Shopping for Discipline

I did try to warn him. I am headstrong, stubborn, and very used to getting my own way. I long to be submissive, but Master has to remind me of my place. Often.
It's generally my mouth that gets me in trouble, and yesterday was no exception. We see each other as often as possible, but twice a month we get a hotel room for the entire moning. Master had brought toys for me, and I loved the nipple clamps, but when I saw the pussy weight, I told him "no" in no uncertain terms. Now Master is not a tyrant, and if I had sweetly told him that I was uncomfortable with them, things would have been different. A flat "no", however, is unacceptable. And then, to make matters worse for myself, I struggled and fought with Master, trying to prevent him from using them on me. Not surprisingly, I was tied more tightly, whipped to the point of tears, and then still had the weights used on me. Of course I liked the sensation, just as Master had known. When would I ever learn?
Master knows that my imagination is almost as bad as anything he could dream up, so he just told me that I would be punished today, and left it at that. I was told to wear my shortest shorts, my peek-a-boo bra, and a thin white T, so that everyone would be able to see my protruding nipples. We met at our usual spot, but to my surprise he took me to the Home Depot. Before we went in, Master produced a PetSmart bag, and showed me a beautiful leather collar. A dog collar. He began to fasten it around my neck, and I realized he meant me to wear it into the store. I shrank back in horror, but Master grabbed me by the nipples, and pulled me close to him. "Really want to make this worse on yourself?" he growled, and I realized that I really had no choice.
We went into the huge, busy store, and Master handed me a small shopping basket. "Here, hold this. We don't need much." With that, Master dragged me around the store, picking out items he would use to punish me. First was rope, so of course I was made to turn around and present my wrists, so that Master could see if it was enough to bind me. Then on to the paint department, where Master selected a paint stirring stick, bent me over, and tested it a few times on my thighs. Next were clothes pins, which Master placed briefly on my nipples through my shirt. The store was very busy, and soon I was following Master without looking up. I could no longer face the stares and giggles of the other shoppers.
Two more items - a bandana to blindfold me, and ear plugs, to further my sensory deprivation. "Oh baby, I almost forgot!" he laughed, and grabbed a leather strap, for sharpening knives.
Finally we bagged my punishment tools, and went to Markham Park. Master led me onto the bike path, a little out of the way, but still not entirely secluded. He took great delight in tying me to a tree there, but only after taking off my shirt, and pulling my shorts and panties down to my ankles. "Baby, you will learn disobedience. The easy way, or the hard way, but you will learn. NEVER say no to Master!" He blindfolded
me, made me open my mouth,and f***ed the leather strap between my lips. "Bite down on this, and if you let it fall to the ground, I will use it on your back, bottom, and thighs. I'm going to put these earplugs in your ears, but before I do, I'm going to tell you one more time. NEVER say no to me!"
The earplugs went in, so I could no longer see or hear Master, but boy, did I feel him. The rubber paint stick landed hard on my bottom, thighs, and lower back again. My legs weren't tied, so I danced around the tree trying to avoid the blows, but it only excited Master, and he whipped me harder. My bottom was stinging something awful, and my pussy was dripping before I finally felt him pull my waist away from the tree far enough for him to bend me over. With no build-up at all, he rammed his entire length into me, and I gasped, losing the strap from between my teeth. "Well, looks like your spanking may not be done, but first you will take my load, disobedient Slave" Master growled, and reached underneath me to milk my teats as he fucked me faster and faster. Finally, I felt Master's cock began to spasm inside me, and I climbed aboard the wave of his orgasm, and rode it out with him.
I wonder if Master has any idea how much I love his punishments...

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2 years ago
sweet & hot
2 years ago
What is Jen's story?
2 years ago
u're surprising me with this bdsm tendency, u're making me ho more and more !!!