being watched by voyeurs and meeting them.

As you may have read my husband and I went to Miami on our way home from the caribbean. In the caribbean for the first time I not only went topless after the first day but then nude. It was cautious at first as you may have read in my other stories of my adventures but on the second day 3 young men from the resort even saw me nude and I surprised myself by even opening up my legs to let them see my labia. We then went to a nude beach where we playfully posed together with two young women friends from the resort....first just holding thieir cocks and then sucking on them...afterward the girls gave my husband a real blowjob and I did too in front of every one and let the 5 men fuck me from behind.....quite an experience for a shy girl who had never even seen another cock since I got married and never an uncut one..which fascinated me.

We stopped in Miami and my jucies were flowing good....we screwed in the window of our hotel in the soft light with the window curtains pulled back...what was exciting was across the street only one floor up was a roof top bar and I saw two men watching us. Our room was visible from an area of the bar but not the entire bar. I saw the young men. After our experience I was so hot and sexy that we went over to the bar....I worn a sheer pink blouse and a black shelf bra. I met the two voyeurs and brought them back to the room. My husband meantime had met two friends from college and we got separated. We texted and I told him to go to the area of the lounge and look at our hotel. There I was in a brighter light as it was now nearly 2am...where I was being fucked and giving blowjobs to the two foreign students from Germany and Spain. My husband was with his friends and did not tell them the show they were watching was his wife.

I was totally covered in cum on my breasts by the two men....I laid back in the chair and fingered my throbbing wet dripping pussy as I faced the window and looked across the street to the audience of my husband, his friends and several others who heard them discuss what they were watching. ....The students left and I left the lights on....showered and dried off in full view of the audience...then I put my skirt back 3 in heels and my black bra and pink top....all very slowly and with no attempt to hide. I even stood in the window naked and texted my husband....he answered that he was so hot he wanted to leave right now..but was afraid his friends would suspect something...because he had told them I was expected to return. He texted that he had just seen an incredible sight and was rock hard...and my exhibition was the topic of the group.

I left the room after redoing my hair and makeup....suprisingly not tired but invigorated by the experience..mainly the thrill of exposing myself twice inthe same night in the same way to strangers....

In Miami since it was friday night and warm south beach area was still alive and crowded as the clubs were going full swing. I left our my outfit and walked across the street.....I had unbuttoned my blouse to my bra and it fluttered open and my breasts were visible not only thru the sheer material but were sitting up from my sholf nipples were not covered at all by any material..and even though I was totally excited they were relaxed and big as a 50 cent coin. Lightly tan...and since I had spent a week in the caribbean I had no tan lines....

I walked across the street and took the elevator to the bar and went to the area where my husband was....He was still with his friends and when I walked up they were shocked to see me. I looked sheer bra obviously that it could be seen...and obvious that the bra was showing off not only my breasts for display but my nipples were clearly visible not only thru the material but as my blouse gapped open as I moved. They all were still in an excited state from my show.....although they did not yet know it was me I assumed. Indeed my husband had not let on..I was introduced to his friends....and they certainly were glad to see me....My husband beamed and squeezed me...
We order another drink...and chatted....but who knows about what?...all the time they were staring at me....and I did what I could to accomodate....We sat on high stools and with my short skirt and no panties...I intentionally parted my legs as I faced them....and let my skirt ride up..all the time acting as if I was not aware of what they could see. What they could see were my swollen lips still thobbing and occasionally dripping out some cum and juice from just a few minutes ago. I innocently asdked them if they were having a good time and enjoying seeing Miami....they finally admited what they had just seen across the street.....Since I had just met them but since I was obviosly too dressed as I was they described what they saw. I told them that must have been hot....oh yeah they said..I asked if my husband had seen it and they laughed and said he was speechless but seemed to enjoy it even more than they did. I told them that was making me anxious to get my husband back to the room...they laughed and said they were sorry their wives were not it made them hot too. We all laughed and I said I was really anxious now....they said they wanted to wait and see if the woman we said good night. We went into the elevator and I stood in front of my husband...and pushed into him and felt his hard cock...he reached under my short skirt and felt my pussy dripping....I warned him not to do too much as I was on the edge of cumming again...The elevetor stopped on the next floor and 3 guys blouse was still unbuttoned to my nipples..and instead of facing the door they all stood looking at me....and I encouraged them by asking them innocently if they had been at the club...all the while my husband was fingering my pussy from behind and I was pressing into him..thank goodness the ride was only a few floors or I would have had an orgasim in front of the strangers.

We went straight back to our hotel and entered the room...the lights were still on..I told my husband that I wanted to exhibit myself to his friends...I think they may have suspected I was the one in the window...but they said nothing...I went to the window....slowly unbuttoned my blouse...dropped my bra....and unzipped my skirt....then I sat in the chair turned toward the window and spread my legs and fingered my pussy....yes they were still watching...I stood up...blew them a kiss and pulled the d****s...
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1 year ago
Dam!!! That's hot!!!
1 year ago
Wow, so hot and horny!!!! And from a shy girl......very sexy and very lucky guys x
1 year ago
I would really like to be in an elevator with you...I would go all the way to the top. in you xxxxxxxxx.
1 year ago
fuck i think i would have Had an orgasm in the elevator! That's one hot story!
1 year ago
Your story is true HOT HOT HOT !!! Invite me the next time to your trips !!
1 year ago
another excellent one...!
1 year ago
another excellent one..!
1 year ago
I only wish I could have seen the show in person!