First Threesum

My First Threesome

It was a lunchtime when our next-door neighbour knocked on our front door. His wife had gone into labour and he wanted me to pick his 6yr old up from school. I’d said for a while now that I would if they needed me to. I told Chris not to rush back as I would feed him and put him to bed if he wasn’t back in time.

Rob arrived home from work at 6pm and was happy to hear that Chris’ wife had gone into labour. He’d just got into the bath when Chris returned to say he had another boy. I made him and Rob a cuppa. Rob suggested they went to wet the baby’s head and after Chris said he should put his boy to bed I told him he could sl**p here and to get out.

They arrived back from the pub at just after 11pm and to say they were a little worse for wear would be an understatement. The boy was asl**p on the sofa and I was sat in the chair watching TV. I was wearing my peach silk nightie and dressing gown. I got up and made them both a drink and returned to my chair after.

Rob sat on the other chair and Chris sat on the floor between us. He had been there about 15 minutes when he started to stroke my ankle and as I didn’t stop him he moved his hand up my calf and onto my thigh. I wasn’t sure if Rob had seen or not but he said nothing so I asked him what he was doing. His reply was noncommittal and moved his hand further up. I looked at Rob and he just raised his eyebrows and made it clear it was up to me. I pushed his hand down more in fun than to stop him and Chris realised this and went right into my wet pussy. As he slid his finger into me I opened my legs wide to him. He let his finger work my G spot and I was enjoying it all. As I was about to cum his son stirred on the sofa and I lost my nerve pushing him away. He asked what was up and I told him I wasn’t happy cos if his son woke up his wife would hear about it and she was a good friend. Rob suggested going to the bedroom and after a little thought and confirmation Rob didn’t mind we went to the bedroom. Rob undressed me and I lay on the bed, wondering what was going to happen. Chris buried his head between my legs as Rob sucked and played with my tits. As I came Chris rolled me onto my stomach and lifted my hips up. He slammed his cock deep into me and made me gasp for breath. Rob wasn’t small but compared to Chris he was tiny. As Chris pounded my pussy to a second orgasm Rob filled my mouth with his cock. I was in ecstasy and loving every minute of it. I came a second time which brought Chris off deep in me. I wasn’t done though and Rob replaced him. As he pounded my pussy and spanked my arse Chris made me lick his cock clean. I reached down and as Rob let me know he was about to cum I rubbed my clit hard and fast missing his orgasm by seconds with my own. I collapsed onto the bed and just smiled as my orgasm receeded.

Chris left with is boy and thanked me for looking after him. He had promised he would come around again for another session and over the next 5 years he would come to our house, even after we moved, and we would repeat that night again and again .

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1 month ago
Love that
1 year ago
Brilliant I love threesomes (MM/F)
1 year ago
Neighbours everybody needs good neighbours :-)
2 years ago
wonderful sexy story.
Love to hear more.
Both very turned on reading this x
2 years ago
Very hot story x
3 years ago
3 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago
Nice neighbourly love! Tfs
3 years ago
think ill move next door to you
3 years ago
Very horny story. Took me from soft to hard very quickly...
3 years ago

you’ve been wanked over by Paul
3 years ago
Wish you and Rob where my neighbours!!
3 years ago
wow fab story xx
4 years ago
real good
4 years ago