Real story

My first experiance which I never thought

Once I was stuck in flood in mumbai 26 july, I have take one safe place which was top of school building, No body was their, I was seeing the water flow from the school galari, One man was crying for help and he was almost tired I helped him now we both was there alone. I saw he was not consius now. I tried to make him awake but either is was in deep sl**p or may be real unconsius due to dringking flood/rain water. Now I want to give him some first add. so I start him to press his body. His body temprature was I also going down. I put off his wet cloth from his body. Now he was totaly nacked I was glad to see his hairy, stocky body, I started to give him massage to heat him. During his massage excercise I was excited. Now I loose my control and start to suck his cock which is like beer can. I was also tired to give him full licking his hairy body & cock but he was so unconsius he do't have any movement. Now I also sl**p beside his body. after 3-4 hrs its was 12 mid nigh I got awake, againt I tried to awake him now he is in better condition but still not awake, again I started to suck his beer can cock, after 30 minitus his cock get start to stand up slowly, now I left to suck his cock. and seelp again.

after some time I also start to rub his cock and suck arround 30-40 minitus continusly now his cock was fully loaded, I want to sit on his cock, I tried also to sit but immidatly I go unimmaginalbe pain. the I not try to ride on him.

The man still in deep sl**p but consius. that whole night I suck his cock and hairy chest, legs, thigh arms in left & right way

Early mornign I asked him are u OK ? you was so unconsius in the evening. He told me that I was realy thankful to you, you help me to save from flood. and I am not a homosexual but after mid night I got consius I feel you are doing some thing which you like only not me. but still I was not stoped to you because you have help me. He exchanged our numbers.

After that I forgot his number, I was in love with him but he was not traceable. After one year I got a call from him inviting me for surprise. I reached on his place on that day. He orgnised one party on his engagement with some beautifuly Girl and he announced to every one that today party celebrating because of him only. he save me that day.

After party over, I want to get permission to leave for house, but he not allowed me. and request me to stay with him tonight.

I agreed immidatly. that day I got immuance pleasure which can't describe in word. we both was tired so sl**p together. But I was so crazy to play his hairy body. So I started to put of his shirt button and spread my hand to his hair chest I started fingering on his hairy chest. After some time I went to his drawing room where party was done. some pices of cake, cold dring, sauces, Ice cream was there. I took cake and ICE cream cup and came to his bedroom I started to rub all the cack on his chest and start to lick that cake and clean his chest through lick only. Now I put off his short and all the ICE cream put on his beer can cock and start to test the ice cream with his cock. after 15 minitus he was uncontrolled man he f***ed me I have to sit on his cock I told him it will not possible because that day I got pain which not forget till date. He told me I called you today for this purpose only. I want to give you total pleause which was not happen that day, do't worry I will try this in a cool manner, he bring veslen and massage my ramp slowly and start to put his small finger into my back. I got very hard pain and I told this is not possible for me, but he was not agree. He start to love me and kissing me and increased my confidance lavel. Next time he put his thick thumb f***ely, I jumped 3ft. and start to crying. that time he loved me lot. I also stick with his chest and body. Now he agree that this is not possible for to day. and told me you enjoy your self which you like and he got sl**p. after some time I again start to rub his cock and suck till morning but his cums was not come out.

After getting fresh I came out from his house. after giving his big kiss.

Now we are friend, I call him only dada(elder b*****r) even he was not a homo he except my friendship. and he never enjoy with him I only enjoying and doing what ever I want with his body.

Now he also have happy married life with two k**s. I also his f****y member.

But this relationship only we both know. that is the reason I am not puting his name.
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