nude holiday

what fun im having at the second day on the local nudist beach was fantastic.i got there early and walked into the dunes.there are lots of places to lay down and sunbath.i spread out my towel and stripped.the excitement of being naked outside has always turned me on so it was suprising my cock sprung to attention soon as it felt the air around it.i put my clothes in my rucksack and stood looking i peered around i noticed now and again ,heads popping up from different parts of the dunes.there where men looking at me,spying on me from where they lay.this excited me even more,so i thought id better go for a quick dip in the sea to cool off.i walked slowly to where the dunes meet the beach,my cock standing hard in front of i walked my bum wiggled back and forth.i walked onto the beach and entered the water.i waded up to my knees.mmmmm it felt great to be naked and free.i turned round and looked back at the dunes.i could see half a dozen naked men standing watching me,their cocks as hard as mine.some stood there and stroked themselves.i came out the sea and walked back to my towel and lay down on my front.the sun felt great on my back and i lay there i could here people walking around the dunes around me.i listened for a while then i peered around .there stood four men all wanking and looking at me.i lay on my front and felt my cock throbbing under me.i spread my legs to give them a better view of my balls and man came where he stood,his cum globbing into the sand.the other three came over and stood over me.i nelt up onto my knees and took a cock in my mouth.the guy grabbed my head and pumped ito my mouth,the other two caressed my body,thier fingers finding my cock and bum.the man in my mouth came hard,shooting it at the back of my throat.his cock was replaced by another by one of theother men.the other one pulled my hips up so i was in a doggy style position.i could feel his tongue licking my bum cheeks as i gagged on the cock in my cock felt as though it was ganna burst as his tongue lapped at my asshole.he put his face deep into my bum cheeks as his tongue probed my asshole.the guy in my mouth shot over my face and chest as i gave out a gasp,feeling his tongue enter my asshole.he grabbed my hips and rammed his face deeper into my cheeks as he tongue fucked me.that was it i couldnt take any more.i turned around and rammed my cock in his mouth.i came in his mouth with a load moan,my cock spewed cum down his throat.i lay back onto my towel and the man turned me over.i peered round at him as he wanked his cock and groped my bum cheeks.i opened them for him with my hands so he had a better view of my asshole.he stood over me gave out a groan and came all over my asshole and cheeks.after he left,i lay there feeling the cum dribbling down my bum crack.thenn i got up and took another dip in the sea to wash.that was my second day on the going back today.let me know if youd like to know what happens today.
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10 months ago
1 year ago
horny fun in the sun......
1 year ago
cant beat
1 year ago
Nice....I'm a naturist too...I love showing myself off in all my glory.
1 year ago
More please! Made an old guy hard!
1 year ago
Brings back one of my experiences and may post...
1 year ago
FUCK YEAH I WANNA KNOW!!!! So fucking hot!