Chance Meeting

*** This story is fiction! I wrote it for my friend and thought I might share it. Let me know what you think!

I am at Walmart shopping with my wife. As we pass the clothing section I catch you checking out bra's in the underwear section. You see me and smile but don't wave so my wife will not think that we know each other. I walk a little further past you when I turn to my wife and tell her that I wanted to check out some shirts and that she should just continue the shopping as I do. I watch her walk off then return to the isle that you were in.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.
"Just buying some new bra's. Do you really think you should be talking with me with your wife here?"
"She will be busy for awhile with the shopping, so I thought I would come say hello."
"To bad your not here alone, I could use some help picking something out", you say as you hold a bra to your ample chest.
"Oh I will help you out all right". I grab your ass in one hand and start to pull you closer, when suddenly you slap me.
"Are you crazy? I am not about to be caught! Plus my husband is here somewhere as well. Just go back to your wife!"

With that you take your selected bra's and walk off. I think about going back to my wife but my dick has already started to stiffen with the thought of you and the bra's you are going to purchase. I can't just let you go, especially after you have slapped me. I watch you walk through another isle looking at more bra's . I keep myself hidden from you, slowly stalking and waiting for my chance. After selecting a nice see through lace bra, you head for the changing rooms. You tell the lady at the changing room counter that you have 4 items and she gives you a ticket. I wait outside for a moment to let you get settled in your changing room, then approach the Walmart employee.

"There is a k** over there who is crying and seems to be looking for his parents. I think you should help him out." I say.
"Thank you! I will go check it out"' she says, and rushes off to the isle I pointed out. I enter the changing room peeking in the cracks of the stalls to find your room. After walking to the end I find you in the last stall, which happens to be the handicap stall. Slowly I try the handle, but it is locked. I steadily increase the pressure till it pops open. There you are standing in only your dress skirt, with your massive tits hanging out as you are about to try on another bra. I quickly step forward and grab you, placing my hand over your mouth before you can say a word. I reach behind me and close the door.

Holding you tight against me, I whisper in your ear "You don't need to scream, I just came to fuck you". You shake your head no, but I know you can feel my growing erection against your ass. "Do you not want to get fucked hard?" I whisper. Again you shake your head no, but I look in the mirror and see the gleam in your eye. With my free hand I stroke your right breast, gently playing with the nipple. Both nipples are rock hard. I press my erection deeper into your ass and you let out a slight moan against my hand. "I think you are lying to me!" I say, " I think I should check your panties and see if your pussy is wet, if it is then I know you want my cock. If not I will leave and return to my shopping. Does this sound like a good idea to you?" You again shake your head no but your eyes are filled with desire. I stop stroking your breast and reach down into your skirt and panties. I slip my finger into your gushing pussy. "See I knew that's what you wanted!" I slide my finger deeper into your pussy. This time you do not shake your head, and as I look at your face through the mirror, I can see your eyes are closed. I grind my pulsing cock against your ass while fingering your juicy pussy and I gently kiss your neck. Then I nibble it a little kissing my way up to your ear. "Are you ready for more?" I ask.

This time you nod your head. " I am going to remove my hand from your mouth, but if you scream or are to loud, then you will have to be punished." You nod your head in agreement again. I remove my hand from your mouth slowly, anticipating a scream anyway, but you remain silent. "Good girl" I whisper and resume nibbling on your ear. I began playing with your breasts again with my newly free hand, all the while slowly stroking in and out of your pussy with my finger. "I want you inside me" you purr, but this time it is my turn to shake my head. I take my hand out of your pussy and pull up your dress skirt. Slowly I remove your panties as I get on my knees. "Dont" you squeal, as I thrust my hand in to the small of back, making you arc your pussy out towards my face. I turn around and dive into your pussy, tasting your juices flow onto my tongue. I lap at your lips slowly at first but steadily increasing speed. You began to moan a little to loudly so I smack your ass as hard as I can. You stifle a scream and whimper that you will try to be more quit. I focus my tongue on your throbbing clit. Stroking it and sucking, faster and faster. You scream into your hands as you climax all over my face. I feel your juices flowing down my chin, as your legs quiver from the f***e of your orgasm.

I stand up and grab you by the shoulders, spinning you around. I push you down to your knees. You grab my zipper and I smack you hands away. I shake my head and undo my pants, dropping them to the floor. My erection is staring you in the face, throbbing for your attention. I take your chin in one hand and smack you in the face with my cock. You frown up at me and I smile down at you. "Open" I command, and as you open your mouth I ram my cock into your mouth. You gag at the f***e of it, but I keep forcing my cock deep into your throat. I take both my hands and f***efully pull your head back and forth, fucking your mouth. Your gagging is so strong, your throat convulsing on my cock. I am about to cum down your throat. You see the look on my face and bite down on my cock. "Ouch" I scream and pull my cock out of your mouth. I check it to see if it's bleeding and you quickly stand up.

You see the rage in my eyes, so you throw your dress skirt up and thrust your pussy towards me. Seeing this the anger passes. I grab your waist and push you towards the stall bench. I sit you down and thrust my cock deep in your pussy as hard as I can. I start pounding your pussy, thrusting deeper and deeper inside you. You put your arms around my neck. I see the look on your face that you are about to cum again, so I kiss you hard to keep you quiet. You whole body shakes as you cum hard on my cock. I thrust deeper yet. I feel your pussy walls quaking around my cock and I cum hard inside your pussy. I pull my cock out and have you suck the rest of the cum out of my dick.

After you are done you stand and we kiss, holding each other. "Let's do this again" I say. I then pull up my pants and walk out of the changing room. I ignore the employee as I pass her. A little later after I have found my wife, I see you again, walking through the store with your husband. You smile at me as you pass. I turn to see you walk away and notice my cum is dripping down your leg. I smile and think I guess it was too bad that I stole your panties!
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2 years ago
hahaah!! Speedy gonzales!! Nice story!! got me a hard on and I wanted to try that out.. lol Cheers!