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Salem Massachusetts is best known for the
witch trials during the colonial times where women
were accused of being witches and executed based on
the testimony of school girls. But the town is a lovely
coastal city with many things about it to make it a
good community to raise c***dren in. Many of the
homes are built on the hillside giving excellent views
of the ocean.

I often stood on the balcony on the front of my
home overlooking the bay. It was called a widows
walk for the wives of sea captains who could afford
homes overlooking the bay. It is refreshing to drink
a cup of coffee while feeling the morning breeze
coming up the hillside carrying the smell of the moist,
salty air. I could reflect on the last 45 years of my

I had gotten married when I was 21-years old
like so many of my friends and classmates. Both of
us had been raised in the area. We had been blessed
with twin girls, Katy and Kristy, by the time I was 23-
years old. The marriage went sour before the girls
entered school. My husband turned out to be a jerk.
He started suggesting that we should get involved in
some threesomes with other women. He even
suggested which friends of mine he would like to
watch me have sex with because he wanted to fuck
them. I rejected any suggestions of seducing my
friends. He eventually became verbally and physically
abusive. I was able to fight off some of his attacks
because I am five-feet seven, 175 pounds, a full
figured woman with curves to be proud of, 44DDD-
35-45, long brown hair, green eyes. Eventually I got
fed up with his abuse and divorced him.

As a result of the settlement the girls and I got
the home. He eventually moved to New York and we
never saw him again. The girls and I settled down to
live our lives in peace. I had no desire to go out and
find another man. I was happy working in a women
boutique and doing everything I would to provide my
girls every opportunity to become whatever they
wanted. Eventually I got bored with spending my
nights masturbating myself to sl**p. I found myself
thinking about my ex's suggestion of making it with
other women. The idea became my favorite fantasy.

One evening I was visiting a friend for supper at
her house. Her husband was out of town on a trip.
We were drinking a Bordeaux wine with a good nose
and talking. We began to discuss our secrets. At one
point I told her about my ex wanting to try a three-
way with another woman. Cindy admitted that she
had always been curious about having sex with
another woman. I don't remember which one of us
suggested that we try it.

We wound up in her bedroom taking each other's
clothes off. She was about the same age as me. She
had a nice figure too, a lot trimmer than mine. It was
very exciting to be in the arms of a sweet smelling
woman rather than the BO and bad breath of a
sweaty male. We spent a lot of time kissing and
feeling each other's tits before we started sucking
tits. We were both nervous about getting down and
dirty. The way I remember it I was the one that
went down on her first. It felt right. I had always
wanted to see what a pussy looked like up close and
now I had my chance. The only thing I could compare
the taste to was like the time I cut my arm on a
fence and had sucked the bl**d off of my flesh. By
the time she climaxed I had cut the underside of my
tongue on my teeth. My makeup was smeared all over
my face. She had her legs wrapped around my head
and was kicking me on the back with her heels.
Eventually she calmed down and I got out from under
her and plopped my body down next to hers.

She kissed me on the mouth and must have liked
what she tasted. She got on top of me and worked
her way down my body until she was looking at the
dark hairs covering my pussy. She was a little
reluctant to put her mouth on my pussy at first but
eventually she did. I have to admit no male ever did a
better job of sucking my pussy. I had one of my best
orgasms as a result of her efforts. I was convinced
and have not been with a man since.

While the girls were young I kept my sexual
preference secret. As they say I was in the closet
and very discreet (or so I thought) about my love life.
After they were grown and out of the nest and
starting their own families I experimented with a
more open lifestyle. It was not as simple as deciding
to declare myself as a lesbian. I simply did not hide
my attraction to women. Some of my longtime
friends avoided me after it became known that I was
a lesbian. I did not regret the loss of them as much
as I would have thought.

Some of the women I knew admitted to me that
they admired my willingness to proclaim myself a
lesbian. Even women I didn't know were lesbians
before admitted to me that they liked to date women
too. If anything, my circle of friends increased as a
result of my coming out. My daughters have told me
that they had been aware of my relationships with
other women and have told me that it does not
matter to them at all.

