Marriage Between Aunt And Son (s****r's son)

This story is about my friend chamara.he lives in colombo.he lives with his parents.he has a relation aunt( mother's s****r)she came to live with them 6 months ago.chamara is 19 years old.and aunt age is 30.

his aunty's name is priyani. she is widowed her pregnant age she met to car accident with her husband.she lost her husband and c***d.After that she came to live with chamara's f****y.

Priyani do love to chamara still he was a little her son.After she married she went to her husband's home and.It was the breaking point of their love.when she come back they start their love again. as son and aunt.But priyani was interest with chamara. chamara didt know that. chamara also was interest with priyai.

After 3months chamara's parents get note about that.but didnt take an action for that.One day priyani ask chamara's mother to re marriage for her.chamara's mother didnt note what she saying and she told yes.Then she ask who is the groom.Then priyani says you know him. and told he is a great man.once again mother ask who.then priyani says about chamara.mother get shocked to hear that.mother said no.then priyani beg to her. then mother told i had to ask my husband and my son and tell you.priyani said ok.

Mother came to chamara first. And ask do you interest with your aunt priyani.chamara says yes little. and he ask why are you ask.then mother said she bring her to proposal to you. chamara got afraid to hear that.but live waiting for that.the she ask do you like to marry her.chamara said i need time to think about that.Mother also told this story to her husband. and he says priyani is not bad women.thats only he says.

After about 2 weeks chamara give his acceptation to this marriage at the dinner.then priyani get happy to hear that.then they arrange small party to get them marriage.and they planed to sent them abroad to live.

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What kind of user name is that?
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For Second Part Look at Weeding Night of son and aunt