Driving ?

Hi everybody how are ya'll today? Here's on for you.

Ok so i met a man on here and we have been talking since i became a member.He said that he was straight(str had never been with a man before either in or out of women's clothing. He said as he has gotten older (37) he has wondered about what it would be like to be with a CD/TV/TG. Being all dressed and acting feminine but with a rock hard cock. The thought of his wods "plugging a hot ass with my cock gets me hard every time i think about it".
So we talked about what he wanted if we got the chance to get together. What he wanted to do how he wanted to do it. If he wanted to touch my dick those sort of things.
I never asked him to lick or suck my dick i knew that it might be alittle to much on the first time. He ask me if i wanted him to do anything to me i said no but if he wanted to maybe after he was comfortable if he wanted to try then i was MORE than willing.
He told me that he was breaking up with a long time G/F and when he was done with that maybe we could get together. I told him i've waited this long i think i could wait alittle longer no biggy. I'd still try and get it from some one else until he was ready.
So he sends me an e-mail the other day telling me he couldn't wait any longer and he would like it if i could come there dressed. I told him no not the first time. I would like to drive over and either just meet for drinks so i would be able to find his house when dressed or dress there.
YA know it is a small town here and he lives in a smaller town next to where i am.
So he says ok to the drinks and then he would drive home and i could follow him and see where he lived then come back later that night dressed.Ok fine with me. He was hot hung hairy AND i wanted some COCK!
He tells me that there is a place on the hwy we could meet up at what he would be driving/wearing. Cool i give him my celry numba and tell him to either txt or call when he got there because it was going to take me 45min to an hr to get there.
I get there i wait wait and wait some more so after i had 2 glass's of sweet tea then eat he never shows. I'm thinking he came in seen what i looked like as a boy and couldn't do it. So after eating i leave. It's ok it happens. As i'm leaving town he sends a txt saying he got scared and couldn't do it. I told him that it was ok.
4 Days go by and he sends me an e-mail saying that he really really wants to get together with me. I send him one back saying ok i'll dress and he can just meet me in the parking lot at the place on the hwy. Well i get all dressed up and drive back over there and sit in the truck waiting on him he doesn't show i wait for 20 more minute's and say FUCK THIS SHIT! He better never send me any thing else. Gonna block him when i get home call it a day this is twice he has talked me into coming and GAS is not cheap.When i get home i am so pissed that this time he didn't even send a txt. So i just pulled out the trusty dildo and fuck myself silly and go to bed.
The next morning i log on and there is 2 e-mails from him saying he was sorry that a friend broke down and he went to help him and that he forgot the phone at the house. That he is so sorry. The next one is that he really wants to get with me and if i drive over there tonight he WILL be there he promise's please please please.
I said hell no! I sent him an e-mail saying to bad so sad buddie i was there twice i know that things happen getting scared/life and if you want to do anything "Better get off your dead ass on to your dieing feet get in your buggy and drive your ass over here. Thats the only way it will happen now"
He sent me an e-mail asking how to get here and that he would be here at 9pm tonight.
I thought ya right but i'll put on alittle something sexy and alittle make-up just in case he did show up.

