Master's Poker Game

Thursday is Master’s card night. He plays once a week, with four friends who happen to also be dominants. Every week the game is hosted by a different man, with the entertainment provided by the host’s submissive. This was my night to shine, and I wanted nothing more than to please my Master.
I had precise instructions on how to dress for the evening. I was ready early, as tardiness is something Master simply does not accept. I stood before the full length mirror in the bedroom we share. Black lace bodysuit, crotchless of course, knee-high leather boots with four inch heels, and my platinum collar, which was reserved for special occasions. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and my eye makeup was overstated, to emphasize my brown eyes. The boots were tight and restrictive, and contrasted nicely with the naked feeling of the bodysuit. I was ready to greet Master’s guests.
I had not belonged to Master for very long, but had already been well trained in the basics. When the first man arrived, I was already in my proper slave position; kneeling on the floor, legs spread wide, hand behind my neck. As each guest arrived, I could sense their inspection, and most either squeezed a breast, or patted my bottom. A good slave, however, doesn’t make eye contact unless given permission by her master, so I kept my gaze at the floor.
When all the players had arrived, Master gave me the signal to rise, and I went around the room taking drink orders. The gentlemen sat around the card table, and I delivered their drinks, bending low over the table to show off the breasts that my master loved so well. Once everyone had been served, Master snapped his fingers, and pointed to the floor. I dropped to my knees immediately and crawled under the card table. Until someone needed food or drink, this was to be my place for the evening.
Each host had different game rules, but at Master’s house, the winner of each hand was awarded my services until the next hand was fully played. To my delight, my master won the first hand, and said two words. “Blow job.” I quickly crawled between his legs, released the cock that I love so well, and took it eagerly into my mouth, licking and sucking slowly. All too soon for me, the next hand was won by the man to Master’s left, who said simply “Pussy.” He was already unzipped and waiting for me. I backed up to him slowly, offering my already wet pussy. He grabbed my hips under the table, and slid his cock into me, but I was the hostess, so I moved slowly back and forth under the table, servicing him.
The game went on and on, and occasionally I had to crawl out from under the table to refill drinks and snacks. Mostly, though, I was well used under the table, and my need for release became nearly unbearable. Finally, Master won a hand, and claimed my pussy. Gratefully, I offered my desperate pussy to him, and was rewarded by his hands on my hips, and deep thrusts of his massive cock. Obviously I must only cum with Master’s permission, but I can think of no greater sin than allowing another to bring me to orgasm, and I was determined that it would not happen. Now, however, it was completely different. His hands on my hips, and his familiarity with my body, brought me to a shuddering orgasm before I could help myself. I stiffened, hoping he wouldn’t know, but then he surprised me by withdrawing from my pussy, and slowly forcing his length into my bottom. To my horror, I came again, and this time there could be no mistaking it. So tight was the fit of Master’s sword in my sheath that the slightest tremor was felt by both of us quite easily. He responded with his own orgasm, filling my belly with his seed while holding my hips tight.
Abruptly, Master released me, and announced to his friends that it was about time for the card playing to end. They pulled the table away from me, and carried it to the other side of the room. I immediately assumed my proper position, and each man looked at me longingly. They knew the rules well. No one but Master was allowed to cum inside me. He took a seat in his chair, gestured for his friends to make themselves comfortable, and said calmly, “Baby, you performed beautifully tonight. Except for one thing. What did you do wrong, darling?”
With head hung low, I whispered “I came without permission, Sir.” “Only once, my angel?” I shook my head, and even more softly whispered “Twice, Sir.” “Is that acceptable, my darling?” I was too ashamed now to even speak, and merely shook my head. “Go to the closet and get me what I need. Now.” I rose quickly, and walked on shaky legs to do as Master had decreed. I pulled out the wrist and ankle cuffs, and also the riding crop. I handed them to him, and slowly removed the bodysuit and boots. Then I knelt before him as required, waiting for his next command.
“You made me proud tonight, but you must obey all my commands, every time.” He caressed my body with the crop, starting between my legs, circling my breasts, and finally stopping at my chin where he used it to f***e my chin up, to meet his eyes. “On the table, my love.” I rose, immediately, and bent over the poker table, where Master quickly fastened my wrist and ankle cuffs to the bolts on the table legs. My legs were spread wide, and for a split second, I was uncomfortably aware of the fact that every eye in the room was trained on me. Then I felt Master’s hand in my hair, and I remembered that he was the only one that mattered.
“Since technically, you disobeyed me twice, I think you deserve double the normal punishment. It will be 20 lashes tonight, instead of the normal 10.” The crop came down hard on my left ass cheek, and I counted “one”. It came down on the right cheek even harder. “Two.” On and on it went, with Master stopping occasionally to tease my pussy with the crop. My juices were flowing freely, and each stroke of his crop made me even wetter. I had learned my lesson, though. I refused to give in to the orgasm that was once again rising in me, and reached twenty, knowing I had made my Master even more proud of his Angel.
He released my bonds, and I knelt at his feet, the other men in the room forgotten. He leaned down to kiss me, and I realized that I will never know any greater happiness than pleasing my Master.

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2 years ago
Great story gives me a hard on
2 years ago
why wasnt the poker player you know invited to the game?

fantaastic story ~ next time "Im All In"
2 years ago
You are so sexy as you service your Master..keep it up..