude Buffy standing near her.

"Oh, gee! Sorry," Willow said, blushing to her ears. She was about to turn around, when Buffy stopped her.

"No, it's ok, Will. I mean, you've seen me without clothes before." Buffy stretched lazily, her Slayer-enhanced muscles playing under her smooth skin.

Willow swallowed, unable to decide what to do. She had seen Buffy without clothes, sure; I mean, they used to shower, and change in gym and all that. But she always had an excuse to look somewhere else; it was only polite, after all.

Now, without any excuse, she couldn't seem to bring herself to do anything but stare. Buffy was gorgeous, her body well-toned and graceful. No wonder she and Faith were together, Willow thought, if she had a body like that, too, under all that leather.

Buffy smiled to herself and finished putting on her pajamas. "Ready to go?" She asked, snapping Willow out of her haze.

"Oh, yeah! I'm...ready, yeah," Willow stammered, following Buffy downstairs.

As Buffy passed by Faith, she mouthed, "Beat that." Faith only grinned in response.

* * *

"What did you say this movie was called again?" Buffy asked, as Faith popped in the videocassette. The brunette slayer had changed into her second favorite sl**ping apparel, a tank top and cutoff sweats. Her favorite being nothing at all, of course.

"Bound," Faith replied. "It's a...mobster flick." She sat back on the couch, scooping some ice cream out of the tub. She sat next to Willow, who was sitting next to Buffy; there was no way Faith was going to give Buffy the advantage by letting her have Red all to herself.

"Help yourself to ice creamy goodness, Will," Buffy said, pointing at the coffee table. "We've got whipped cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallow, and...honey?" She finished quizzically, picking up the bottle.

Faith snatched it away from her. "I like honey on my ice cream, ok?"

Buffy laughed at the sight of Faith putting honey on her chocolate ice cream. "You're such a freak."

Faith just smiled seductively, gathering some honey on the tip of her finger. "Oh, no, you haven't seen what I do with honey that makes me a freak." She flicked her tongue out, licking the honey off her finger with one smooth motion.

Willow looked back and forth between the two Slayers as if she were watching Wimbledon. The air was charged between those two, and the redhead was stuck right in the middle. "Um, I think I'll settle for whipped cream," Willow murmured, breaking the tension building between the two Slayers.

The three girls settled back to watch the movie, which neither Buffy nor Willow knew had such...interesting lesbian sex scenes. "Damn," Faith said, "Gina Gershon looks pretty hot, huh?"

"Yeah, very nice," Buffy responded. "A little on the butch side, but I don't mind it."

"Good thing," Faith snickered. "What about you, Red? What do you think?"

Willow was startled by the question, but resolved that if her friends were ok with it, which they undoubtedly were seeing as they were in a relationship, she didn't have to hide anything. "Yeah, she's pretty--um, she's not bad."

"Really, she doesn't do it for you, huh?" Faith asked, propping an elbow on the back of the couch. She reached forward and took some of Willow's hair between her fingers, admiring the soft texture. She leaned close to Willow's ear and whispered, "Do you prefer blondes?"

Willow tensed, looking over at Faith with a startled expression. What? Willow thought quickly. Have I...can she...

"It's ok, Will," Buffy said, scooting closer to the redhead. "Relax." She took the bowl from Willow's nerveless fingers, and, setting it on the coffee table, d****d her arm across the redhead's lap.

Willow swallowed nervously, and gave Buffy a confused look. "Buffy, I don't...I mean..."

Buffy placed a single finger against the redhead's lips. Leaning in close, she whispered, "I want you."

The words sent an electric shock through Willow, all the way to her core. "But...I mean...Faith..."

Faith leaned close to the hacker and said, "What makes you think it wasn't my idea, Red?"

Willow fell silent. Her head was spinning from the closeness of the two beautiful Slayers, all their attention turned to her. Buffy began stroking Willow's face with her fingertips, and Faith, forward as always, pulled her pajama top away from one pale shoulder and touched her lips to it.

Willow took in one great, shuddering breath and nodded, relaxing under the Slayers' touches.

Seeing the redhead acquiesce opened a floodgate of desire for Buffy. She leaned in and captured Willow's lips in a smoldering kiss, gently parting the hacker's lips with her tongue. Willow returned the kiss tentatively at first, then with increasing passion as she felt Buffy's tongue slide against her own.

Faith sat back with a smile to watch the two friends kiss. Oh yeah, they were hot, no doubt about it. She gently and carefully unbuttoned Willow's pajama top and slid the flannel off her shoulders, baring her torso completely. Bending down, she took a nipple in her mouth, sucking on it fiercely.

