MY wife part II

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Marcus started kissing Janes neck and his hand started to disappear inside her white blouse gropping at her 32ee tits. She still had her hand on his dick - rubbing him through his trousers.
"Give me a hand James" he said. James looked at me - I nodded and smiled.
He stood up from beside me and had to adjust his trousers over his hard-on.
This was not lost on Jane "Nice to see you approve!" she whispered breathlessly.
At this moment she was obscured from me by the 2 men, Marcus behind her gropping her tits and James in front. I made the decision to undo my trousers to make myself more comfy as my dick was rock hard. The sensations I felt were mixed, my heart was racing, my mouth dry as jealousy was over come by pure a****l lust. I could not take my eyes off these two yound studs about to devour my wife - I had no idea she was such a slut, or had I been blind all these years and this had been going on behind my back?

James release Jane's blouse and discarded it on the floor. Marcus had already undone the bra and that quickly followed. This revealed her 32ee boobs and her nipples were harder than I had ever seen them. She had a dreamy smile on her face and her breathing had quickened. James grabbed her left tit and pinched the nipple slowly increasing the pressure - she gasped and started to bite her lip. "You like that don't you?" he asked. Jane nodded her head - yes.

He stepped back, " Let's make sure we understand each other here," he said, " I would hate for there to be any repercussions. What would you like Jane?"

She looked at me. I think this was the first time she had seen my hard cock on display as I gently stroked it. I dare not wank to hard as I knew I would flood in seconds. That seemed to make up her mind. She looked from me, to James and then Marcus.

" I want to be a slut. First he has to strip and sit on the chair watching" she pointed to me and I nodded obedience without a second thought. She did not say anything else, the pause seemed to go on for ages, so I stood and stripped. My 6.5 inch cock pointing at the ceiling.
"Good", she panted, " well boys I have not had a different cock for 20 years, I have never had anal and I have never swallowed cum. I want all this to change tonight. If you are not ready for this then say now and I will leave." The last part she said with a smile. Marcus had already dropped his trousers and shorts - a big thick 10 inch black cock has standing at attention. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Jane grabbed his cock - the contrast of her pale hand against his taut manhood nearly tipped me over the edge. She slowly wanked him.
He moaned his pleasure and said " Strip and suck it slut".
"Yes sir " she replied.
Within a flash herskirt was around her ankles reavealing her white thong and hold ups. She hocked her fingers in her knickers and foreced them down before throwing them to me - they were soaked. At this point a noticed James was naked as well his cock was about the same as mine and rock hard.
Marcus grabbed Jane by the hair and f***ed her down, she dropped to her knees and held the base of his cock.
" Well husband this is the first bj to completion I will have ever performed!" she said staring me hard in the eye and smiling, " I hope you enjoy as much as I will". With that she took his head in her mouth and closed her eyes. I came instantly........

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