morning coffee

She sent me an e-mail saying come over tomorow after the k**s go to school around 9.30 am I will be having my morning coffee at the kitchen table.
so I had all night to plan my attack, so this is what I did for her.
I entered her front door and crawled on the floor into the kitchen where she was reading the paper, she was dressed in her fuzzy robe and her hair was in a towle. I crept up under the table and breathed a hot breath on her ankle to let her know I was there. she turned and scooted under the table as I possitioned myself to get up her robe. I ran my fingers gently up her legs and stopping at the knee to kiss it so softly as I spead her thighs open and move my tongue up her thighs, she scootes down on the chair as to hurry me in to her awaiting bush, I can smell the sweet nector of her hot wet pussy. as I reach the fulness of her bloom I burry my face in it as my tongue goes wild around and around in and out of her wetness swollwen love nest. I find her little tiny clit and play a soft but genlte tug a war on it, I now have her ass in my hands and her whole pussy in my face as she lets out a little scream to show her satisfaction. after this I go down her basement and wait for her to go to her room to get dressed for work and I put on my tools needed to finish the job. I can hear her as she washes her cup and makes her luch for the day,I act like I am her husband and I come home from work and enter the bedroom, I walk up behind her and kiss her on her neck and she spines around and gives me a right tongue action, yes a deep french kiss that is so hot and passionate. i lay her down on the bed and caress her beautiful breast, sucking them with fever want ting to get into her hot oven. I mount her as she spedes her legs and guilds me into that wet hot sweet soft silky oh my my my. she takes me fullness for about 15 minutes then she yells out my name and releases all the juices she has saved just for me. we shower together and both go about our daily lives.
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3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Nice way to great the morning