In the Country

Ok i just wanted in the last post to see if i did it write before i wrote all this down ok!

OK i do not and have not ever told any body about there english or grammer i am not on this site for that so if you don't like it don't read it!

Now i have read in other blogs and on some peoples pages that they would like to have sex out in the country here's what happened to me.

Since being moved to Tn for work everybody thought it was a good idea that i learn how to ride a four wheeler. I'm not good it's not in my bl**d to be manly and know how to ride all that crap the only thing i know how to ride and ride well mind you is cock.
So one day i thought i would go out on my own and just have a day of me learning how to ride this thing. There is a trail at the back of the property you can take and get on to the logging road. It's a nice little drive way out nobody around got the ipod in my ears and singing out loud. That was my second mistake the first was leaving the my side.
I didn't see the truck off to my left as i passed it because it was camo color and blended very nice. So not only did i pass it on the 4wheeler at 90 to nothin but i was singing at the top of my lungs and pissing the guy off in the truck. Just before i got to the logging road i wanted to piss before i turned around and headed back. I got off and pulled down my pants with my ass all to see(you know deer snakes remember i was by myself so i thought) I got done and was dancing around like a fool and just singin my heart out and acting out an'old drag number with my ass and dick hanging out it felt good. wind all blowing on my stuff.
Well i started to feel kinda horny and i thought what the hell i'm by my self might as well. I thought i'd better turn off the ipod so i could hear if some one was coming before i got to cum.Little did i know that i had pissed off 1 of the logging guys that was having lunch and had walked up on me in the trees to see what i was doing the whole time i was singin pissin dancin.
I got back on the 4 wheeler sideways and pulled up my shirt started tuggin on a nipple and touching my dick.Thinking that this was going to be so hot me jacking off out in the sticks with no one around i could play for awhile stop maybe stick a finger or two in the huney pot.I didn't know i was going to get the shit scared out of me as soon as i did.
I was really getting into playing with myself and as i licked my fingers and started playing around the rim of my hot little hole i got a finger in when i heard a snap and then a very loud voice yell " What the hell are you doing"
Well lord i couldn't get my hands away from myself and my pants pulled up fast enough before he was right in front of me.So there i was pants around my ankles hard dick sticking str8 out and this tall dirty man standing in front of me and i didnt have a voice i was tresspassing and jacking off. I just wanted to die just melt away right there. UNTIL!
I couldn't look him in the eye and i felt the tears comin and put my head down and i caught the site of his cock rock hard looking right back at me. then 20million things go running threw your head and People i shit you not all i wanted to do was drop to my knee's and suck.I looked back at him and he smiled with some white teeth in the dirty face and i knew i was going to get me some.
I bent down and took a deep breath smelling a man that has been working and sucked that cock right into my mouth. He ubuttoned his pants and had a forrest growing i'm telling you never once touched by a razor.Thats ok with me i like hair but not long enough to floss my teeth with. At that point i didnt care.
I got his dick all wet and went to town on his big hairy balls after bathing them all nice and clean i licked and sucked my way to the top and took that dick right down to the base. I was sucking for all i was worth(it's been awhile) As i felt his balls coming up i hear a truck coming and started to pull off of him and he just grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock down my throat. There i was bent over with my bare ass in the air sucking some mans dick out in the middle of no where thinking that i was going to get ****d and shot and no one would find me until i was way passed helping or if they found me.
They didn't pull all the way up to us but close enough got out and walked up.I thought maybe if i gave the best blow job they have ever had maybe that would atleast give me enough time to run. But that wasnt the case AT ALL! The guy that i happened to be attached to says "it's in the air for the taking" and i knew then i was going to get fucked.I couldn't see the new one and then i thought well hell it's my first 3way and i'm not going to enjoy it at 34yrs old!
I take pride in the fact that i know i only have 1 ass hole and i try as i can to take care of it.I don't put huge things in there and i don't abuse it.
From the sound of the foot steps he sounded like a big man. I was so scared if i didnt know i was soon going to have a cock up there i might have shit my pants.
I felt the air move as he got behind me i heard the zipper come down and then i felt the biggest paws(you thought i was gonna say dick didnt ya) His hands where huge i have a big ass if ya'll didn't notice and one hand almost coved a cheek! He was rubbing squeezing my big ass and he says "that ass needs to be on a real woman but a fine ass is a piece of ass that needs to be rode hard and put away wet" Ok so i'm thinking that maybe it's going to be ok after all. The guys cock i'm sucking on says "you want to make sure it clean or you need a wrapper" with that i hear him pop his finger out of his mouth and shove them right in my hole.I havent had that or done that to myself since i learned how to use it and it hurt like HELL! Twisting around in there like he was playing pinball. Lord i thought if this nut checks to see if a good hole is clean like that he is going to rip me open. He then says "oh no it's nice in there clean hot gonna take this for a good ride"slaps my ass spits rubs it on his dick and then slaps my ass with it and put's the head aginst my hole and i just new he was going to shove it in all at once. Well ol'boy i was sucking on must have been getting close because i finally got to get some air and as he pulled out the man behind me was nice and gently pushed in alittle at a time. By this time my back was killing me and i turned to lean over the 4wheeler and he says"better hold on faggot your in for a ride" I thought nope i'm not gettin out here with out something broke or bruised badly so you might as well enjoy some of it.
