My Christmas Cougar

I was unbearably nervous, I hadn’t been with a woman in over a year and here I was shaving my face and body methodically in preparation. I needed to look clean and handsome for my older beauty, the woman that was going to get me back in the game. I stood there in front of the mirror inspecting myself looking over every inch of my body. Examining the lines of my figure down my stomach, hips, legs, ass, and decided I could do with a little less scotch in my diet, but still a good showing if I must say so myself. It didn’t matter, I was in a rush, I had a date with an older woman, a cougar.

I was in the car driving to meet Patricia and my stomach was in knots, I was unbearably nervous. I was going to meet up with a complete stranger and defile her. I had just stopped off at the liquor store for some courage and was minutes from her house. I drove slow as I needed time to collect myself and summon the suave bachelor inside. I parked the car, walked to the door, and was met by Patricia waiting for me at the door in a stunning night gown. I first thought she must be cold and upon greeting her, as we embraced with a hug, all I could feel was heat like a fire coming from her body. I was lost in her aroma as we held each other and once I let go I couldn’t help, but become lost in her eyes. It was decided, I had to have her.

Before I knew it she was on top of me gently teasing me with her kisses as my hands explored the back of her night gown. She kept kneeling up putting her voluptuous breasts in my face to flaunt them. She continued to tease my lips and I could feel the cobwebs brushing off of my inner b**st and my true sexual nature coming forth. I ran my hand through her hair and tugged firmly stunning her, but letting her know who’s in charge. I looked her dead in the eyes and without a word being spoken she knew I was going to have her anyway I wanted. The games were over…

I flipped her off of me, laid her down on her back, and locked lips with her as our bodies pressed together. Her hands explored my body and I continued to run my hands through her hair and down her side and hips. I bit her lip and gave it a nice tug as I ventured down towards her neck and collarbone. I licked, bit, and kissed my way across her chest and between her breasts.

She stopped me and ran her hands through my hair and sat up slowly looking me in the eyes trying to calm the b**st within. She looked at me like I might attack at any moment and I looked at her as she tried to tame me. She slowly and gently pushed me back and got on her knees between my feet and started to remove my pants.

She seductively licked and kissed my cock to life. She grew increasingly wet from having her face buried in my crotch, which was apparent from the scent coming from below me. She locked her lips around my head, then shaft, and finally balls. She started giving me one of the most amazing blowjobs I’ve ever had. She was giving me incredible pleasure, but never once risking that I cum before I’ve had my chance at all her delights.

Our eyes were locked for ages until finally she stood up and continued to rub my wet cock as she straddled me. Below her gown she was still rubbing me until finally the head of my cock pressed against her pussy. She grabbed the back of my hair and we were ensnared in a kiss as she let my cock slide into her. I could feel resistance from her body suggesting she wasn’t used to the size or length. Our kiss ended with gentle pressure against my balls and my head against her cervix. Her head rolled back and she moaned as she closed her eyes and was blissfully lost on my cock as she bounced up and down.

Her first orgasm came within minutes of pumping me in and out of her. She opened her eyes only to find I had removed her nightgown and hadn’t a clue what had happened since she climbed on top of me. She pressed herself against my balls and just rocked her hips back and forth as my mouth was locked on her breast. I could feel my cock sliding repeatedly against her cervix, the wetness from her pussy dribbling down my balls, and knew this would be the best sex of my life. Out of nowhere a second orgasm rolled over her body as she pressed my face into her breast while I continued to suck.

Her body slumped over me and was covered in sweat. She locked eyes with me and the first words of the night were spoken, “I think you deserve a treat for Christmas.” She reached behind her and I could feel her hands at the base of my cock. She knelt up, slid me out of her, and gasped from what I imagine was the void created in her pussy. She rubbed her hand up and down my shaft coating it in pussy juices.

She grabbed the shaft firmly and pressed the head of my cock against her ass. She grimaced as she firmly pressed the head of my dick into her. A sigh of relief came as I felt the entirety of my head slide into her and her hand came back around. She licked her fingers free of the cum that coated my dick as she let herself become accustomed to me inside her.

She slowly started to slide me deeper inside as she let her arms rest on my shoulder and her eyes closed. I was overwhelmed with how warm and tight her asshole was. I was really starting to get pushed to my limits as she pushed in deeper and deeper and I felt my cock being pressed into a tighter and tighter part of her ass.

She fucked me and I fucked her ass for only a few minutes before I was coming to terms that I was going to cum and needed to decide where I wanted to. I knew that if I grabbed her hips and started to f***efully fuck her ass I could push my cock into the tightest hole I’ve ever felt and knew I’d fill her up. I also enjoyed the typical cumming deep in her vagina approach as well, but you also couldn’t go wrong with a facial either.

“Turn around and fuck me with your back to me so you can take my cum deep inside you,” I said. She followed my orders and repositioned herself letting me watch as I invaded her asshole with my thick cock. I reached up and grabbed the back of her hair and pulled on it ensuring she got me in as deep as she could bear. I felt my climax approach and I grabbed her hips and started to violently pump my hips up into her. Patricia let out yelps of pain as I was penetrating virgin depths of her body. I felt the cum go from the base of my cock into the tightly confined head buried deep inside her. She let out a huge moan and grunt as I came. She pressed against me firmly as we both regained our breath.

“Get on your knees,” I commanded. She pulled me out of her and got on her knees and started to lick my cock clean. Like a good woman I didn’t even need to tell her as she sucked the cum and juices off my dick. She continued to lick and clean me for 4-5 minutes until I was ready to go. I pulled my pants up from my ankles and was out the door with a goodbye and I’ll see you tomorrow.

I drove home and knew I was a new man. I owed it all to the woman who sat in her living room naked, covered in sweat, weak from sex, and had cum oozing from her asshole. I had decided next time I was going to fuck her until I was ready to cum on her face. It was going to be a fun vacation…

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