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“So, this is how I’ll lose my virginity,” I thought as I lay there face down on the floor, eye swollen, crying, and about to be ****d. Two men had broken into my mother’s trailer and decided to **** us.
“I’m sorry I had to punch you, but you were screaming a lot and if you fight me you’ll end up like your mother and I’ll have to kick that pretty face in,” said the man from behind me. I remember hearing my mothers’ screams and sobbing from the other room until they suddenly stopped. I laid there quietly on my stomach trembling in the thought of what this unknown man was going to do. I heard a zip of his pants and his belt hitting the floor. I started shaking in fear of what was about to happen. The man took the clock off the nightstand and put it in front of me and said, “We will be gone by 12:00.”

It was 11:22. I felt my r****t kneel beside me and was trying to pull off my pajama bottoms when my legs instinctively tightened. He punched me in the face as hard as he could. He said to me, “Want to still fight me?” I shook my head as bl**d ran out of my nose and I sobbed. I closed my eyes, clawed my nails into the floor, and raised my hips up letting my r****t slide my pajama bottoms and underwear off. My legs were spread and I was pulled up to my knees.

The r****t spit several times behind me and my eyes shot open as his cock pressed into my virgin pussy. I cried more profusely, which seemed to only make him harder as his cock invaded me I just went numb and was in shock.
“Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh…” was all you could hear in my room. I moaned every time he thrust into me from the pain as he tore my insides apart. My eyes were locked onto the clock just waiting for 11:50; it was only 11:31...

His hands were holding onto my hips helping him thrust into me. All I felt was pain as he pumped his cock faster into me. He grabbed my hair, arching my back, and pulled my head up making me cry, moan, and sob louder as I felt him cum inside of me. He pulled out of me, got dressed, and walked out of the room. I sobbed and fell to the floor, but was terrified to move. I stood there watching the clock methodically.
11:34… 11:35… 11:36… 11:37… I heard footsteps and someone was in the room with me again. I started shaking again as I felt him standing over me. I turned my head to look back and was suddenly grabbed and thrown onto the bed. I was laying on my back trying to close my legs and cover myself up. Looking up saw a naked man standing there and as I looked down I saw my first cock ever, it was big and hard.
He climbed on top of me and opened my legs as I continued to cover myself. I was terrified if I resisted that he would beat me too and let my hands fall to my side. I felt his penis sliding back and forth against my vagina and eventually slide into me. I cried as I was ****d and wished I could see the clock. He pumped into me harder and harder as he continued to fuck me and I heard from the other room muffled moans from the other man. I realized that this man had ****d my mother and was now r****g me and began to uncontrollably shake.

Baam, Baam, Baam…
I was on the floor, the room was spinning, and I realized I was just punched several times by my r****t.
“Stop with your god damn shaking you stupid cunt!” He climbed up behind me and slid his cock back inside me as I laid there on my stomach. I reached forward and turned the clock to see the time, 11:46…

He moaned out “You like my cock?”

The only noise I made was the continual, “Ugh, ugh, ugh…” as he pumped into me. This appeared to anger him and I saw stars as he punched me again.

He yelled at me, “I said, do you like my cock?!”

“ugh, Y – ugh, es, ugh…”


“Ugh, ugh, it feels-ugh, good-ugh…” I said.

“Is it big enough for you?”

“Ugh, Yes-ugh, ugh…”

He continued to pump into me putting with all of his weight on my ass. I felt his pace quicken and eventually felt him cum inside of me. He pulled out of me and got up and left the room. I sat there quietly sobbing looking at the clock and as it turned to 12:00 I heard the front door open and close. I felt used, was bleeding, and my whole body seemed to hurt. I got up and looked around and saw the two puddles of cum and bl**d on the floor and one in the bed. I slowly walked out of my room to find my mother. She was laying in her bed and in a similar state as me. She was ****d and covered in bl**d and cum.

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2 years ago
nicely done
2 years ago
delicate subject but nicely done
2 years ago
Well done