i watched as the landlord spanked my s****r

well it all started when i moved in with my s****r as i had broke up with the wife,things where looking up for me as id found a job with one of the nieghbours cleaning his house,well it was a bit weird as he wanted me to clean his house naked.anyway id come home from cleaning the nieghbours house for the first time,i was tired and a bit soar.as i walked into the house i could hear a mans voice and my s****rs.the man sounded angry,so i crept into the house to take a peep at what was going on.it turned out to be the landlord and he wasnt happy.my s****r danielle didnt have the rent money and was being severly told off.she stood with her head down as the landlord told her how he was sick of people not paying thier rent.i peeped through the crack in the door and saw him going red in the face.he threatened my s****r with throwing her out.i heard her starting to beg as we have no where to go.he told her he wanted us out by next week.she begged him and pleaded.i pressed my face against the crack and saw him sit down on the sofa."ok girl if you wanna stay then ill have to teach you a lesson in why you have to pay me."he said."anything,please ill do anything just dont throw me out"begged danielle."ok knickers off and over my knee"he said.i watched as danielle looked shocked."what"she said"im not doing that"."then get your stuff and go"he said."ok"OK.said danielle.she pulled up her skirt and pulled down and off her underwear.i could see her milky white bottom as she lowered herself over his knee.i watched as he looked down and stared at my s****rs bottom.his hand rubbed it up and down.my s****rs head was down and she was trying to hold herself off the floor.he raised his hand and brought it down hard onto her white bottom.(spank)"ooooowww"screamed my s****r.her hand came up to her now going red buttock."take your hand away"he said.danielle did as she was told.he raised his hand higher and brought it down onto the other buttock.(SMACK)ooowwwww!danielle yelled,her legs started to thrash and her bottom wiggle.hebrought it down again on each bottom time and time again(smack SMACK SMACK,SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK)"OOOWWWW,ARRRGH,STOP,NO MORE,PLEASE,OWWWW"she cried.her white bottom wasnt white no more but a deep red.he stopped and run his hand up and down danielles bottom.from where i was i could see her bottom and now her little pussy as her legs thrashed.my cock was getting hard.he brought his hand down again for another round of spanking(SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK)AAAAAAARRGH STOP PLEAASESTOP.CRIED DANIELLE.HE .he stopped and started to rub his hand up and down danielles very red bottom."now do we understand each other danielle"he said.danielle noded her head and through tears said"yes im sorry ill get your rent foryou by tommorrow".he looked down at her bottom and rubbed his hand to each cheek."well,im feeling generous,ill let you off this months rent as soon as ive finished"he said.danielle looked up and back at him."please dont spank me no more please"she said.he put his hand between her legs and stuffed his finger into her pussy.arrgh cried danielle.he thrust his finger in and out of her pussy.danielle opened her legs a bit more as he stuck another finger into her and fingered her fast.her buttocks started to ripple to his on slaught.danielle started to moan and thrust her bottom back onto his hand.my cock ached to be realised from my trousers.suddenly he stopped and with both hands grabbed old of danielles buttocks and roughly opened them.i could see her pink little anus looking up at him.he stared down at it then spat down onto it.danielle must of nown as what was coming next as she put her hand up in protest to try and hide her bum hole."oh no not there "she said.he grabbed her hand and pulled it away."yes there,i want the rents worth" he said."oh no please"danielle said.he brought his finger up to her anus,he rubbed it slowly around it rubbing in his spit.then he plunged it in deep.i could see danielle shut her eyes tight and her face screwed up.arrgh please not so rough.she said.he fingered her ass fast ,plunging it deep into her bottom.then he entered another."arrrgh pleas no im to tight"screamed danielle.he plunged his 2 fingers in and out of her bottom as she protested.her buttocks wobbled as he got harder.danielle lay across his lap ,yelping everytime he thrust them into her.suddenly he pushed her off and opened his flys to his trousers.danielle neeled in front of him looking up as he realised his stubby thick cock."turn round and get that ass up"he said as he grabbed her hips and pushed her head down and into the sofa.danielles yelps where muffled as he thrust his cock into her ass.he thrust hard and deep into her until he stiffened nd thrust hard into her ass."arrrrr,yes im coming,ganna fillyour ass with my cum you bitch."he held danielles face down into the sofa.her cries muffled as he came.he realised danielle and slumped back onto the floor.danielle looked up and i could see her anus open and dribbling cum.her hair was a mess and she looked flustered.she turned round and took his cock into her mouth.she cleaned it with her mouth for a while.i took this opertunity to sneak up stairs and into my room.i realised my cock and stroke it.i shot cum into the air.i lay on my bed and heard my s****r say good bye to the landlord then come up stairs and shower.wow life is really getting good for me know.im a naked cleaner for derrick our nieghbour and my s****r fucks the landlord for rent.id never seen her fuck before,id seen her naked but not being fucked before.wow!!!!!!!
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5 months ago
good one. how's the cleaning job