Twice 1 day

Yesterday my boss came in to tell me that he would be leaveing and taking some of the office staff with him and that i would have one other girl and thats it. The DHL man had come to drop off some stuff as he was telling me he was leaving.
The DHL man walked in to have me sign for the boxes and ask "what did he mean you would be the only one here" I told him what was going on and where every one had to go. He just kinda smiled and said "oh" said thank you and walked out the door.

Well the next day i had to go to the Dr for the good ol'allergies acting up well the girl that was left in the office with me called right after i got to the Dr and said right after i got back she had to leave because of one of her k**s. That put me in a good mood trust and know.
Well when the Dr came in i was telling him some thing about some other things. He wanted to know if i ever had a rectal exam. I told him that it had been a couple of yrs but yes. (i didn't tell him every time i could get a man to kindly stick his cock up there)
He then tells me that his nephew is going to school to be a proctologist and wondered if i would mind if he didan exam. I thought we'll what the hell.
He came in a nd i did everything to not get hard he had a dark full head of hair with those blue eyes and a nice tan. Well with that white coat on huney he was GOOD LOOKING!
My Dr introduced us and left the room . He was very nice polite and said that he has done this before and that he would go slow and tell me ever thing he was doing. I got undressed while mind you that he stayed in the room. He ask me to bend over the table and pull my cheeks apart. I heard him get up and thought he was coming over to me. He say"i'll warm my hands that way it's not a shock to you"Hell i didn't care i came in for my nose and now my ass was in the air.WTF i ask?
So he wasked his hands put on gloves and came over to me sat down in the chair i looked back as he picked up the lube and smear it over a finger. He then slowly put his hand on my left ass cheek to help (lol) me and rubbed it over my hot little hole. I was SO SO ready my dick was already hard so what the hell. Might as well get some enjoyment outa it right.
He started to slowly work around the out side and then tells me he is going to stick a finger in and not to worry. As he did this i turned to the front of the table and thought of him just out right sticking his cock in and taking me for a trest drive.
He then told me that he found my prostate and started to move his finger around . Well any bottom will tell you start that it's just normall to clamp your hole shut. When i did this he stopped for a millow second. I heard him take a big deek breath and start in again well hell i had a hot man with his finger stuck up my butt what was i supposed to do. I backed up acting like i needed to get a better footing. That did it he said well i don't think that there is anything wrong but i still need a sample of sieman. What the hell. I turned around and my cock rock hard was in his face. He just looked at it grabbed the tip and started to pull up thinking that the little play he did brought something up. I have never made precum ever in my life. He wanted sperm he was going to have to work for it and i told him so. He just kinda of looked and me looked at the door and took my dick in his mouth. I wasn't going to last long and he knew it. he reached over has he was sucking picked up a slide and put it between his legs. Reached betweenmine and stuck 2 fingers in moved around maybe just maybe 3 times and i said better get ready he it comes. He took it like a champ and i was cumming in his mouth i said "remember you need some for the lab" He pulled back at the last pulled up touched the slide to the head and said "that should do" He gives me some paper towels and winks walks out of the room. Lord i'll be going to see him when he goes into practice.

So i smile at my self all the way back to the office totally forgot she was leaving when i walk thru the door. When i walk in she's coming down the hall way telling me that she was sorry that she really had to go and that she'd be back first thing in the morning. Oh well there goes my happy ending and sat down at the desk and the phone started ringing one after the other and forgot what time it was.
At 4:45 i hear the door open and look up as the DHL guy comes walking in. He says "yesterday i needed you to sign for both boxes separately sorry so i need to you sign again" Oh well i thought and took the machine from him and start to sign he says "i didn't see the other girls car in the parking lot" So as i finsh signing i tell him that she had to go blah blah. He looks at me and says "oh there nobody here but you" I wasn't even thinking and said "oh Yes and love it" He then looks around the office and kinda just stands there. Well i didn't think about it for a minute and then he leans against the wall and says"i'm not gay" What the hell does that mean i thought and then it hits me. I said "ok" as i look down to see that he is geting hard. He reach's down to grope that hot package and thats all i needed. I walk over drop to my knees and open his fly. Out pops a nice looking cock withsome nice hairy balls no underwear.I start to lick my way around knowing what comes to me easy and tonge those hot balls. He pulls my head away and ask "can we go into the bathroom" I just get up and walk down the hall and into the bathroom turn on the light while he walks in. He looks at me and ask's " i've never got to fuck an ass would you mind if uh" I just turned around dropped my shorts pulled down my underwear as i bent over and he just lets out a deep breath and walks over kneeding my ass and mumbles under his breath about it's as good as he thought it would look. Spits in his hand rubs it over his cock head and starts to rub it up and down my ass crack. I must not have got all the lube off from the Dr. office because as soon as he did that it was all slick. He push's he cock down leval with my hot wanting asshole and push's right in and slowly goes all the way in ass his balls touch mine. I started pushing back well thats all he needed and slowly started to fuck me silly. Oh he moved his hands all over everything and then with each ass cheek in hand he headed for the home plate.He was good started to go fast and then slow down speed up slow down. Stopped for a hot second pushed all the way in and then pulled all the way out. I felt empty and wanted that fucker right back in. He sat down on the toilit and told me to sit. I didn't need to be told twice and got on. I bounced looking at him for some time then stood up turned around sat my fat hungry ass right back down. It wasn't what i wanted in the name of fucking but i hovered to the point he had to work alittle. I don't know what men like about watching there cocks go in and out of a hot wet hole but it just drives them nuts he grab's my ass and shove's in all the way pulling his self up and slamming me against the sink and push's all the way in and takes little fuck move ments holding on like there no tomorrow and grunts telling me he wants to "shoot my hot load all over your face" He pumps alittle more and pulls out i turn around and down as he jacks his red hot cock over my face he lets me suck it down and then grunts hard pulls out and shoots all over my face and neck rubbing it over and over my cheek down the side of my face to my neck then back up. He's shaking all over and sweating like no tomorrow and sets back down on the toilet.
I lick around my mouth like a cum slut that i want to be and reach up wipe some up with my hand and then lick it off as he watch's.
After a few minute's he stands up with his limp dick right in front of my mouth i take it down one last time licking his balls as i get there he pulls my head all the way in and then pulls my mouth off.
"do you mind if the next time i have to come out here if it's after hours" I shook my head no and with that he pull's his pants up and walks out the door.
I'm looking at web site tonight to see who ships DHL as i finsh this.
There is my twice in one day that will never happen again but i'll never know will i?
The End
Hope you like.

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2 years ago
OMG that wasnso hot i just love to havethemput there fingers inmy treight ass pusssy and thana nice hard cock too thanks
3 years ago
You write very well. I love them. They make me very horny.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Fantastic great what a day probily the best thanks
3 years ago