Willow gasped, her breath swallowed by Buffy's kiss. Her hand tangled in Faith's hair, holding the Slayer against her, urging her on. She felt Faith's rough tongue against her breast, and her breath quickened.

Faith, feeling mischievous, relinquished her position. Picking up the cold can of whipped cream, she sprayed it, liberally covering Willow's left breast. Willow inhaled sharply, and Buffy broke the kiss, looking down at Faith's impromptu sundae. The two slayers attacked the whipped cream, licking and sucking the redhead's breast, flicking their tongues over the nipple, and then finally, when the breast was clean, meeting each other in a deep french kiss.

Willow watched the two with stunned fascination. They moved with such sensuality, every action smooth, confident and graceful.

She wanted to be just like them.

With trembling fingers, she unbuttoned Buffy's pajamas and slid them back, exposing her chest and shoulders. She reached forward with one tentative hand and touched the blonde's breast, eliciting a groan from the Slayer. She could only stare in fascination as her hand, seemingly of its own accord, squeezed Buffy's breast, feeling the nipple harden under her palm.

Buffy leaned into the contact, deepening her kiss with the other Slayer. Finally Faith broke the kiss, breathing raggedly. She arched backward, stripping off her tank top as she did so, exposing two of the most perfect breasts Willow had ever seen. Her skin was lightly tanned, and a lack of tan lines told her that the rumors about Faith sunbathing without even a bathing suit were absolutely true.

Faith saw the admiring looks that Willow was giving her, and she smiled. She was used to people finding her attractive, men and women both; but except for Buffy, she had never remembered wanting someone this much. She leaned in, whispering something to the blonde Slayer.

Buffy nodded in response and stood up, offering her hand to Willow. Willow took it, and Buffy led her upstairs to her bedroom.

Buffy leaned close, inhaling Willow's scent; she could smell Willow's desire, the scent was mixing with the more normal soap and shampoo smells and adding a muskiness that made Buffy's mouth water. She wrapped her arms around the hacker's waist, trailing her fingernails down her back, setting every inch of skin she touched on fire. The slayer dragged her hands down, hooking them under the waistband of Willow's pajama bottoms, and removing them with one smooth motion.

"Lay down," she whispered to the redhead, leaning close once more.

Willow did as she was told, climbing up onto the bed.

"Now that's a hell of a view," Faith murmured throatily, entering the room. She set some bottles on the nightstand, bottles which Willow recognized as the ice cream toppings. Trust Faith to throw in the kink, Willow thought, with not a small amount of excitement.

Buffy walked up behind Faith, the smaller Slayer reaching up and around to cup the brunette's breasts with her hands. Faith groaned, leaning back against the blonde; Willow's eyes never left the pair the whole time.

Faith turned abruptly, and began kissing Buffy, starting at her lips and then following every curve of neck, swell of breast, until finally she stopped at Buffy's abdomen. With one sudden motion she stripped the pajama bottoms from the startled slayer, and picked Buffy up so that she was carrying her. Faith brought her over to the bed and dropped her right next to Willow.

"Mmm-hmm, very nice Faith, but Willow and I seem to be at a disadvantage," Buffy remarked, indicating Faith's still half-dressed state.

"Disadvantage?" Faith said, picking up the bottle of chocolate syrup. "Seems like an advantage to me." She walked around the bed until she laid down, right next to Willow. Leaning down, she whispered to the redhead, "Close your eyes." Willow followed obediently, and soon she felt the cool chocolate syrup touch her skin. Faith poured the syrup over her breasts, down her stomach to her abdomen.

Willow whimpered when she felt the tongues of the two slayers on her body, cleaning off every bit of the syrup. They licked her thoroughly, sucking small patches of flesh into their mouths and teasing her with their tongues. Someone, Willow suspected it was Faith, nipped at her breast, running the rough edges of her teeth over the redhead's nipple.

Every breath Willow took was done with shuddering slowness, and every exhale was a moan. She felt the heat building inside her, screaming for some release; release which neither Slayer granted her. "Please," she moaned softly, hands clutching the bedspread with desperate need.

Faith smiled across at Buffy, and quirked an eyebrow. The blonde nodded, and moved down, sliding her body against the hacker's, positioning herself between Willow's legs.

Willow felt her legs being parted, and she only had the briefest of moments to wonder about it; soon all thought was driven from her as she felt Buffy's silken tongue touch her core, teasingly at first, and then with greater abandon. She felt her back arch off the bed, a huge groan escaping from her lips. Soon enough, those lips were covered with another pair, Faith moving up to kiss the hacker deeply, pushing her tongue inside the eager mouth.

