public toilet visit.

it was the weekend and i decided to go to canvey island where i grew up.first place i wanted to visit was the seafront where i used to hang out.i walked the sea wall for a bit until id reminised enough.the sun was going down and i needed a wee.i walked into the nearest pubics toilets,the smell of damp hit my nose .it was dimly i passed some of the cubicles i notice graffiti on the i love to read graffiti on toilet walls.i entered the middle cubicle,shut the door and started to read the dirty graffiti that was scribbled there.suck my big cock,cock needed for fun,ass slave wasnt long before i pulled out my cock and slowly started to stroke its hard shaft.i was so turned on by these dirty i stood there in the dark cubicle wanking my cock i could hear footsteps of people coming and going as they used the urinals.i pulled off my top,and tweaked a nipple with my thumb and finger as i plled on my cock with the other hand.i heard footsteps again,this time they stopped outside the door of the i looked at the door i noticed a hole at cock level.i bent down and looked through the hole,another eye was looking back at heart fastened as i stood up and wanked my cock for my voyeur."OOOOHHH YEAH,WANK THAT DICK"said the voyeur.iwas getting so excited to think someone was watching me."strip"said the voice.oh my god how horny was i feeling.i stepped out of mt trainers and pulled off my socks,the floor was cold and wet.nnext i pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and stepped out of them.i pulled down my pants and steeped out of those to.there i was stark naked in the public toilets."mmmmmm so nice,wot a hot body"said the voyeur."let me in"he said.i unlocked the door and in steeped a middle aged man.he had brown hair and a round face.he quickly grabbed hold ofmy cock and started to wank it.he got my hand and put it on his cock."get down and suck me "he said as he pushed me down.his cock seemed dry and large as i opened my mouth to take it.his pubic hair tickled my nose as i swallowed his own cock was now dancing on its own."mmmmmmm,thats it suck it,lovely"he said.after awhile he stood me up turned me round and slammed me into the cubicle wall.he was feeling for my asshole with his cock.he entered me hard"oooooooh tight and wet"he said as he fucked me.oh my god his cock felt awsome in my ass as it pumped in and out."im coming"he said then pulled out of me and came over my bum cheeks.he zipped himself up and left,leaving me naked and horny in the darkness of the toilet. it was dark outside now and i couldnt hear anymore cars or people outside the toilets.i stepped out of the cubicle naked,my heart in my mouth.i loved the thought of someone coming in and catching me.i walked over to the urinals and stood there naked with my hard on.then i slowly walked over to the exit door.i stood just in the door,if i take one more step ill be outside naked.i peeped round the door looking out into the car one there.i stepped into the door frame,the cool air of the night touching my lights came into the car park so i ran back to the safety of the cubicle.footsteps inside the toilet.someone pushed the door open.a tall man stood looking at me."what a lovely sight he said.he pulled me out of the cubicle over to the urinals.he fingerd my ass and pulled on my cock.after a while he told me to get dressed and come with him.he drove me to his house.soon as we was through his front door he stripped me off and started to suck on my we entered his living room i was shocked to see a women sitting there."wots this,a nice toy for us to fuck "she said it wasnt long before we where all naked on the floor,he thrust his cock down my throat as she sucked on my cock and ass,then i licked her pussy as he rammed into my ass,she held my head hard into her pussyas she came on my face,her pussy juices splashing in my mouth and eyes.he pumped my ass so he was coming she drank his spunk up ,then she sucked my cock till i exploded into her mouth.we spent the night curled up into ach other,during the night he woke me so he could fuck me the morning i said my goodbyes to his wife and he drove me wot a night!
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1 year ago
so hot I would fuck u in a toilet anyday
2 years ago
nice and horny!!
2 years ago
i love it
2 years ago
Filthy fun - great - thanks