Army Finger Prints

There is a hot man in Iraq whom wrote me saying that he liked my stories. I know they're Long and Drawn out but it's what is in my head and you can leave me a note telling me if you like them or not.So i didn't know what i could write about but then last night i had a dream and trust me it was good and i hope i put it on here as good as i felt this morning. So with that enjoy.

I work for company that has an office out in the country on alot of land. That being said some one has to take care of it and i am not that person.I take care of mine but all the rest my boss has to handle.He tells me to call the local paper put an ad in for some one to help out.He tells me he wants some one on the younger side around 30 to 45 that has dealt with a farm before and that i'd be the one to ask then questions before he sees them because i would be the one to work with him since (my boss) would be gone most times.
So the ad comes out and there are plenty of people that need work around here so the phone rang off the hook. Now i know nothing about working a farm like land so i'm asking the guys around the office and my boss what kind of questions i need to ask these people that i have come out.Lord you would have thought i was a person touched with seizure's. So they let some one else do that part of it and i just pick the people to come out.
Well i had some crazy people call and some crazy people come out.Then the one phone call every gay man/crossdresser dreams of called. If i'm going to have to deal with them i want them to atleast be some one nice to look at.
He called with a nice voice very masculine not to deep but deep enough to send chills down my spine. Told me that he was rasied on a farm and new his way around everything that needed to be done. I told him that i thought that they had found some one already and to hold on a minute when he sounded like he took a sharpe breath to stop from crying. I ask if he was ok and he told me that he had just done 2 tours in Iraq and was out now and needed a job in the worst way. I told him to hold on and went to find the man that was doing the hiring. He was with some one else and it didn't look like he was pleased with the guy so i interrupted and ask to speak with him out in the hall.
When he came out closed the door he gives me a look and says "can you find anymore idiots for me to talk to" I said "I have a man on the phone that just got outta the army and needs a job bad says he knows his way around a farm and could really use the job". Knowing that this man was a old army guy also didn't hurt either. He says"get him out here today" He walked back into the office and told the other guy he was sorry as i walked back to my office.
I picked up the phone and said "the job is still open and you better know your way around a farm or tell some bullshit to get the job the guy you have to talk with is old army and knows his way around a farm so be ready" He tells me "oh thank you so much and i'll have the job how do it get there"
I told him and waited to see how good he was gonna look and if he was going to be a str8 jerk that would give me grief.

