Two friend lesiban fun

This Story about two friends.They are piumi and nadee. they are lives in colombo and going to famous collages.Their story start from collage.they are good friend since they were little.and they went to same collage for studies.they were in love since little as friends.but after they grown as teenagers they fell in love each other as not friends as lesbians.but they don't try anything to do because they were very shy girls.One day at a collage piumi tries to touch nadee's leg. nadee get notice that and she's not reject it cause of she love piumi too.After the lecture both of them went to the bathroom at collage and piumi ask nadee do u love. and nadee get shocked and shy. but she also love piumi. cause of that she says yes... That day was a friday piumi's parents not at home in fridays. then piumi ask nadee to come to her home today. nadee had went her home many times as a friend. but this is the first time she went her home as lesbians.

After the collage end they went to piumi's home. and they have their luch and starting to talk about lesbian in sofa. piumi know very well about lesbian and she doing masturbate at home when she was alone. and she also watching lesbian porn too.

piumi has fair skin than nadee. and both of them has average size of body and tits...

At the time of talking piumi give lip kiss to nadee. after that there was a silent for secs. and another making out kiss for about min. they stat it from a kiss. They get wet their lips. And they goings to down nadee touch piumi’s tits very hardly. And she rub her tits. Then piumi remove nadee’s top and nadee was wear a purple color cuped bra. Then piumi remove nadee’s bra also. She has round couple of tits. She has black nipples. Piumi start to suck nadee’s nipples. At that time nadde remove piumi’s blouse and her west. And she wear a white bra. Nadee rub piumi’s until piumi suck her nipples. Then piumi ask nadee to suck het tits also. Piumi’s tit is like pregnant tit. It’s big than nadee’s one and her nipples are pink and hard.
Then they went to piumi’s room and piumi turn on her computer and play a lesbian porn clip. After that piumi pull nadee to bed and say her to lay on the bed and watch that. Then piumi lick nadees body from tits to her stomach. And piumi remove nadee’s denim skirt. And now she can see nadee’s pink panty. She lick her panty when nadee’s wear it. At that time nadee get wet cause piumi’s lick and she watch at lesbian porn. Piumi lick her juice which on nadee’s panty. After that piumi remove nadee’s panty. She got surprise to see she fully shaved tight black pussy with pink pussy lips. ( black mean not Caribbean black. Its Asian black) piumi searched nadee’s clit and she lick her clit. Nadee closed her eyes and she ask for more. Piumi happy to hear that and she use her hole tongue to give pleasure to nadee. Then nadee give another juice to piumi’s tongue. And piumi make out with nadee again. After that nadee get her trun. Nadee remove piumi’s skirt and remove her white butterfly panty and she can see now piumi’s fully shaved pink pussy. Nadee get nervous because piumi has a big pussy. Then she ask how u get ur pussy big. Piumi said I show you later. Nadee lick piumi’s clit by her tongue. And she use her two fingers to make piumi happy and get her juice. After that piumi pulled up her mattress and bring huge strap on. Nadee got surprise to see that. Then piumi said I got my pussy big by this. And she also bring a double side dildo from under her mattress
After that piumi ask nadee to get fucked by dildo. Then piumi and nade lay bed and put dildo to their pussys. And they came closer each other slowly. Nadee start to moan cause she got tight pussy. Piumi hold nadee’s hand and upward her speed. Within 5 min they got speedy and both get their juice. And then lick each other. After that piumi wear her strap on. Put her plastic cock to nadee’s pussy and drilled it. Nadee get her pussy lips out. After that they decided have pussy to pussy fuck in scissor type. And they getting wet. They felt tired. Piumi ask to nadee to take a wash .both of them take a bath. And wear their clothes and went to bed to relax.

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