the woods.

when i was 17,i went for a bike ride to some local was a hot summers day so i wore a white muscle top and some short white silky shorts.the ride to the woods was hard and i was hot and thirsty as i arrived at my destination.i got off my bike and pushed it onto the dirt track that was at the start of the woods.i followed the path through the trees and into a i walked the field i came across a small lake that was hidden form view by a natural mound.i put down my bike and sat by the looked so cool and inviting.i stood up and looked around been here for a while and hadnt seen a soul.damn it i thought im ganna have a paddle.i took off my trainers and an steped into the lake .it felt cold around my ankles and the bottom felt cool as the silty sandy ground squelch between my was lovely.i stepped out from the lake onto the dry bank,looked around for any sign of heart started to beat faster as a naughty thought entered my mind.i had thought how nice it would be to be naked in that cool water.i took off my top and shorts and stood for a while as a cool breeze kissed at my naked body.i stepped into the lake and walked out the water reached my cock i gave out a gasp,so cool.i sat down slowly letting the coolness wash over my body.i could feel the cold mud betwwen my toes.then i kick out and floated on my front,my bum cheeks broke the water and i could feel the sun beat down on them.this was divine.i turned over in the water and let my chest and cock feel the heat of the sun.after wot seemed like an hour i thought i better get i swam back to the bank,stepped out of the water and lay down onto the grassy bank to dry out.i lay there and felt my body to warm up again from the sun rays.i shut my eyes and started to caresse my chest and nipples.the feeling of being naked and free had really turned me cock throbbed as i grabbed at it and started to masterbate heart beat got faster as my hands explored my body.i felt so naughty and alive.i didnt want to come yet ,so i stood up and let my cock stand to attention as it throbbed in the breeze.i was feeling really naughty now,so i walked away from the lake leaving my clothes and bike where they lay.the further i got away from my clothes the more excited i felt.i walked naked from the field and into the woods.i found the path again and followed it stopping now and again if i thought i heard exciting it felt to be naked in the i turned a corner through the trees i had a real shock.there walking towards me was a man.he stood about 4 foot away from me.oh my god i thought,i could feel the colour drain from my cock stood out in front of me throbbing away.i turned away from the man and walked real fast back the way i came."how lovely"i heard the man say.i stopped in my tracks.i looked behind me and saw the man smiling at me."dont worry i dont mind you being nude"he said.he was about 50 years of age and had a red t shirt on that covered his big belly.he wore some track suit bottoms that he now tugged on at the crotch."wot a lovely body,do you like being nude"he said."yes" i said.his eyes seemed to be checking out all of my body.he would give out a ohh when he liked wot bit he was looking at."your hard to" he said.i blushed as he took my hard hot cock in his hand and tugged it hard.he than let it go"walk in front of me,let me see you walking naked"he said.i walked slowly in front of him as he followed."ohh yes look at that bum wiggle"he heart was in my mouth now every time he spoke and looked at me it excited me even more.we got back to the field.he grabbed my arm and stopped me.his hands explored my body.he took a nipple between his finger and thumb and squeeze hard."arrrrrgh"i said as a strange pain that felt weird and excited me even more washed over me."oh yes " he said through gritted teeth.he gabbed at both nipples now and squeezed really hard."aaaaaaaaaaargh"i cock throbbed so hard it bounce in the air.he did this squeezing and twisting for ages ,making me scream and dance at his will.then he turned me round so my ass faced him."you naughty boy,walking around flashing people,imganna punish you"he said.he raised his hand and brought it down hard onto my right cheek.then he spanked the other.i started to moan as the heat in my cheeks started to burn.he got faster and harder.smack smack smack smack.i screamed out in pain as the heat to much."be quiet dont moan or ill get a tree branch and spank you with that.i bit my lip to stiffle the moaning.smack smack hurt but it so excited me.he roughly turn me round and made me neel in front of him.he pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and shoved his stubby hard cock in my mouth."suck it" he said as he held my head hard and started to pump in and out of my mouth."im fucking your mouth" he grunted as i gagged on his cock."lick my balls"he said then shove my face into his sack.i lick his sweaty ball sack until he pulled my face away."turn round on all fours like a dog" he said.oh no i thought i dont wanna have someone fuck my bum.i turned and presented him my bum."get your ass up and head down"he said.i blushed as i did this,no one had looked at my bum so intermate before.i knew he must be able to see my bum hole now."spread your legs as well" he said.i did as he asked.he stood back and wanked on his cock looking at my bum."ohh yes look at that veiw,have you ever been fucked in that arse boy"he said.i looked behind me and shook my head."ooooh a virgin arsehole,lovely"he came over to me ,wanking.he stood above my bum.i felt a finger enter my bum hard."aaaaaaaarrrgh" i said.if that felt so immense what the hell would his cock feel like.suddenly he gave out a groan and i felt hot cum shoot all over my bum."im coming" he said.his cum hit my cheeks and splattered my bum hole."oh fuck yes,that was lovely"he said as he put his cock back in his pants."now turn over and wank your cock i wanna see ya cum"he said.i turn over onto my back and started to matserbate.he stood over me watching."faster now,come on i wanna see that cum."he said."stick a finger in your ass as you lay there and finger yourself as you wank"he said.i reached down with my free hand.i felt between my bum cheeks and found my was slippery from his cum.i pushed a finger into myself.this excited me more and i tugged harder onto my cock.i started to finger myself ,the feeling in my bum and my cock was fantastic.allthe time the man stood watching.i got faster and faster until i felt a warm feeling rising from withing.i pushed my finger in as far as it could go.suddenly a jet of piss left shot from my cock like a hit my chest and my face."oooooh my god im coming and pissing oooh god ooh god"i could here my self saying.the fountain of warm piss turned to white as cum and piss mixed together."arrrgh yesss,im coming so much"i said as i thrust my finger in and out of my bum.the fountain stopped and i lay there tring to get my breath."fucking hell" said the man."never seen that before,that was lovely,fucking lovely."i lay there still not believeing that i came so wierdly.the man left and i took another dip in the lake to wash,then i got dressed and left.i slept well that night.funny thing is i always come like that when i finger my bum.ive gotmany more true storys to tell.stay tuned .
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