Oh let me tell you my office is first and i get to see everyone as they come in. He didn't disappoint me in the looks. He was hot and just my type of man. He had dark hair nice size chest and tattoo's and hair sticking out the top of his shirt nice hairy arms and nice looking legs in the pants he was wearing.I didn't stray to long on the body i didn't want him to think to bad of me just yet. But not bad over all. I got up and shook his hand.Ask if he was the guy and he said yes'm. Lovein it! i tell you i popped wood. Thank goodness for big work shirt and baggy pants. I took him out to where he needed to go and left him with the other guys. I walked back to my office happy as can be.Praying hard he got the job!
He came back in 20 minute's later telling me he got the job and that he needed to fill out some paper work. I screamed in my head "YES"!!! I got him everything he needed and ask some questions like wife/k**s you know stuff that would get in the way of getting in his pants. I didn't see a ring.
He tells me he never got married and didn't know about k**s just yet. Right now all he needed to do was get a job and help his mom and s****r out. "those things can wait" I couldn't wait for him to start!I couldn't wait to see if he would take his shirt off when he got hot. I was already hot and wanted to turn the heat on him.
So fast forward 2 weeks and he turn's out to be a very nice man get along with every one and all the girls in the office which all are married are throwing them selfs at him. He doesn't even blink an eye just keeps on going like they're not even there.I'm a'thinkin there's something up.One of the girls in the office and i go outta town so i can dress up and party and she can get away from her husband for the weekend.
We are talking about going out of town when he comes into the office to get his pay check. She says to me "you are dressing up this weekend right" before she sees him. I just laughed and said yeppers. He looked at me and asked "what do you mean dress up going to a fancy party?" I just laughed and said "well you might as well know that i used to be a drag queen but i still like to dress every once in awhile and paint the town red with her"
His eye's got all glassy and i saw sweat on his forehead.
"you a drag queen thats a laugh" Then ol'girl says "show him the picture's then he'll shut up" and outta the office she goes giggling down the hall.So i flip the computer around as he stepped right up to me.Right next to my chair with his crotch right next to my left elbow and c***d was puttin off some heat!
I got the folder open and showed him some old show pix with some sexy clothes on stage. Then some just out partying. No words out of his mouth and heavy breathing.He said "damn i've seen some shows before and you look as good as some of those gurls" Then i new what the tea was as soon as i turned around to look at him. His cock was hard and he was looking at Miss Emm.I don't think he even knew i turned around yet or if he knew that he was throwing major wood. But when he finally looked down to see me looking up at him he smiled and backed away with his check in hand over his dick.He likes the trannies and i'm all about get him so i just had to figure just how to make it happen.
He asked "Where do you all go out of town i just might have to go with you some weekend"
That's all she wrote i has going to get that man in the sac if it took month's.
It didn't take that long The girly that was gonna go with me cancelled by the end of the day sayin her husband wanted to take her out.So i was still going to go wether it be just me or with someone. I was leaving at 3 that afternoon so i could drive outta town and get into a hotel rest up a bit take a long bath and then dress up and go out and play. As i got to the parking lot he comes around the corner doesnt see her with me and asked where she was i tell him and he says that he has to go to the town i'm going to the next day to pick some stuff up for his s*s and that "i just might see you around" Knowing he had my cell number i'm pretty sure i'd see him alright and then some.
I got to the hotel and then lay every thing out that i wanted to wear. I got some sexy new lingerie that i wanted to wear for the first time and some new high heels.
I take my time draw a bath and soak make sure every thing is clean shavin get out try me new panties on and look in the mirror put my new bra on prance around the room get my heels on and stare at my self damn i look hot and there's no man around to see it. Hopefully i'll get lucky at the bar and get to show some one later that night.
As i finsh getting dressed my phone rings and i have to dig to get it outta my purse but stops ringer before i can get it all the way out.I looked to see who called and it was him!!! Ya know i did i hit send as fast as i could and hoped like hell he didn't call me by mistake.
Nope he didn't but he did chicken out. He answered the phone and said he had to come to the town tonight instead of on Sat for some reason i didn't care i was dressed and ready for some hot ass sex.He said that if i didn't mind he would stop at the bar to have a drink with me before he went back. I told him i hadn't amde it that far and that i was in the hotel still.He said well then he could stop pick up some beer before he came over on his way outta town. I said thats fine and tell him where i am.
To hell with that i wasn't born yesterday. he wanted bootie and i was going to give it like i never have before.
!5 minute's later there was a knock at the door and i was only in my teddy and heels. I was looking good and i could tell by his eyes that i looked damn good!
He whistled and said "i thought you were going out after i left" I said"I was but i can stay in tonight and go out tomorrow"
He sat down on the edge of the chair pulled out 2 beers and put the sack down. Looked right in my eye and said " what happens here stays here right" I just shook my head yes. He downed his beer in one glup and open another and said "I havent had sex in 3yrs because i like a girl with extra and they don't have those over sea's like here and i need to keep focused on my f****y but i need to bust a nut bad" with that he downed the next beer and grabbed another.Thats all he had to say i took a big drink and new i was going to hurt SAT.! I got up walked over to the dresser got the lube walked back over to him and pulled him up and over to the bed got on all fours as he was pulling down his pants i put lube on my fingers and reached back for his cock and all i felt was his rock hard cock ram in to my huney pot with just the lube that i put there. IT HURT LIKE HELL!
He grabbed my butt cheeks so hard and kept slamming that cock into me so hard i had to bury my face in the bed from screamming out loud.He never let go of my ass. Had a good grip and held on with dear life like he was riding a horse and trying to stay on. He fucked me so hard. I have never been fucked so hard before and most times i control the fuck.I knew there was no stopping him he was taking what he needed with out any thought of me.
It lasted all of 10 minute's for hard pounding he started to cum and rammed it all the way in with a death grip on my ass. He was push that cock so hard i thought he was trring to see if it would come out of my neck.i didn't know what was worse that cock poking my heart or his hands that gripped my ass so ahrd it was like he wanted to reach bone and huney if you seen my ass that alot to go thru. After what seemed like hours but i'm sure it was just some minute's he let go off my ass and pulled that cock outta me with a pop and laid down beside me.Looked at me and said thank you as he passed out. I tried to move but my legs was jelly and my heart was pounding all i could do was lay flat out on the bed and try and slow my heart.
I finally got up and went to the bathroom to fix my make-up he rammed half of in the bed and my hair. That way i was still pretty. MY ass was on fire and i was loveing it.I backed up to the mirror to make sure i wasn't bleeding and that it was still pretty.and i had perfect hand prints on both ass cheeks.Thats a first.But i was still in one piece and got some cock.
When i finally came out he was sitting in the chair and drinking another beer. He smiled at me and "said thanks for not stopping me i really needed that" I said"i couldn't have stopped you even if i tried but if we go again then you have to be alittle nicer" Turned to show him my ass. He reached over ran a finger over my right hand print and bent down and kissed it.
He whispered that "the next time will be slow mind if i stay the night i've had to much to drink"
Lord i'm really not going to be able to walk tomorrow.
He fucked me all over that room. Time after time he would fuck me good and you could tell it had been awhile the first 3 times he was a jack rabbit fucking me for all he could give me then drink a beer and then go again. I never even got to suck his cock until the fourth time.We went to sl**p and then i would wake up with that cock sliding in my ass.The last time he fucked me at 5am was slow loveing passionate. He knew how to work a body over that mouth was kissing licking touching every where and my body was letting him.Every time i went to do something he would hold me down and and lick my nipples nipping at them like they were small treats.When he finally stuck his cock back in me i was in for a ride i got him to lay down as i rolled with him never losing touch with that cock and sat my ass all the way on it and road that sweet man's cock like a man sits down in his favorite chair for a football game. I turned around so he could watch it slide in and out and i don't know what that does to a man but he started pumping into me.I started to turn back around and he pushed me off and got on top of me and pushed it all the way back in and let that hose un load.
We went to sl**p.i got up before him took a shower put fresh make-up on thinking he would leave as soon as he got up. When he finally woke up he asked for me to hand him his cell phone. He called his mom and told her that "he ran into an army buddy and that he would be home on sunday" hung up and patted the bed next to him.

I turned to the side to show him the finger print bruise's he left across my ass from the first fuck.... I said "what happens in vegas" he just nodded his head as i climed on that wonderful hot hard cock for another round at the rodeo.
The end

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2 years ago
You got me all hot again and now i've got to gon and clean up my panties thanks
3 years ago
You know you are very good as awritter actually even great i loved your story hope you write a net chapter would like to know how long this friendship went on thanks