The Plumber

Hello again every one.A girlfriend and i were talking 2 weeks ago about how we have all read how the ups man showed up and had crazy sex with them and the mailman all that stuff. We said that it wouldn't ever happen to us because it just doesnt happen. Read On.

I was told i had to be in Tx and to leave as soon as i got everything packed.Well i had to have a plumber come over and fix a leak or replace my toilet before i could go. He had said that he would be here first thing in the morning when i stressed to him that i needed to leave town for work. He called saying that he wasn't going to be able to come out and just shut the water off to it and when i got back he would then come out. OH HELL...I told him i'd be here till noon and that if he could make it then come on out. He told me that there wasn't any way he was going to make it and that every one else was already out on calls.I told him that it was ok i'd just shut it off.
My boss called not even an hour later saying that he has some one else going for me and that he wanted me to stay in TN. and just take the day off come into work in the morning.
Well the plumber had a guy come in off another job and tells him to come out to see about it but doesn't call me to let me know that there would be someone on there way.
I took it upon myself since jacking off didn't do the trick when i got outta bed this morning. To pull out a trusted friend since i didn't have to work either mind you to have alittle fun.
I got out the dildo,lube took off the clothes grabbed a dirty magazine got all comfy on the bed and started to have some fun.
Read a couple of stories looked at some hot ass picture's with men in all kinds of sex positions. I was getting all worked up.Well it was time to lube up and start giving my asshole a work out and thought well i'll get a TS magazine out then sit my ass right on down and grind awhile looking at that. Oh i was in the middle of riding that boy and thought i'd change to another dildo. I stopped grabbed ahold of the one already in deep and walked over to the cabnit i keep for the toys. Opened up the door got one out walked back over to the bed sat down started riding it again while i lubed the other. Just watching myself self in the mirror going in and out slowing down then fast again lord i like to ride me some cock.
I laid out on the bed pulled the first one almost all the way out and pushed it all the way back in and thought well hell i might as well just have used this one but since i have the other and it's ready to go the distance then lets switch. Pulled the first one out ran my hand all over the second one to make sure it was good and slick closed my eyes and started putting that baby to use.
What i didn't hear was the sharp intake of breath as the plumber walked in the room only to watch me plunge the new one in my hot little hole.
I was in pleasure mode and headed for seventh heaven and thought i'd take myself home and decided to turn myself around to the mirror and watch the didlo silde in and out a minute before i came.Normally i fuck myself really fast for a few and then slow down then do it again a couple times fast slow real fast slow almost out all the way in fast slow. Oh how that feels so good then i grab my dick get up on my knees to watch it go in and out while i jack off and cum.
Well that didn't happen like that this time. I turned to the mirror and started in when i noticed that there was a young man standing in the door way. I completely freaked while he was trying to say something but the only thing that came out of his mouth was "i uh um i here uh um toilet"
I grabbed a towel to try and cover myself with the dildo still up my ass which mind you was behind me. I'm sure if i would have had a light on he would have seen how red my face was but i know it was light enough to look in the mirror and see that the dildo was slowly making its way out. I clamped my asshole hard as to stop it from doing so. Said i was really sorry he had to see that and he could leave.
He just stood there looking at me eye's all wide. not moving and not saying anything. I thought lord i put the poor boy in shock. How the hell am i going to expliane this.
Then he cough's saying that a woman told him that i had already left and she was sure i didn't lock the door and if i did come back down to her and she's give him the key. (my boss's wife)
So then he goes on to say that he'd look at the toilet all the same since i was so far out. I told him he didn't have to and he could go.He turned and walked in to the bathroom. I turned around to pull my friend outta my ass and to get dressed and put on some clothes.When he comes out to tell me he needed to get something from the truck just as i pull it outta my ass. LOL that poor boy.
So he goes out the door and I HEAR HIM GO out the door why didn't i hear him come IN THE DOOR! I know why because i was having some fun LOL.
I get dressed in a hurry not bothering to wipe myself or to clean anything and just shove everything in a drawer.
Go out to the living room grabbed my cigs waited for him to come back in so i didn't have to pass him other than for him to walk past me and that way i could get out of the house and chain smoke.
I was outside smoked 3 cigs and he still hadn't come out. So i went back in and from down the hall i yell to see what was up. He yells back that he had to take the thing up to get to the back of it. He poked his head around the door i didn't even want to look at him and he says that it's going to take him another 20. By this time sex wasn't even on my mind i was so embarrassed i just wanted him to go. Fuck the damn thing just go.

