my holiday

well i decided id go for a week to a holiday camp,i decided id go back to st oysths,as they have a lovely nudest beach there.this time i was going to stay in a i packed some clothes and some food and off i went.when i got there i found that the caravan was not to far from the i unpacked my stuff i couldnt help but start to fell horny.i pinched a nipple through my t shirt and felt my cock go hard.i had to go for a walk on the off i went ,striding through the sand.up ahead i could see a naked man walking towards me,he was middle aged and his cock swayed freely in the we passed each other he smiled and said hello."hello" i said trying my hardest not to look at his we walked away from each other i looked round at him.he had stopped now and was watching me walk into the soon as i was out of sight i stripped off my shorts and t cock was standing to attention and was as hard as iron.i walked naked into the dunes and found a place to lay down and enjoy the sun.i thought id better lay on my front to hide my hard i lay there feeling the sun on my bottom i parted my legs and felt the breeze on my ball sack."HELLO AGAIN" said a was the man id met on the beach.i looked over my shoulder and looked up at him"hello".nice to see another naturist out today" he said."theres not many people out today." he said. we chatted for a while.his name was colin and he also was on holiday.he noticed that my cock was hard."do you want me to help you with that" he said.i smiled as he grabbed hold of my cock and started to stroke it.mmmmmm the feeling was lovely.then he took me in his mouth.the warmth of this mouth made my cock throb and jerk.i held his head and slowly pumped into his mouth.he gently carressed my balls as i pumped.i could feel that i was coming."oooooohhh im coming yes im coming" i said.he pulled out my cock and let my cum spurt into the air.we smiled at each other."do you fancy coming over to my caravan tonight for a drink"he we agreed that we would meet up and have a that night came and after a bit of a walk i got to his caravan.i was wearing a nice black shirt and trousers.i knocked on his caravan door.he opened it up .he was wearing a t shirt and trousers."come in "he said.i sat down as he poured out a vodka and coke for me.we sat and chatted for a while.after about a hour and half and nearly a whole bottle of vodka later ,he reached over and started to unbutton my head swam as i felt his hot breath on my chest.i yelped as i felt his teeth on my nipple."here try this" he said as he pulled out a small bottle form his pocket."wot is it" i asked."these are called poppers they make you feel take a sniff".i was reluctant to try ,but he ashored me it would be fine.i took a deep head started to swim faster and faster,i layed back as i felt a warm sensation coming over me.i lay there and could feel colin stripping off my clothes.mmmmmm,i was feeling so horny.then i felt colin putting something on me.i opened my eyes and saw it was a black lacy bask."oh colin i dont think so" i said."be quiet boy!" he said " your my bitch now"he said.he grabbed me and bent me over the small table.he slapped my bottom really hard."ouch" i said." im ganna spank that arse of yours" he said smack ,smack,smack smack,smack.i could hear the sound ring out as he spanked me.then he placed the poppers under my nose and i sniffed head felt it was going to explode.colin stood me up and took me into the largest bedroom.he threw me onto the bed."your my slave now"he said.i lay face down weak and helpless to do anything.he ripped off the bask and propped my bum up with three pillows.he licked at my bum hole ,then he stuck a finger inside me."god its wet just like a womens pussy" he said.he then grabbed something from under the pillow .itwas a black dildo.he spat on my bum hole and twisted and f***ed it into me."aaargh its to big " i said."quiet" he sid and smacked my bottom again.he thrust the dildo into me,in and out in and out.then before i knew it he pulled it out of me and replaced it with his own cock.he thrust into me hard as he feeled up my hole.i screamed with joy into the pillow as he fucked me hard ,slapping my bum now and again."fuck me colin,fuck my bum"i said.after awhile he pulled out of my bottom and rammed his cock into my mouth,he shot his come down my throat."oooooh yes fucking swallow that cum" he said. we collapsed on the bed ,i must have fell asl**p as next time i owoke colin was fucking me again ,pumping in and out,i came this time ,spurting all over the bed.he fucked me till he came all over my bum.we fell asl**p morning colin made me some breakfast and we showered together,ending up back on the bed fucking again. after we had showered again we spent the day on the beach,naked and sunbathing .that was the first couple of days of my wasnt over yet and colin wasnt finished with me yet either.ill tell you wot happens next in part 2.
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2 years ago
very hot mate have we hear part 2 please?
2 years ago
Vodka and Coke?
2 years ago
Great adventure - thanks for sharing