at home depot

I was in need of some new light bulb, so I went to the local Home Depot. it was very dark in the store, I thought maybe they where having trouble but I went in anyway. I made my way to the light section and saw no one, just as I rounded the corner by the bathroom, a masked person grabed me and dragged me into the office. there were three other people in the office, I could see the emploies tied up and sitting in a little closet. the first man took me around to the other side of the counter and ordered me to strip, I was so shaken, trembling and excited at the same time. I tried to resist and he ripped off my blouse, oh god that just made me so hot. but I did not say a word as he flipped me around and bent me over, I said no what are you going to do, he said shut up bitch and pulled up my skirt and had my panties down to my anckles in one swift movment. now I am bent over and he has stuck his cock into my ass as I am scurming to get away one of the other mask persons come around the corner, I heard the first one say , give me a hand with this one she is a tiger. the other one came over and knelt dwon in front of me and inserted his ccock into my mouth, oh my now I am in big trouble. the two of them where just fucking the dog shit out of me when I third person came in, now this had been going on fro about 15minuts now so I new help should be comming soon, just as U thought that here comes anothers one now they have put me up on the counter and the third one was licking on my clit, I do believe this was a girl, in all the confusion I could see the first man plowing the girl from the back as she sucked on my pussy, I could smell her evan under the mask. any way, the first pulled out and made his final error as he ejackulated all over me breast, well they just ran off and took all the money and just left me there with cum all over me, well the slow ass police finaly show up and take the DNA off me, well it has been 12 years now and I still go to the prison to see that man who first got me started with the bung hole action.
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3 years ago
i'd love to fuck the dog shit out of you sexy