I went outside smoked some more.After along time i went back in when he called me to the bathroom to show me what had happened. I baby sat a couple of weeks ago and one of them had stuck a toy down the flippin thing. He said that it now worked just fine.
I thanked him asked how much i owed as i walked out. He was right behind me and as we get to the kitchen i turn to ask how much because he hasnt said and he just blurts out "are you gay" I said "yes does it matter" He says "my cousin's gay and he told me once that guys give better head than woman is that true? I think he just told me that because he wanted to suck my dick" I said "well sweetheart the only way you will ever know is to try it yourself. Now how much do i owe you?" He tells me and writes out a bill. As i hand him the money and he gives me the receipt and says "will you give me head" With that i put everything down take his stuff outta his hands and pull him to the bedroom.
As he pulls down his pants he's already hard as a rock. Not some huge monster of a thing but nice has some gurth. I am quick to to my knees and suck it right into my mouth. On my way down i pulled my dick out and started pulling. I was rock hard from the moment he ask me if i was gay and he stopped me from having a good hard cum so i was going to get something outta this even if it was my own hand.
His balls pulled up so fast i thought damn i'm not going to get to cum at the same time but what the hell i was getting some cock and the smell coming off him was intoxicating. I love a man that smells like a man. And on top of that i was getting a mouth full of cum!
He pulls my head off telling me to stop!! HE TOLD ME TO STOP! That he didn't want to cum so fast.Fine with me i'll lick and suck on your balls till your ready we can take all night for all i care. I started washing his balls like no tomorrow. I lifted those bad boy's one by one and then together. I pushed his pants all the way down and was going for broke. But his nuts never came down so i knew when i got back on the cock and it hit the back of my throat he was going to shoot.
He wouldn't let me suck on it but he'd let me lick it up and down around the head and thats it. I thought what the hell he's getting some pleasure outta of this i might as well. I stopped touching him leaned over opened the drawer with my friends in it pulled out the one i was useing when he came in. He watched me bug eyed as i lubed it back up as i pull my shorts off and sit my ass right back down. AS i started to bounce on it i leaned over and took the cock in my mouth as i started jacking my cock.
Thats all he wrote he let a groan and pulled my head down to make sure i wasn't going any where and he had nothing to worry about i wasn't! I sat all the way down on the wonderful friend shoved up my ass and started pulling like mad on my dick.
Just as i was going to cum i felt him start to move. I was kinda sucking alittle hard on his dick so i thought i better pull off some.
He wasn't going soft like most "str8 men" do when they finally come down after i hard cum.Remember that a man was doing it. So i slowed down alittle and bounced alittle more on the trusty friend. I looked up to see if i could see what he was thinking or looking at and his eye's where glued to the mirror and thats when i knew i was going to get fucked by a LIVE MAN. Yeehaw howdy boy's! i moved the hips back and forth around grinding the whole time his eye's never left the mirror. His cock was still hard as steel i was still sucking. I stopped a minute to kinda wipe my mouth and wake him up a minute and thats all it took. He said "Can i fuck you" I pulled the dildo out nice and slow as he watched shoved it as hard as i could and then pulled it all the way out got up on the bed with my ass in the air as he stood up and turned to me. Mind you that boy never even pulled one pant leg off. He just hopped up behind me and stuck his dick in and started pounding away. Oh it felt good and he was ruff but not big enough to hurt me just that he was holding on tight and pounding away.
He was huffin and puffin and slamming it home and i started to jack off and it wasn't long i started to cum and then he did. It was a big ol'wet noisy mess and i was loving every sound.
He stopped with his cock buried to the hilt rested a minute pulled out some pushed it back in and then pulled out of me with a little pop.
I got off the bed got him a wash rag he never looked at my face and i didn't say anything and neither did he.
He pulled up his pants and i put mine back on and walked to the living room. I figured that he wouldn't even say anything so i thought best not to be all gay and tell him my name and that if he ever wanted to stop by he could.
But he said "uh thanks maybe i'll see you in town" and out the door he went.
So there you go freinds and i had to call the g/f and tell her it does happen she'll just have to wait her turn.
Ya'll can leave me a note.

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3 years ago
hot very hot
3 years ago
OMG had tojack my little cocklet off twice you are soo good thanks
3 years ago
made me so hard i had to cummm
3 years ago
great story. Love to be your plumber!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow thanks that was so good you had me jacking off with the best prt and than icme one more timefor good measure thanks
3 years ago