Awayday (chapter 6)

From the outside the house looked quite small.

We rang the bell and Kitty got ready. On went the mask, out came the whip.

A beautiful young girl, maybe thirteen, maybe a little older, it was hard to tell, answered the door. "Can I help you," then she noticed Kitty's mask and Sami's outfit and smiled.

"You must be for Tony's party, please come in won't you. Let me explain some of the instructions I have been given, it may help you to understand some of the things you are about to see and experience.

On the ground floor there are the 'straight' enjoyments, such as bar, toilet, disco, kitchen, food and straight guests, you might like to start there. Not all the guests on the ground floor are straight though, some are just waiting for the 'right' people to arrive and then they can be persuaded to progress upstairs. You might like to have a few drinks and something to eat before you go on up.

Half way to the first floor are some changing areas. If you have something you want to take off, these are the rooms to go into, there are people in those rooms who are willing to help you get undressed. Don't worry about leaving stuff behind, it will be very safe.

On the first floor is the general area, the place where if you’re into group stuff, you will feel very much at home. There are some lovely people there already and I know for a fact, some more are due to arrive, so if you 'do' that area, don't think that things won't change. Things and people are changing all the time in the general area.

Now on the top floor, we have our specialist’s rooms. If you have any form of fetish or preference, I think you will find most of them on this floor. All you have to do is walk quietly in. If you like what you see, stay a while, if you are just interested and want to watch, no-one will mind.

Just a few rules. Don't f***e anyone to do anything they don't want to do unless you are in the right room - the dominance and slavery room - don't interrupt someone for any reason unless you are invited to do so. Don't get upset if you see your partner with someone else, if that is likely to happen, don't leave the ground floor and don't do or be persuaded to do anything that is likely to damage or injure anything or anybody.

Don't under any circumstances come back to the ground floor in the nude. If you ever want a break, if you want a drink and could do with a break, there are dressing gowns in the changing area, slip one on before you come down, obviously that includes you Miss, in the cat mask, you will need to put the coat back on until you go upstairs.

The party ends for you when you go home or are found either exhausted or asl**p. There are beds where you can finally collapse if you feel like it but normally, most people like to make a move before the rest of the world gets up and can see them going home looking a little worse for wear, if you get my drift, who knows what you will be covered in by the end of tonight.

I really hope you enjoy yourselves, if you need anything, please ask me or one of the many staff dotted around the place, we have most things to hand, toys, clothes, fluids, food, furniture etc. Welcome to Tony's party."
and with that, she opened the second door and pointed towards the bar.

Sami and I headed straight for the bar, but Kitty grabbed my arm and said "I'll see you two upstairs, I can't wait any longer. Don't go without me, if I don't see you upstairs, come and get me before you go, ok?" She went off, two steps at a time, ripping the coat off as she went.

In the first room, there was quiet music playing in the background and a dimly lit bar in the corner, plenty of soft furnishings and about forty people milling around. Some had dressing gowns on and were obviously on a break, others had on all kinds of clothes, almost everything you could imagine in leather, more so than the rubbers, others were just interested onlookers; others paid special attention as we walked in.

Several gave us a good look up and down, some decided to turn away, but quite a few came over and asked us if we were going upstairs later. When we told them we were, they hoped very much to see us up there and disappeared back to their seats or towards the stairs.

Several very stiff drinks later, we decided it was time to make a move in the direction of the action. We took a deep breath, held each others hand and walked up the stairs.

"Do you want to take anything off?" Sami asked.

"I don't think so, not yet anyway, if things get stained, perhaps then, let’s go and see what everyone else has on."

We walked past the changing areas and through the curtains on the first floor. It was just one huge room with a set of stairs leading off the other wall. It was a little difficult to see until your eyes became accustomed to the darkness. Hardly anyone had any clothes on at all. The only clothes that were in the room were costumes and staff and even they only had aprons on.

"Are we doing this thing together or separately?" Sami asked.

"Whatever you’d like darling, how brave do you feel?"

"Together to begin with I think and then when others get interested, I can either watch you, you can watch me, we can both join in or do our own thing."

It wasn't long before Sami was grabbed by one of the people who had spoken to us downstairs. He whispered something in her ear, just as a small blond grabbed me from behind and held on to 'meat'. She was fascinated to find she had direct access to him even though I had trousers on. I gently turned round (I didn't want her to take 'meat' with her) and saw a very nicely proportioned young woman, nude looking up at me, still with one arm round my waist, the other back inside my trousers.

"Fabulous trousers, what a great idea, do you fancy coming over and joining me and Dave, he's played out for a while, but he spotted you and asked if he could join in while we get it off, do you mind?"

"Not at all, fantastic body, who's cum is that on your chin, or needn't I ask?"

"Hole in one," she said, "Dave this is, I'm sorry I don't even know your name."

"Bob, my name's Bob," I had to say it twice to make sure I was heard over the music.

