Meeting the voyeurs..

After I was screwed in the window of my hotel room in Miami as I wrote about earlier I still excited and ready for more. My husband with my encouragement had taken me from behind in front of the window and even with the dim light on some men at the roof top lounge across the street definitely saw us. They might not have been able to distinguish our faces but they surely knew what we were doing. I told him I wanted to go out again..the warm night air, the music drifting thru the night up from the clubs..and my throbing pussy made me want to party some more.

After our dinner where I worn the sheer black top with the jacket I decided this time just to wear a black shelf bra...which fully supported my 34C's just under the nipple....then I put on my pink sheer question one could see thru being naked but not. The chiffon material teased my nipples and made them stand up. I wore a short panties....I wanted to feel the mositure of us between my legs. Although I had cleaned up as we walked I felt a driplet run down my leg from our earlier time...

I suggested we go across the street to the roof top lounge when I had seen the two men at the bar watching the street and had seen us screwing. I also was curious to see how well you could see in our room from one floor up and across the street. I told him to leave the lights just as we had them. First we strolled down the street and I definitely got some double glances...I held on to his arm and it somewhat blocked a full view...but as I approached a man or couple even in the street light night it was obvious what I had on. There is a lot of flesh in south beach...but sometimes what is hidden or at least not totally exposed is more exciting...

We went to the club and I got another cosmo and weaved our way thru the crowd noisely chatting and very jolly since it was now about midnight and some had been at it for a while. We made small talk with some couples and small groups of men. The men were interesting to watch as their eyes darted from my face to my nipples. The got even harder and I got even wetter. My labia was already swollen from the pounding I had only an hour earlier and it had not quit throbbing and dripping. I finally noticed 2 men who looked like the guys I saw while I was being screwed in the window. Hard to tell for sure but the two , one was blond and the other hard dark black hair...almost Cuban like Andy Garcia the actor. I thought it might be them because there hard a red shirt on the blond guy and a yellow shirt on the dark haired guy. Both were about 30 and visiting from Charleston and therefore had charming accents. In order to see our room across the street one had to walk to the edge and lean on the rail especially since it was one floor below.

After chatting I walked to the rail and looked over and tried to find our room. It was easy to find because the other rooms had the undercurtain drawn and our had it open...and the light by the side of the bed was still on...and the light by the entry as it was when we were screwing. I started flirting with the two as my husband went to find more drinks....after 2 cosmos I was getting flushed...and hot in more ways. We made chit chat for a while and I enjoyed having them and other oggle my tits...and see if they could really see my nipples which as you can see from my profile are light brown and the size of a half dollar..beautiful I have been told.

Finally the topic of where we were from and where we were staying came up. As I told them we were at the hotel across the street they visibly showed more interest....I don't think they could recogize me but you could definitely tell someone was screwing in the window maybe 50 feet away. "Oh yes...on the fifth floor I fact I think that is my room with the curtains open" They both flushed and said oh my ....and I said you could see it?....The stammered when I asked them if they enjoyed the show....oh yeah they said..

I told them I was hot and had to sit...we found a quieter husband was still awol....I pullled up a chair and as I sat I let my short shirt ride up . They sat across from me and I fanned myself and as I did opened up my legs..the light from the torch nearby lit up my legs and gave them a full view of my and swollen. to be continued...
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1 year ago
Very sexciting
1 year ago
2 years ago
mmmmm mmmm!
2 years ago
2 years ago
liked the story / but your picks dont show you to be C's
2 years ago
Wonderful!!! You really are findingg your ture sexuality,,,I just love it...
2 years ago
mmmm you are certainly hot and know how to turn the men on!
2 years ago
great start!
2 years ago
Don't let me wait too long for the next part...