At 9:30 i said well thats what i thought grabbed a drink and a cig walked outside to smoke and then i'm going to bed.
As soon as i put the cig out and touched the door i was hit with lights coming down the road.I didn't know if it was him or some one else so i got my ass back in the house and looked thru a crack in the door. The truck pulled in my drive way and i don't know it so it had to be him.
He got out and i thought "HOLY SHIT" this man was bigger than he says he was i mean he was built like a brick shit house. He had arms that were huge and a chest that men would die to have. Cowboy hat/boots tight ass levi's and that ever big beltbuckle.
I thought please want to have all out sex. I'm talking road hard kinda sex. PLease please please want it as bad as you said you did and want to go for more.
He walked up the steps i opened the door alittle and asked if it was him he said yes that he got lost by turning to soon and that if he just followed what i told him he would have been here on time. Really sorry about that and ask if i still would want to mess around alittle. In my mind i was screaming alittle i want as much as you can give me and then some more from you buster!
I said that he had just got here in time because if i went to bed i would have told him no but since i was still up and dressed(if what i was in would be called dressed lol) Then we could mess around alittle.
He ask if i had a beer and i got one for him as he sat down. I fell out when i turned around. I turned looked str8 down at his crotch and his dick was hard and in those tight faded pants i could read his ssi number and it was not something to sneeze at.I gave him the beer and went to sit down beside him he drained that one in one drink. So i ask if he wanted another he said please and i told him i didn't want him to drink to much because of the drive home . He told me that if he had to much he wouldn't drive he would have to just stay till in the morning. Then ask if i would care. (HELL NO in my head) But you never know with ones that have never played this side of the fence after they get there rocks off.I got him another and made me a fresh one and sat down next to him but not so close that i would be coming on so strong so he would get scared. What i really wanted to do was jump in his lap and go to town but we'll have none of that just yet.
So we talk about little things he says that if he didn't know i was a man he wouldn't have known well the voice but even that he still would have a hard time. He was hot and all i wanted to do was have that man's clothes off and fuck like rabbits and then fuck like lovers and then fuck some more.
I glanced down to see if he was still hard to make sure he still wanted to let meat least suck it and it was hard and leaking precum to the point that if he didn't pull that fucker out soon there was gonna be a big mess. I havent had the pleasure of having a man that did that and i don't precum at all so this was going to be a treat.His low southern voice and his smell was just sending me over the edge. It was that clean shower with alittle deodorant and alot of nerve sweat. Oh he had me so hot i would have cam if i would have touched myself.I was screaming in my head come on lets go already and it was only about 15 minute's since he was in the house
(i know i know come on with the story already)
So ask's for another beer downs the one he has in his hand give me the empty i get up to get another and my little lingerie nighty top has gotten stuck in the wasit band of my thongs so there was my big ass all out for him to see and he just takes a deep breathe. i turn around to ask if he was ok and feel it tug so i now know why the breath. I said "oh sorry you shouldn't have seen that all at once with lights on" He says "oh no mame thats what i needed to see" I just smiled and blushed like he could see that with the makeup i had on and got him a beer i turned around and he was pulling off his clothes.As i got to the couch he was buck nekked with just his hat on with that wonderful cock sticking str8 up dripping precum down the shaft.I said i'm glad some one is happy to see me. I gave him the beer as my mouth headed to the tip of his cock to taste what made a mess in his pants. I flicked my tounge over the head and just as i was pulling away to close my mouth out came another so i licked that off as well and he took a breath and started shaking.He sat down with his legs wide oped and grabbed my hand and pulled me down and then ask for me to "suck my cock with everything you have please" I thought he was going to cry the way he said it but he didn't have to ask again let me tell you.
I was going to try my best to give this stud all that i had but i also new he wasn't going to last long either. And didn't i got to lick my way down to his balls that were sittin high and tight back up to the tip and takeas much as i could in my mouth when he let loose. What is it with the men in TN with all the ball juice? Damn i swallowed as much as i could and then started choking i pulled off to catch a breathe and he got me right in the eye. Oh hell that shit burns i was coughing and trying to get up to get a wet towel before it really started to burn and he hit me 2 more times with cum before he stopped.Dang damn holy shit batman.I was back in a flash trust and know i don't even think he knew i was gone and licked the rest of that hot fucker clean. (thinking the whole time he's gonna bolt now)
But he didn't and his cock never went soft. He sat up smiled at me and said"Thank you i believe i'm ready for more" (oh yell yes)
He asked if we could move to the bed. I said more than happy to.
I tell him i'll do anything he wants to try and if something he doesn't like as he put his mouth over mine to shut me up. He backs me up kissing me like a man hungry for 3days lays me down and kiss's me until we are in the middle of the bed. His hands were every where and then some.This man new his way around a body he knew what the hell he was doing but he never came close to my dick which was fine he turned me over pulled my thongs to the side and started eating my ass like a champ.I was in heaven and he just kept at it. then i felt him lick his way to the small of my back and i felt him probe my hot little hole with a wet finger then 2 i felt him reach for the lube and knew i was going to get fucked and if it was like the kissing and eating of my ass i was gonna be in trouble and like it!
He went back to eating my ass as he lubbed up and huney i was ready. He got up and was sliding that hot fucker up my ass until he had those hairy balls resting on my smooth one's.He stayed there for a minute slide out and then all the way back in. Pull me up to where i wassitting on his cock started kissing my neck whispering that he was going to be back for more of this and grabbed my chest with one hand my cock with the other tipped us to the side and started fucking the hell outta me. Oh he was good and i didn't want to come because i new he was going to last awhile but as i started coming he bit down on my neck and started fucking me hard. He let go of my cock rolled me over on my belly and pounded away. he had ahold of my hips and just went to town pulling almost all the way out and the sending it home again like it has always been there and thats where it needed to stay.He started kneeding my ass and talking about he needed this fuck and rubbing the small of my back and fucking me. He stopped rolled me over to my side pulled my leg up and didn't even have to aim that cock i just slide my ass down and it went right back to where in needed to be and he fucked me again. Sweat was just dripping off of him landing on me and i was hard again. he let my leg go on the other side of him pulled me up as he laid down so i was on top and huney i know how to ride some cock. I like to ride and i think i do a damn good job. He was in for me to give him a treat now i pushed his hands down got my feet flat rasied up to where the tip of his cock was just barely in and slammed my ass down and started rocking grinding my hole on that cock and then rasing back up over and over. He just kept saying "damn baby oh yes fuck yourself with my cock" "Oh fuck yes ride my cock" I looked down and he had a smile on his face and i thought this is only half and turn around with jis cock still in me bent over so he could watch as i fucked my self on his cock and thats all he wrote. I didn't even get a chance to slowly rock sisde to side all the way down and then back up 3 times when he slapped my ass said "OH FUCKIN A" Grabbed my hipps pulled his self up shoved me forward his dick came out about a half second and he slide it back in as he bent over me like the 2 dogs in heat we were.Threw a arm over my shoulder one around my wasit and came so hard i was choking me.I didn't even touch myself and came right along with him. That lasted about 5 minute's before he came back to earth laid out flat on the bed and said "I do believe i'd like to stay that night please"
I was wore out and dripping sweat and didn't care at that moment i was high as a good fuck can take you and hoped that we'd fuck again before he left.
He woke me up poking my with that lovely cock of his around 3 we fucked again till 5. He got up kissed me and said
"We will be fucking again i hope" I told him to leave an e-mail.
He walked in the front room picked up his pants and i watched that ass walk away thinkin DAMN IT! He turned around and there was a nice dark patch were the cum stain was on those faded jeans and all i could think about was i hope he lived alone.
I went to sl**p.

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2 years ago
Hot video.....wish I could have been that guy!
2 years ago
thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
OMG hope you write more stories i canwash my pantgies and fget some dry ones to chamge into thanks
3 years ago
Now I am just plain fuckin jealous...and horny of course!
3 years ago
Yes thatsn it now you have gone and done it i'm so wet and still hard form jacking off well i'll coment later thaNKS
3 years ago
great story sounds to me like your hella fun wink wink
3 years ago
Thanks for the HOT story!Got me hot!!!!