Watched and filmed

We had such hot times on vacation that we wished somehow we had more than just a couple of pictures. I brought up the subject while my I was being eaten by my husband in the Miami hotel. After our hot sessions in the room where we had the curtains open and the lights on, and were seen by others some of whom I met. I was laying on the bed after a shower and he cannot resist diving into my pussy. Even though it was day I had him again open the curtains, and although we were not in the window many one across the street in the other hotel could see if the were looking.

What if we had a film ? A video? How to do it? As he licked my swollen labia now dripping down my thigh. I told him why don't we get someone to film us instead of a jumpy out of focus attempt by us. He had now entered me with his penis and as we talked while fucking as I mentioned having someone film us I felt his cock growth even more. He is cut and has a nice little helmet and it gets a nice rim on it and get big . I felt it get bigger as his motion picked up speed. My tits jiggled back and forth from the hard thrusting.

I felt my juices flow like a little spring as I talked more about being filmed by someone. We have never shared that experience in the same room only recently even had someone see us in the hotel window. But that is different than having someone here as we fucked. I could imagine showing off for my husband and our audience. It excited me and he knew it. My chest flushed with the red rash of sexual climax. I could only imagine being taken from behind and at the same time having a another man film the deep thrusts into me. I obviously don't have the advantage of a man of seeing the cock enter and pull my lips and it thrusts. I would like to,see it. I could also imagine having the film man exposing his cock and touching it to my face and lips as he moves in close for a good close up. Oh I thought about even sucking his cock as I was pounded from behind....

Of course finding someone I would want to share it with could be an issue. I wouldn't want some creep . How has anyone else done this? Please let me know how to find someone who I could trust and maybe even want to also fuck.
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1 year ago
We love keeping memories on camera ... always filmed by me because we definitely don't know anyone we'd trust to film us.
1 year ago
if you have the video camera, I would gladly be your photographer
1 year ago
It would be so much better when this happens spontaneous,
but sometimes you need a helping hand ;)
1 year ago
If I was filming you getting fucked, my cock would just have to be out so you could suck it, I also promise to cover that hot body so much x
1 year ago
It would be a delicious tease to film you. I imagine finding the line of not being intrusive and still being present difficult to maintain. But how fun if it worked?