Rock and roll all night.

I knew it was going to be a fun night, but not like this.
I was off to see my favorite band play a rare live show.
When I got to the gig I went straight to the bar for a quick beer before the gig. Thats where I saw her. Standing by herself, looking bored and hot at the end of the bar.
Blond and red hair, old (and very tight) t shirt, short plaid skirt, fishnets, and a pair of Chuck Taylors. And the body? Well isn't it obvious? Amazing.
I made eye contact and a smile, and she stared through me like I wasn't there.
Oh well.
I made way way to the front of the stage just as the band got on, plugged in, and let rip. The crowd instantly started dancing like mad. I felt somebody up against me close and figured it was just the crowds reaction.
Thats when it happened. I felt a pair of hands on my belt pulling me close and a voice in my ear. "Follow me" it said. I turned around and there she was, dragging me away with a smile on her face.
We got to the womens bathroom, pushed into a stall, and she instantly pulled out my swelling cock.
"You think I didn't notice you?" she purred at me as she pushed her tounge into my mouth and I grabbed her by the ass. "I want your cock inside me".
Her led wrapped around mine and my hands slid under her skirt. I realized she had on no panties and she was shaved smooth and very, very wet.
I slid a finger up and down her slit and she moaned and stoked my rock hard manhood.
Before I could get a finger inside her, she squatted down and swallowed my dick in one move. It was amazing. Feeling myself slide in and out of her mouth. Each thrust going farther down her throat. Feeling her fight her gag reflex each time. Seeing her down there looking up at me, tears welling in her eyes was simply the hottest thing I ever saw.
Pretty soon I was ready to cum. I pulled myself out of her mouth and asked her what she wanted. "Your dick in my pussy, fuck me like the slut I am" she said.
I was more than happy to help. I stood her up, spread her legs, and put just the tip of myself inside her. She moaned. "More" she whispered. I slid a tiny bit more in. "Deeper" she gasped. I slid a bit more in, and she begged. "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy, put yourself all the way iside" she pleaded.
I pushed as hard as I could and she screamed with pleasure. "More, fuck me hard. Use me. Fuck me now" she screamed as I thrust as hard and fast as I could. My hands grabbing her hips to steady myself as I pounded her from behind. She was pushing back onto me, gasping with each stroke. Begging for me to not stop. I could feel her lips tightening and her hands grabbing me and I new she was close.
"God, don't stop. Fuck me. Please, fuck me!" she screamed as I felt her cum.
She shook head to toe as she came. Before I knew what was happening she was on her knees. "Give me your cum" she said as she swallowed me. It was too much. I could feel myself teetering on the edge as she worked my pole like it was the last cock on earth. I grabbed the back of her head and held her as she depthroated me and I erupted. I felt her swallowing allmost as quickly as I came.
I moaned with pleasure as the cum started dripping out of the side of her mouth.
"Mmmmm" she moaned and started to giggle. "That was fun".
Needless to say, we missed the band and spent the night fucking and sucking like a couple of teenagers.
But thats another story for another time.
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4 years ago
Next time.
4 years ago
good but more details on her