meeting colin

this story that im about to tell is true,everything i write in my storys is true.well this story is the story of the day i first met a gay lover of mine, all started with me taking a bike ride to my favourite place for being naughty,laindon hills.that day i was so horny that i wore a pair of short black shorts and a white muscle i rode my mountain through the streets towards the road that would lead me to the woods i could feel that my shorts where riding up my bottom and my cheeks must be on display.i didnt care as i felt so hot and the time id got to the woods my cock was straining at the material of my shorts.igot off my bike and pushed it up the hill into the woods.theres a path that goes winding through the woods .it always makes my heart beat so fast as i follow the path,as i got to the field that i like to lay in i noticed a man walking towards me.he past me catching my eye.he smiled,i smiled cock sprang up hard i walked on by i could feel the mans eyes burning into my bum.i got to my spot which i like.its hidden behind a large bush.there i can lay naked andcatch sun rays as i i lay down my bike,i noticed that the man had followed me and was peeeping at me through the bush.i pretended i didnt see him and sat down onto the grass.i started to tease my nipples through my vest.then i took it off and pinched a nipple hard which sent a electric feeling through my body to my cock.then i took hold of my shorts and ripped them down .i love geettingnaked outdoors and knowing someone was watching was a real turn on.ilay back onto the grass and took hold of my cock and started to masterbate.i spread my legs so the man got a good view of my cock and balls.i felt so hrny wanking infront of a voyeur.i closed my eyes and mastrbated slowly,purring loudly as i did.suddenly i could hear the man coming through the bush at me,as i opened my eyes he was infront of me grabbing my hips roughly and turning me over.he was strong and he pulled my hips roughly up so my bottom was facing him.ill tell u wot happened next in part 2 of meeting colin.
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