At the present time I have a girlfriend named
Cindy. She is married and he does not know about our
relationship. Because she is not out we only get
together on special occasions. She is younger than
me and has a very nice figure. She is five-feet six,
125 pounds, brown hair and eyes. Her figure is more
athletic than mine; she is a 34B-25-36. We are both
very oral.

When we get a chance to get together we spend
a lot of time kissing each other while we masturbate
each other, as a prelude to licking each other's
bodies. Her small breasts are hardly more that hand
sized but I do love sucking on them a lot. Cindy has a
strong attachment to my big tits. They are larger
than her head and she loved kissing me between my
tits while holding them against her ears. She has
named each one and devotes a lot of time taking care
of them.

She loves the size of my butt and thighs.
Nothing pleases her more than to have me sit on her
face so she can lick, kiss and smell my butt. When I
am ready I just scoot backwards to engage her mouth
on my pussy. She is my sex-slave when we are
together. I can do whatever I want to her as long as
I don't leave a lasting mark. I can spank her, pinch
her, and pee in her mouth or on her body. She loves
for me to suck her pussy until she is about to cum and
then actually bite her clit gently to cause her to cum
even faster. I miss her the minute she has to go

Just the other night Cindy and I met for a quiet
dinner at a small Italian restaurant out of the way
where we were sure people we knew would not likely
be. While we were waiting for a waitress to come
around to take our order, Cindy was bragging about
her pedicure. She had on high heeled sandals without
nylons so she lifted her foot out of her shoe and
showed off her bright pearlescent red polished
toenails. They looked delicious and I told her so.
Cindy slid her foot under the table and ran it up and
down the inside of my leg. As she grew bolder, her
foot moved farther and farther up my leg. I knew
where she was going and spread my legs wider to give
her access to my crotch.

I told her, "I'm not wearing any panties." She
slid her foot the rest of the way up my leg to the
junction of my body. She ran her toes through my
pubic hair as her big toe sought out and found my
labia and wiggled her toes as she sought out my clit
and my vagina. I reached for her foot under the
table and shoved her toes deeper into my pussy. I
was really getting into the action when the waitress
came to our table to ask if we were ready to order.

My face was flushed so much that I could feel
my cheeks tingling. My breathing was ragged. It was
all I could do to stammer out my order. Cindy was
giggling uncontrollably she had a hard time ordering
too. The waitress leaned over close to my ear and
said, "Your perfume smells just like a well fucked
pussy smells." She was looking down at my crotch.
She could obviously see Cindy's foot under my dress
rubbing my crotch. She asked, "Do you want to cum?"

All I could say was, "YES!"

The waitress whispered in my ear, "You know
you're a pussy whore to allow your friend to
masturbate you in public. Look around, I bet half the
women here know you're getting off. I bet you would
like a dildo in your nasty cunt or your asshole."

Her nasty encouragement did help me cum. She
smiled when she saw my face distorted and then
relaxed, giving testimony that I had cum. She left
our table to turn in our order and return to her
duties until our meal was ready. She came back with
our meal and wished us "Bon appetite."

We enjoyed our meal and when our waitress
came by to ask us if we would like to see the desert
cart, we assured her that we were too full to eat
another bite. She filled out our bill and she also
added a "post-it" with her name and phone number on
it. As we headed home together we agreed that we
have to call her so that we can indulge in a three-way.

At this point in my life I would like to find a
woman to live with me full time as lovers but I also
still have a desire to flirt with other women. I don't
know if I could find a woman whose company I enjoy
enough to live with and who would be willing to allow
younger women to share our bed now and then.
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3 years ago
you are very special you must continue writting about your life experiences thanks
4 years ago
A truly erotic tale, good thing you got away from that husband of yours when you did.
4 years ago
what good friends you have (wink)
4 years ago
very erotic & good thank you for sharing