First Swinging experience.

We were in Thailand for 2 weeks, before going there we joined adult swinger websites in order to have some people to meet when we go there.

We have been thinking of trying a couple for a long time and since the M loves Asians and the F likes western guys, we were trying to meet a mixed couple like ourselves (which Thailand has a lot of ;) )

After a few emails to the profiles we liked, we finely found a nice couple.

The excitement was overwhelming!!

When we got finely arrived, we stayed in a nice, but some what discreet hotel because we wanted out visitors to feel safe and comfortable.

[About the couple](first the guy)

The guy was tall (about 6.2), in pretty good share and he was in his mid 30s. He had a good sense of stile and very good manners. he was well educated, smooth and had a very nice ass and chest.(ark hair and brown eyes)

(the girl)

She was just hot! She looked very innocent and you would never think that she could be in to alternative lifestyles.

She has a nice little tight Asian ass. Her breasts were not that big, but firm and perky, she was always afraid to make eye contact and smiled a lot.


We spoke for a while, (2-3 hours. Topics ranged from work to the most intimate secrets.

We were pleased to know that the girl was bi-curious and never tried another girl. The guy was one to take charge and lead.

We were nervous, but the thing that made us feel good was the fact that for them,just like for us, it was a big deal. So we were both about to embark on a new adventure.

After a few drinks, we moved to a club where we sat in a private section and drank some more. Finely we decided to dance with each others partners...
(I will talk from the M prospective from now on otherwise to long)

After 2 songs, i looked over and noticed that the other M had one of his hands under my wife's skirt ( i was taking i too slow i guess). The other F was wearing jeans, do was not so easy to access, never the less i like jeans and i enjoyed grabbing her ass through them.
The Meeting

We came to our hotel room and started kissing each others partners (we were all pretty d***k and not so shy anymore)

I slowly unzipped the girls jeans and noticed she had nice little pantys (the ones that are simple, but look amazing on Asians, something like this ( but white.

I was getting very aroused and i noticed that the other guy was already sucking on my wifes nipple and enjoying it.

Finely we moved to the bead, had an amazing sexual experience and all passed out.


We were all sl**ping on the same bead (seriously it was huuuuge)

I woke up in the middle of the night to some noise. (my wife was sl**ping on her front, his was sl**ping on her side)

I looked over and noticed that the cheeky sod had pulled my wifes pantys down (while she was asl**p) and was licking her ass hole while jerking off.

i watched for about 3 sec and got hard as hell.

So i decided to do the same to his wife. i pulled her pantys down, spread her cheeks nice and wide and shoved my tong in her ass hole (it was lovely)

We continued licking each others wifes for a good 5 minutes and watching each other. Finely he took the lead, spread my wifes legs open (while she was still on her front) and shoved his dick in.

I proceeded to do the same to his wife. They were so d***k that they did not even know (until we started getting to excited) the girls gradually woke up and, needles to say, were very surprised to see near strangers fucking them in their sl**p. (They quickly adapted though)

The guy and myself fucked them for about 15 minuted in many different positions, then we both puled out at the same time and came all over each others wifes.

it was a truly amazing experience and we have kept in touch with those lovely people since then and hope to meet them again soon.

(there was a lot of girl on girl action in between, a lot of changing partners etc... but it would be a 20 page essey if i were to write all of it in details.

I truly hope at lease some of you got hard/wet reading this and i would love to hear some comments (feedback) from you.

xxxx Best wishes.
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Hot story!