My first blowjob

This is a story about how I got my first blow job from the neighborhood slut. Emily moved here from Oregon, here being Colorado, and was the only girl even close to my age in the neighborhood. She stood about 5’6, brown curly hair, beautiful blue eyes, what must've been full C breasts and sadly no ass, but was still incredible for a 12-year-old. Initially she liked my neighbor Andrew, which was okay he was a ladykiller, but once Andrew was done with her she was all mine. It started out with harmless chatting on the internet, but inevitably she ended up showing me her tits over her WebCam. A little truth or Dare could go a long way and this went on for another three or four days when she finally accepted a dare where she had give me a lap dance.

I showed up one afternoon right after school looking forward to getting my lap dance. I rang the doorbell and she greeted me at the door wearing cute little outfit and told me that she hadn't changed for me yet. She sat me on the bed grabbed some stuff from her closet and went to the bathroom. When she walked out she was wearing a low-cut shirt showing her amazing cleavage as her breasts are pushed together with her bra. She had on a short skirt that wasn't tight, but that's because it was only a flap of cloth covering her ass and her pussy. She had on an outfit that made her look very sexy and I instantly had a boner.

She walked up to me and wasted no time, I wasn't even aware that she'd started playing music, and was mesmerized by her hips, ass, and breasts as they all danced in front of my face. I opened my legs so she could push her butt right into my crotch and I'm sure she could feel my cock getting harder. She pushed her ass into my cock and wiggled it against me. I reached forward and started grabbed her breasts massaging them and feeling how huge they were for such a young girl. As I grabbed her breasts she pushed into me harder and harder and she started letting out subtle moans of pleasure. I pulled the shirt off her back up and over her head and as she slid the shirt off her arms out already unsnapped her bra off.

She stood there in front of me topless and pressing against my cock letting her huge breasts hang free. This is the first time I've ever seen a girl naked in-person and when she turned around pressed her breasts together with her arms and placed my face between them I almost lost it. She whispered in my ear, "how bad do you want me to suck your dick right now.” I didn't even speak all I did was push her down with my crotch.

Should didn’t waste any time, she unfasten my pants, and pulled them down and had my dick in her hands all in 10 seconds. My eyes rolled back my head as she started sucking my dick; she obviously had some practice. It was about 30 seconds until I started squirming and I came straight into her mouth. Like the good little slut she was preparing to become, she swallowed it straight smiled at me, and got dressed. We talked for a little bit before I decided to get out of the house before her parents came home. I was sad I never got to see her pussy that day, but I did eventually. I ended up finding out that while some girls punched to flirt or ignore boys Emily chose to suck cock or fuck boys to get her attention.

She left Oregon for the very reason why I like her, she was too big of a slut for her own good. This began a daily ritual of me going over to Emily's house in order to unload my cock into whichever part of her body should willingly let me.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
sweet Emily
4 years ago
wish i had had a neighbor like her
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
Great experience for you. I bet you wonder where Emily is now. Growing up is so much fun with neighbors like her!