Late night work surpise

I was working late one night when I got a text message from you. I opened it up
and saw a picture of you looking up at the camera with a thick cock filling your mouth. I smiled and sat the phone to the side and kept working. A few minutes later I got another message. This time a video came up on my screen of you kneeling down with that cock shooting thick streams of cum over your tongue and down your throat. As the video is ending, I hear a voice behind me, “Well now that just doesn’t seem fair.” I drop my phone on the desk and turn around and am
greeted by a huge pair of chocolate brown tits wrapped in a tight, low cut
blouse. I look up the smooth skinned neck and dark, plump lips, curled up in a
smile, she says, “Sorry for intruding. I’m new here and didn’t think anyone else
was here this late. Since I work down at the other end of the hall, I just
figured I’d introduce myself, I’m Tarsha. I didn’t mean to be nosey, but it
looks like your wife is the one having all the fun, and seems to be pretty good
at it.” About that time, the phone went off again and we both looked. Two
pictures this time, with you on your back, one showing the cock you had been
sucking slid about half way into you, the other showing you with yet another
cock slid between your hungry lips.

“That’s really not fair,” Tarsha whispered into my ear, “I think we ought to
play back some.” With that she got down on her knees in front of me and pulled
her blouse off, then her bra, setting free her tits that were at least as big as
yours. She pulled my pants down and wrapped her tits around my already hard
cock, “Send her a picture of this.” I click the camera and hit send and about
that time she lowers her head down and swallows my entire cock down her hot
throat. I take another picture. Then another after she had slowly sucked her way
up to the tip. She grabbed hold of my balls and started massaging them as she
stroked me with her mouth and tongue. My phone went off again. I see you from
the side with cum dripping down your chin, riding a cock with your hot pussy
with the other shoved deep in your ass. I showed it to her and she moaned on my
cock and started sucking harder. I pulled out the camera and started taking a
video. She could feel my balls swelling and knew I was about to cum but wouldn’t
stop. She waited until the split second before I erupted to pull me out of her
mouth. She kept stroking me as my hot white cum poured out all over her dark
brown lips and tits. Before we closed it out and sent it, she made sure to lift
one of her massive globes and lick it down to her nipple to get a good taste of
the cum sliding down it.

About the time we hit send on that video to you, we got another message from
you. This time a close up of your freshly fucked cunt and ass, both overflowing
with what looks like several loads of cum. Tarsha leaned over to my ear and
whispered, “Oooh, that looks like a lot of fun. I want you to fill my pussy up
like that.” As she was pulling her pants off, you sent us another message, this
one with a video of those two cocks back in your hungry ass and pussy but also a
third cock pounding down your throat. With all this, I had no trouble getting
back hard again. Tarsha had bent over in front of me, giving me a wonderful view
of her thick, black ass and reached back to spread her pussy open letting me see
the hot, wet pink inside. I quickly snapped a pic and sent it off to you. I
grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back to me, leaning in to take a long,
sweet lick of her soaking wet lips. I leaned back and she started to lower
herself on me. I took several pics of my cock sliding into her hot cunt before I
finally switched to video so you could really see how my cock split her pussy
lips apart and how well it stretched out around me. She started to slowly ride
me, her pussy gripping at every inch of my cock. She slowly and steadily picked
up the pace of her riding until her ass was bouncing off of my cock. I looked at
our reflection in the window in front of us and watched her tits bouncing and
knew I needed a taste. I stopped her and turned her around. About that time,
another message from you, this time a video of a river of cum flowing out of
your fresh fucked pussy while I could still hear your muffled screaming from the
cock pounding you in the ass while your lips were working multiple cocks. Tarsha
straddled me lowered her wet pussy down on me as I squeezed her tits together
and took both of her huge nipples in my mouth at once. Her moans got louder and
louder as she worked her way to grinding on my cock as the head was hitting at
just the right place inside her. She was screaming louder, I got the phone back
out and told her to lean back. I started the video just as she was about to cum.
My cock popped out of her tight cunt as her pussy juices gushed all over me. Her
pussy looked like a fountain, pouring cum all over my belly and cock. I got it
sent off to you just as she remounted me, begging me to fill her up. She rode me
harder, faster, grinding my cock as deep as she could inside of her. She leaned
down and smothered my face in her gigantic tits and squeezed her cunt muscles
tight around my cock sending waves of orgasm through my body. Stream after
stream of my cum emptied into her waiting pussy. She climbs up off of me and
sits up on my desk and leans back, “Now take a picture of this for that hot,
horny wife of yours…” I get her whole body framed up, her biting on her thick,
pouty lip, her huge, heaving, dark breasts, still covered in the contrasting hot
white cum, and her shaved brown pussy lips with my thick, fresh cum dripping
slowly from the pink inside to her firm round ass. I click the picture and send
it off to you just before I dive into her waiting pussy to give her one last
good cum before we call it a night, and just as she fills my mouth with the hot
mixture of mine and her cum, we get one last picture of you, surrounded by 5
guys I didn’t know, with their cum dripping off your face and tits and out of
your well stretched and fucked pussy and ass.
100% (12/0)
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Hot story!
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Excellant Post.