Willow sucked on it, releasing a flood of desire from the dark Slayer. Buffy continued her attack, running her tongue across Willow's inner folds, gently sucking on her swollen clit.

Willow felt the pressure inside her building, becoming almost unbearable in her need; she tangled her hands in Faith's hair, pulling her in closer, deepening their kiss to almost bruising intensity. Buffy pushed two of her fingers inside the redhead, never letting up on the pressure she was applying to Willow's hardened nub with her tongue.

Faith felt Willow break off the kiss, the hacker's head snapping back as she screamed, the power of her orgasm washing through her. Buffy continued licking until she was certain Willow had no more to give, and then she moved up the bed, meeting the hacker with a kiss of her own.

Buffy tasted like chocolate, and something deep and musky that Willow wasn't familiar with. She found it delicious, and explored the Slayer's mouth with an ardent tongue. Buffy returned the kiss, only breaking it off when she heard Faith comment, "I never pegged you for a screamer, Red. I like it."

Buffy grinned at her lover, and said, "So, Faith, you never showed me what you do with honey that's so special."

Faith winked at her, and said, "Lay down and you'll find out." Buffy laid down quickly, eagerly. Faith jumped off the bed, and grabbed the bottle of honey from the nightstand. Spreading Buffy's legs, she drizzled the honey over the light, blonde hair there, watching as gravity drew it down across the Slayer's folds. Buffy inhaled sharply, her back arching slightly in anticipation, eyes dark and glittering with lust.

Instead of attacking the treat herself, Faith crooked a finger at Willow, who was watching the proceedings with interest. Willow moved down closer to the dark Slayer, and Faith grabbed Willow at the hips, positioning her between Buffy's legs.

"Here's your chance, Red," she whispered in Willow's ear, pushing a finger inside her to make her point. "Make it count." Willow inhaled sharply, and bent down, running her tongue through the honey-coated surface.

Nodding to herself in satisfaction, Faith removed her cutoffs, climbing back on to the bed. Her eyes widened appreciatively at the sight of Buffy, moaning and writhing on the bed from Willow's eager tongue. The dark Slayer straddled Buffy's head with her knees, lowering herself onto her lover, gasping when she felt the blonde's tongue penetrate her, slipping easily into her wetness.

Willow ran her tongue avidly over Buffy's cleft, lapping up the honey and tasting Buffy's own wetness, very similar to her own. She pushed her tongue inside the Slayer, feeling Buffy's hips buck at the contact. She ran her tongue across the folds of skin, finally settling on Buffy's clit. Attempting to imitate the job Buffy did on her, she sucked the nub into her mouth, running her tongue across it roughly.

Buffy felt her orgasm building, driven higher by Willow's tongue and by her own, buried in between Faith's thighs. Faith threw her head back, groaning deeply at the sensation, the electric contact which always resulted from Buffy touching her. She came hard, letting loose a guttural scream, her whole body tensing with the feeling of her orgasm.

Willow heard Faith's scream and it drove her on, licking faster and harder. She felt Buffy tense beneath her, the blonde Slayer clutching hard to Faith's thighs as her own orgasm overtook her. Rather than stop, Willow rode it out, sucking on the blonde's hardened clit until she heard her whimper.

Faith moved off of Buffy, smiling at her lover's relaxed, satisfied features. "Good work, Red." Faith winked at the hacker.

"Is that it, I mean..." Willow fell silent, not knowing what she wanted to say, only knowing that she didn't want the night to end.

"Oh no," Faith said, drawing her up to lay between the two Slayers once again. "We're not finished yet."

* * *

Xander slammed the phone down, really worried now. He had tried calling Buffy's house all morning, without any success; he knew that she, Faith, and Willow had a slumber party planned last night, but Buffy should have remembered that they were supposed to get together and meet Giles this morning. It wasn't like the blonde Slayer to be late.

He rushed over to Buffy's house, afraid of what he might find. His mind went through a million scenarios, all of them ending in danger or injury to his friends. He knocked, and received no answer. Trying the door, he noticed that it was unlocked.

This is not good, he thought, as he let himself in. Looking around he noticed mostly empty bowls of melted ice cream littering the coffee table. He rushed upstairs, reaching Buffy's room, the door wide open.

What he saw caused his jaw to hit the floor. At least, it felt that way. Buffy and Faith were lying naked in one another's arms, Buffy's head resting comfortably on Faith's shoulder. But also there was _Willow_, who was also completely nude and snuggled up to Buffy like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"So, this is why girls like slumber parties so much," was Xander's last thought before he passed out, succumbing to darkness.

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