exposing at the beach...part 4

after our first day at the beach and the first time I had been topless and bottomless and another memorable dinner where I flashed my tits in my sheer too we were ready to accept the invite from Jean our waiter to join them at the nude beach. Jean was our waiter, Claude the busboy..both got nice views of me at dinner in my sheer black lacy top. Funny how being in the restaurant with the sheer top on which anyone could see my nipples and breasts was more erotic than laying on the beach nude. Probably because in the dining room every other woman was dress and Iwas the only one exposed. Although it was exciting to be on the beach that first day topless at first and then naked. Being exposed to strollers was exciting but the highlight was when Jean and his friends stopped by and sat and talked with me when I was alone and naked...(see earlier story)...

They had invited us to the local nude beach..the resort beach at the small up scale resort was very subdued..no locals, vendors or visitors from the cruise ship crowd who docked on the other side of the island for day trips. We accepted his invitation...what the heck..we were away at an exotic location. My husband was a little concerned about being naked but said if he must he would. His cock is I guess about average....6" or so...cut and smooth. I admit it was exciting to be naked in front of others but I was also interested to see what Jean and Claude had under their speedos which were outlined so clearly on the beach..It almost looked like they had no liner in them...cause I swear Jean was not circumsized, Claude looked to have a big head on his and the black front desk man seemed to have a bigger bulge in his suit.

We arranged to met them at 10 am and follow them in our little rental jeep up and down the hills to a beautiful long white sandy beach..We walked a little ways. I had on my suit with the waist band which you could gather it tight. ( see picture)..On the beach the first day before I took it off my husband encouraged me to pull it together and it showed off my pussy lips on one side...
If I felt uncomfortable on the beach I could always leave the bottoms on. Jean also brought with him a couple of female workers from the resort. Like him and Claude they were french..about 10 yrs younger than me and thin. So altogether we had 7 people...We had a lunch with wine packed by the resort....

When we got to the beach the guys took off their pants and shirts and quickly showed their speedos...which they removed. The girls had on dresses and pulled them over their heads and had no suits on to remove. So very quickly the were all naked. The 2 girls were thin and had small breasts but beautiful. Being 10 years older and a 34C I knew I would look huge to them. I took off my coverup and removed my top also. I kept on my botttoms as I arranged the towel. My husband had bought a speedo and he looked great as we had dieted for months and worked out before we came...I was right...Jean was not cut and his cock was pointed at the end...and about average size....Claude who was a little taller..about 6 feet was circumized but he had a bigger head on his than my husband...it really looked like a little helmet...Their friend from the front desk had a skinny cock but long and uncut. The girls were totally shaved. I was not shaved completely...as I said too pricckly during sex....although it is attractive...My husband said what the hell..and pulled his off..his was a little larger than Jean...I noticed it was a little aroused...so it was about half way up. The other guys were not excited...and the french girls didn't even seem to notice...they had been here before...I admit I felt and flush and tingle....my nipples felt the flush..and my pussy was moist...I was not the only one not totally naked....I sat on the towel and pulled my bottoms off not wanting to stand there and do it... a little more discrete.....

Have to go now...more later.....
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2 years ago
building nicely, can't wait to hear how this develops,
2 years ago
2 years ago
can't wait
2 years ago
The wait for the next chapter is excruciating!
2 years ago
***** stars
2 years ago
Part 5 posted with more details and action