Baby Making Cheaters

It's a lovely walk through a cool summer night with
smells like freshly mown grass and the memory of
teenage lust. It's cool but I'm sweating.

She's dressed in a flowing blue dress, her hair is down
around her shoulders, long and brown and shiningly
clean. Her breasts are large under the dress, she's
taken off her bra. Her stomach round, her hips wide.
She smiles at me.

I smile back. My cock is hardening again, it's been
hard and soft all the way over. She's a friend of mine
and my wife's. She's been wanting a c***d for awhile
now, not finding the right man. Not the right available
man. But I'm her friend. And my wife is a giving woman
and if she knew, I'm sure she would understand.

"Remember, we aren't supposed to like this," she says.
"This is just for the baby."

I flow into her arms, press myself against her warmth,
and it is a blessed relief, the soft shock of her in my
arms, her breasts against my chest. She's brushed her
teeth, and she smells minty. I kiss her lightly,
running the tip of my tongue over her lips...

"Oh. I'm going to like it. I'm bad. So are you girl. So
are you."

I rub her back, her neck, her shoulders, kissing her
mouth, her neck, down her front.

She shudders as I tongue a nipple, hard under the thin
slippery material of her dress. I trace a finger lazily
around one, and it gets harder, my other hand slipping
down to cup one ass cheek. Her ass is large, and round,
and soft.

"I know. I know," she whispers, eyes still closed. "I
like it already."

We kiss some more, we have all night, and I want her to
be ready, good and ready, I want her so wet and hot
that we glide together sweet and easy and hard and
lovely. We kiss for a long time. My cock is hard and
leaking a tiny bit, pressed into her belly. I begin to
rub it against her.

"Feel it?"

"Feels nice."

I flick off the shoulder straps, and the dress slides
down, she bites her lip as it brushes past her fine
pink nipples, and it falls to the ground, and she steps
out of it. She is lovely, full breasted and hipped,
sweetly soft. I suck one nipple, the other, lifting
each tit to my mouth, and she shudders.

"I like that," she purrs.

"Oh. So do I." I kneel before her, and suck at her
breasts for a long time, moving from nipple to nipple,
listening to her breathe. They're so hard now in my
mouth, so perfect. I suck harder and harder, begin to
use my teeth, all the time listening for her breath,
stuttering and joyous as I work her. My hand rides up
her smooth thigh, she has no underwear on, I feel the
wetness, heat. My teeth toy gently with a thickened
nipple, and she moans and my hand is suddenly slicker,
working into her, hot and wet.

I'm licking up her legs, craning my neck back, to get
the slightest taste of her, her smell pungent and
fresh, female in heat, female needing to come. My
finger nails drawing tingling lines up the back of her
thighs, as I knead her flesh, and f***e my tongue into
her slit.

She turns, her eyes half-lidded, and crawls into the
turned down bed, she is nice from behind, I'd like to
take her like that, ride her, but she lies on her back
and spreads her legs, so maybe later.

I crawl between her legs, her body ripe and open before
me, I lick her wetness, till it flows, taste her, so
salty sweet, so fragrant, she's washed of course, and
shaved her legs, and the skin is smooth and cool. I
lick her inner thighs, tracing lines up to her heat,
flick her slit top to bottom, finding her clitoris, the
nub of it, suck it into my mouth gently. Her pussy is
so sweet, so pretty. Soft glistening folds, downy brown

"Oh." She says, pushing herself into my face.

"That is nice. Oh..."

It is so easy to make her come. I do it again, this
time noisily lapping at her fluids as she trembles and
sighs. "Uh huh. Uh huh." I watch her breasts heave as I
lick her, over the swell of her stomach. I want to
squirt my baby into her. She wants it too. It's OK.
Everything is OK.

My cock wants to fuck her. It aches for her, to create
something instead of orgasm, to create life. My wife
can't have a c***d. Kate can. Spread some of us into
the future, like the sweet little c***dren of our good
friends...oh let it be a girl. I don't really like
boys. Sometimes, I don't really like myself.

"I'm ready now," She's pulling on my hair, and I move
up her, and her breasts are so large and full, she
holds them in her hands, her hair so long and silky
soft, her mouth so easy to kiss, and I sink the hard
length of myself into the deep warm wet heat of her
effortlessly. And start to fuck her, so slow and
deliberate, building slowly in speed.

She lifts her legs. "Deeper," she whispers.

"Should be deep. To make..." she shudders, "the baby...
In me... Cum in me. It's all right."

I hold her ankles, f***e her legs back gently, and
begin to fuck her more f***efully. More a****lly,
breathing heavy now, panting, beginning to sweat,
thrusting, harder, and then harder still, my cock so
big and full and steely hard it feels like it could
burst. I bend her in two, her belly folding, her
breasts very white and round, the nipples fine and
pointed and hard, her breasts jiggling with every
thrust, fleshy waves in her belly, her thighs. She is
shoving up and into every thrust, so lovely.

The pleasure in her face is exquisite. She is loving
it, every minute of it, every inch of me every thrust,
every drip of my sweat. She smiles and nods.

"Good girl, good. Gonna..."

There's that noisy wet slapping sound, that always
vaguely distresses, I wish there was music but damn,
she's sweet, plump and wet and hot, and I reach around
to grab her ass, and plow it into her hard, and she
holds her knees with her hands, rolling back, to let me
do her deeper.

I feel her coming again, so nice, again, so nice, my
mouth finds hers, and she sucks my tongue into her
mouth hungrily, and I am dripping my sweat down on her,
slicking her body head to foot with it, we're slick and
oily and rubbing together, and when I come I lose
myself utterly, luxuriating in the feel of it, looking
into her soft smiling eyes, coming inside, coming
inside, no rubber or spermicide or pill--nothing but
flesh and sweat and come and shuddering blessed fucking
coming release and lie back and wait in the cooling
sweat and sigh, and lie together.

We have all night, after all. I'm nuzzling her in a few
minutes. I'm still hard. Oh. Yes. Sometimes, it's
useful, this rapacious cock of mine. Sometimes it does

We can do it again, my hand closing on a fine round
tit, taking the nipple between thumb and forefinger and
she sighs, and snuggles back against me, her ass
pressed into me, inviting. My face in her clean
smelling hair.

We can do it. Till we make a baby.

There's a breeze in the curtains at the window. My
mind is empty, my cock is hard, Kate is full of my
come, will soon have even more, and life is sweet.

Let it be a girl.

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You have a talent for erotica
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Great story
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nice 1