"Hi, I'm Dave and this little one with her mouth full is Vixen."

"Vixen, nice name," I said as I carefully laid down without disturbing Vixen.

"Not tonight it isn't, we've been here three hours now and she hasn't stopped. You must be the eighth man she's brought over. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving every minute of it, I just wanted to warn you what you’re in for. The cum on her chin, that's the fourth load she's been able to drain out of me, I don't know how she does it, I don't know how I do it, so sorry if I'm a bit knackered, but please feel free, enjoy yourself, she's a little diamond and I'll just join in if I see anything I particularly like. I think you better take these off," he said, pointing to my trousers, "don't want to ruin them just yet do you."

By this time Vixen had 'meat' standing to attention and was sitting back slowly wanking him and smiling. "Nice to have a full one," she said and squeezed him. Little did she know, I thought.

She was gorgeous, tiny tits, hardly any waist, hardly any bum and just a tiny tuft of hair above her clit. She had me on my back and was climbing on top. Dave was already playing with her rear and playing with 'meat'.

"You don't mind me touching you as well do you?" Dave said.

"No, not at all, I replied in his general direction, I was too busy watching Vixen's eyes role in her head. She was hissing and growling and waiting for Dave to put 'meat' in. There again, weren't we all, come on Dave.

Dave was playing the waiting game, she was being rubbed by my knob end and getting more and more impatient, Dave's grin was getting bigger and bigger the more annoyed she got. She was getting more and more excited as well.

Suddenly, she cracked and started to piss all over me. Dave knew it was time and shoved him in as far as he could go and held her down. He was virtually sitting on her back facing away from me. Thank God she was on her knees; I didn't have to put up with their combined weight on my chest and hips.

As soon as she felt 'meat' penetrate her, she continued to gush and scream. I thought everyone would run over to see if she was ok, but all we got was a few wolf whistles and a round of applause.

Dave got off her and stuck his finger in her butt which made her sit bolt upright. She came; the hot piss was replaced with a mixture of piss and cum. She shivered and shook, she wasn't in this room, she glared straight ahead, mouth open, she came again.

Dave waved his hand in front of her face, nothing, "At long last, thanks mate; she'll probably sl**p now for a while." and handed me a towel.

As I got up and looked around for Kitty or Sami, I picked up my trousers and decided I better get rid of them. Coming back from the changing area, 'meat' was beginning to go off a bit when I saw Kitty trying to catch breath by the curtained doorway.

"You all right?" I asked.

"Isn't this great," she said "we've only been here an hour and I've already been shagged six times and that was twice by women."

"Well I've just had the weirdest introduction to Tony's party possible, I've just been pissed all over and I haven't cum yet."

"Ooooo, getting pissed on all over, Ooooo, that sounds nice, you'll have to introduce me to your friend a bit later, but let's first do something about getting you laid, any preferences?"

"You know better than most what my taste is, lead on McDuff."

She grabbed my hand and led me through the curtain. As our eyes were adjusting to the light again, she put her hands behind her and gently fondled him back to life. I closed in behind her and jabbed her in the arse with him.

"Oh, so that's what you're after, come with me." She led me over to a beautiful woman and whispered in her ear. The woman nodded and stood up. She was quite mature but still in great shape.

"Hi, I'm Julia; Kitty tells me you are a great friend of hers and would like me to service you in a particular way. Well it just so happens that that’s also my favourite and I would be more than happy if you would do me the honour. Would you like a drink, I just happen to have a private supply here and you're very welcome to help yourself."

"Thank you, I'd love one."

Julia got back down on the floor and pulled me down with her. Kitty just ruffled my hair and was gone into the darkness, no doubt to find number seven.

She knelt away from me and said, "Vodka's your drink, help yourself to anything else that takes your fancy while I'm mixing your drink for you."

Her lovely arse twitched in the dim light and 'meat' was begging to be introduced. I moved up behind her and pushed forward. He slipped half the way in and I heard her gasp as her head went forward.

"Oooo, Kitty was right, you do feel good, a little bit further if you can, please."

Being an obliging kind of guy, I gave a quick flick of the hips and another couple of inches disappeared. She knelt upright and held me in behind her. She rested her head on my shoulder and asked me to pump her. She grabbed her crotch and flicked her clit whilst I gave her pleasures immeasurable in her well lubed rear.

This went on for nearly half an hour, we must have been on our tenth position when he decided enough was enough and I announced that he was going to cum. She had her eyes tight shut and a small grin on her face as she held very still, I was in about as far as nature would allow when he first exploded.

I pulled out after the second string and sprayed her rear with a pattern I couldn't have repeated even if I had tried. She rubbed it in and waited to see if there was going to be more. Two more good globs sprayed her hand and half way up her arm followed by a slight dribble which she picked up on her finger ends and licked the whole lot off both hands.

