Rough day

After a long hard day I just wanted to get home. I had received quite a bit of upsetting news from my boss and wasn’t in the mood for anything other than scotch. When I arrived home I immediately downed a double pouring a second before heading to the shower. My girl at the time knew I had a bad day and decided to come make a visit to try to make me feel better. Little did I know what this would entail…

She surprised me in the shower by greeting me with her naked body. We made out under the shower head as she continued to rub her body against mine. She would whisper things about being sorry I had a bad day and hoped she could help make it better. She was being so sexy right there that I obviously was beginning to get aroused and soon felt my cock hardening against her thighs. She greeted my cock by reaching down and slowly rubbing and tugging at it.

“I know exactly what will help you feel better,” she said softly before kneeling down in front of me. She wasted no time as she held my cock at the base firmly and fully enveloped my cock in her mouth. Her lips were pursed firmly against the shaft as she let her tongue tightly slid against the bottom of my cock. Her other hand explored my inner thighs and eventually my balls, but also pulled me into her as she blew me. I was mesmerized with how her lips would almost pop as she leaned back letting the head of my cock slide out of her mouth, which preceded her sucking on it strongly before engulfing my cock again.

I bounced back and forth from almost cumming to being gently teased. Her eyes looked up at me and with her devilish charm I knew it was only a matter of time before I came. She continued to hold my cock as the base with one hand as she tugged firmly at my balls. I could feel I was going to cum in a matter of minutes and so did she. She leaned back and seductively told me, “Please baby cum for me, cum in my mouth,” as she jacked me off. She continued to talk dirty to me jacking me off towards her face.

I felt pressure build in my balls and the base of my cock as I knew I was about to cum. I looked down and before I knew it a shot of cum shot across her face, which she took as the signal to take me as deep as she could into her mouth. All I felt were her lips, the back of her throat, and her pulling on my balls as I unloaded shot after shot into the back of her throat as she swallowed me like a champ. She tried to suck every last ounce out of my cock and left me standing there wobbling like a fool.

Without a word she cleaned the cum off her face with her fingers and swallowed what she could. She left me there. I cleaned myself again and left the shower after several minutes. I was greeted by another drink, some bits of food, and her wearing the sexiest boy shorts and bra I’ve ever seen. We mingled for a bit and she started telling me about guys she’d fucked in the past and the dirty thing she’s done in the hopes of turning me on. It was working.

Her stories got dirtier and kinkier and I began to get harder as I heard her slutty stories. My cock was springing to life as I lay there naked on the couch. She eventually started giving me a slow wet blowjob again moaning heavily into my cock so she could show me how she blew this one guy. She continued trying to gag herself on my cock as she looked me dead in the eyes. I kept writhing underneath her until she finally stopped. She stood in front of me, removed her boy shorts, and spread her ass revealing her wet pussy and asshole.

“Enough story time, pick, but I think I know what will make you feel the best,” she said as she winked at me. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards my lap. She reached below me and grabbed my dick and rubbed it against my pussy as she pressed her back against my chest. She lifted herself up and I felt immense pressure as she tried to push me in. I was overwhelmed with pleasure and it finally dawned on me that she was pressing my cock into her asshole.

Before I knew it like a true slut she had taken my entire cock into her ass and was slowly bouncing up and down. I had my hands under her bra as she rubbed her clit and moaned on top of me. She continued to tell me dirty stories about other men who’ve had the pleasure of sodomizing her. She asked me how badly I wanted to cum deep inside her asshole and if that would make her a real slut.

She couldn’t take it much longer and was about to cum as I fucked her ass. She had decided that she wanted me to cum too. With her other hand she reached down and grabbed my balls and pulled on them again while rubbing her clit. She commanded that I cum in her ass when she came. I could feel myself getting ready to cum as she quickened her pace, but once I felt her pussy spasm and asshole tighten I was a goner.

She tugged one last time, pressed her asshole against my cock as hard as she could and I shot my load deep inside of her. I could feel my cock swell immensely as I kept shooting rope after rope into her. She eventually collapsed on top of me and turned her head to the side to give me a kiss. She leaned against me covered in sweat and was the sexiest woman I’d ever fucked. I was glad in that moment that most days I worked were bad ones; I couldn’t wait until tomorrow…

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