I started to meet him stroke for stroke and dirty boy in front of me decided that he needed to have me lick on his dick again and came up to me and started to fuck my face again but alittle nicer this time. Ok i just turned my head to all that i was feeling and let go.I felt for my cock and the man behind me ask "do you need some help with that bud" stopped took his cock out said " get on yer back" Well hell that was going to be painfull but i was gone i wanted that cock back in me and i wanted to see who the hell was fucking me. as i took the cock outta my mouth and turn around i see not a very goodlooking man but one with a nice body say late 30's early 40's
and a smile on his face. Thats all i needed and when he winked i knew i was going to have some sex and get the hell outta there in one piece. He walked up to me spread my legs out and up and stuck his cock right back where it needed to be.He grabbed my dick with that big hand which you couldn't see my dick anymore and started giving me a nice little handjob. I rubbed his chest and belly for a minute before i felt numb nuts start pulling me backwards. I layed down as best as i could with that damn metal rack ramming me in the back and started suckin his cock again thinking the whole time i wish it was 1 not both but hey i am not complaining.Well ol'boys nuts where well above where they needed to be and if you have given head enough times you get to know when a man is about to loose a nut. I was wondering if he was just going to ram it in and do it or was he gonna tell me.Well i was very proud of him he told me right as he came said "there it is for ya" Must have been awhile because i can take any and all that you give me but there was no keeping up with him started to come out of my mouth and run into my nose and c***d that hurts. got the rest on my cheek and neck. The man that was fucking me was speeding up so i thought well atleast i got some and then he pulls out and tells me to"lay on the ground with ya ass up" I thought wooohooo. and with that he got on top of me and rode me for everything i had and some i didn't know i had to the point that i was ready for him to stop. It was starting to hurt.Well lord then he pulled me up to my hands and knees and started to slam it home i knew it wasnt that far off.He must have been in the moment because he said "Gonna fill that nice pussy full" with that he pushed so hard with that last thrust we went flat to the ground and he kept it all the way in to the hilt and i felt him let go. So much so that i thought he was pissing in me. We laid there for awhile and the next thing i know ol'boy walks up and says "let me have some of that now" Oh no my ass hurts! Thats the last thing i thought i was going to hear! The man on top of me says " that ass is wore out but if you wanna go for it have at'er" Oh no just can't do it but then i was thinking what happens if i don't? He was ruff but if it wasn't for him i wouldn't have dick at all. So i thought well might as well.I was full of cum trust me i needed to let that go before another cock went in there and so i said "you have to wait a minute" He says "nope i'm fuckin that ass with him in ya ifin we gonna be nasty and fuck ass then might as well be nasty" Did he just say that lord did he just say that out loud? I get up and he walks me to the truck bends me over where the tail gate should be and sticks his rock hard cock in me. Now i have never done this and don't want to hear any one who has ok.But it felt like i was trying to give myself an enama and shove a dildo at the same time i didn't know if i could hold it and i was afraid of what was going to happen.He was nothing nice let me tell you just pounding away and i knew he was lost with the way he was feeling and fucking he was not there he was on another plaine some where out there and all i could think of was come back to earth get off and get outta me. The other man walks up with his pants down sits next to me on the truck bed pulls my head up and winks again tells me like a lost dog "it's alright he be done soon'nuff" and pulls my head to his dick.It smelt like sweet sex and hard again so i said forget it and lost my self in the moment reached between my legs statred jackin for all i was worth. It wasn't long before ol'boy in the back slamming me hard and gruntin like a a pig little snorts heavy breathing I was screaming yes inside my head and i let loose on the ground and ass my ass grabbed his cock thats all she wrote he screamed "Oh Fuck feel that" and thats when the man i was sucking on shot a load right down my throat he shoved it all the way in i didn't tatse any of it.The guy behind me had a hold on tight and was shakin all over. The man pulled my mouth off his cock looked down at me as ol'boy pulled out. I had to clap my hole shut so i wouldnt get him with any of that hot mess i was now holding. "Now i'm just gonna tell you this once ok you listening to me?" I shook my head yes and waited.Thank you very much it's been awhile for the both of us but this is the 1 and only time that is is going to happen got it" i just shook my head and waited for the rest of the serman. "get on it and get outta here and never cross the property line again now go" as he took a step towards me and pointed to the 4wheeler. Didnt have to tell me twice or any thing else i was gone!I got my shorts on up jumped on and took off. Oh i was sore scared and after i got over the line about half mile i was HAPPY!

My ass feels sore just writing this down but in a good way because when i get off here i'm gonna touch myself thinking about it.
Have a good night hope you like.
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2 years ago
Wow that was sure hot thanks so much
3 years ago
3 years ago
Man what a time out in the country and getting both ends serviced now thats hot and very sexy thanks