"That was wonderful friend," she said, "now how about that drink."

I cuddled her and said that was probably the best butt fuck I had ever experienced. There is such a big difference between someone who is doing it because they love you or they know that you enjoy it, and someone who prefers it and has done it so many times out of preference that they take the lead and lead you to depths of enjoyment you haven't experienced before.

Julia was so grateful I enjoyed it and as we sipped our drinks we chatted. When the drinks were finished and someone else was showing interest in her, I bid my farewells and she offered the same again any time that evening, 'you know where I am' she said.

Still no sign of Sami, I decided to go down to the bar and see what was going on down there. I got my dressing gown from the changing area and put it on.

I sat in the bar, a little more experienced than a few in there. There was Dave. "She come round yet?" I asked.

"No not yet, why do you fancy a bit of dead weight?"

"No thanks, I have enough trouble with the ones that know what I'm doing without the ones that don't, but I like her", and nodded in the direction of the bar.

He looked over in the direction I had nodded. She also had a dressing gown on, so had obviously been up stairs. She saw me looking at her, smiled and came over.

"Hi, I'm Mandy, I saw you upstairs a minute ago, then lost you, I wondered if you would be in here."

"Would you like to sit down, can I get you a drink?"

"Yes sure, on both counts." she said.



I came back with a strong whiskey on ice and offered her the glass.

"Hmmm, nice, how did you know, my favourite, you with anyone?"

"Well I arrived with two ladies, one looks very much like a cat with a bald head, the other had a suit painted on her."

"Oh, are you with those two, I just saw them arm in arm with two other women going up to the top floor, you've lost them for a while, unless you fancy going to join them, fancy some company?"

"Yea, that would be great, do you want to take these upstairs?"

"When you’re ready."

In the changing area, we disrobed and shyly looked at each others body. "I hate this bit," I said, "it should be compulsory that you have to show the person you are with exactly what you look like and be allowed to look wherever you want to look. I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

She laughed, she had a wonderful laugh. "I couldn't agree more, we are both dyeing to see what each other looks like without the dressing gowns on so here, there you are, what do you think? Now it's my turn, turn round, I want to see your butt. Mmmm, lovely, what a lovely hairy butt. I love hairy men. Now that was better wasn't it, you didn't say what you thought."

"You only have to look at him to know what I think," I said pointing down to a very hard swaying 'meat', "But I would rather show you upstairs,"

"Ooooo, that sounds nice, come on, lets find a place to settle." she said, gently taking hold of 'meats' shaft and scrapping her nails down one side.

Just as we walked in through the curtain a couple got up to leave. As we replaced them, the cushions were wet. We didn't say anything, we just turned them over and lay down again. Her lovely boobs were jiggling in front of her and I gently kissed one and held the other. She shuddered and showed me the goose bumps down her arms. We kissed and I felt her tongue slowly explore my mouth, no takeover job, just a slow penetration.

It wasn't long before 'meat' was copying every movement in her pussy that her tongue was making in my mouth. She explained what she wanted me to do using her tongue, when she wanted me to withdraw, how fast she wanted me to push back in, where to press, how hard to press and all the time her hands were playing with my chest hair or the back of my head.

She came very quietly, almost imperceptivity, and gently nibbled my ear, suggesting 'meat' shouldn't move, just for a moment. Soon she was over that one and we went in search of her next one.

We changed positions, I went behind her and penetrated her again, this time without the aid of her tongue, but she still seemed to be enjoying herself.

I slammed into her just before she came again, this one was not going to be quiet or gentle. She wanted this one to be strong and violent. I pulled her hair back and she arched her back to give me greater penetration. I pushed home and held still.

She gasped, grasped, pushed back at me, held still and flooded both of us. It was as if she peed herself. She went limp and curled up in my arms.

"Sorry about that, I always show myself up when I get that carried away."

"Sorry about what, that was amazing, I loved it, the more juices the better from my point of view."

"But I just peed myself and it went all over you, don't you mind?"

"Mind, all I want to know is when will you be able to do it again?"

She was silent for a moment, not knowing whether to believe me or not. She smiled sweetly up at me, "You mean it don't you?" she said, taking hold of my hand. "I've never met anyone like you before, only a couple of guys have been able to excite me to that point before and each one couldn't handle it when it happened to them."

"Then they're crazy," I said, kissing her forehead, "I loved it and you're welcome to do that all night if you like, I presume it means a lot to you as well?"

"Oh yes, I mean, when that happens to me I feel as though my whole body is turning inside out, it's wonderful, my body is just one tight muscle, I want to grab you, I want you to grab me, I want you to hold me so tight, I can't breath, I want you to sc**** my skin, to leave red lines all over my back, I never want it to end, I want the same from you, I want us to role over and over clinging on to each other, safe in each others arms."

"Then that's just what you'll have, obviously not right now, that would be far too contrived, but before we seek out anyone else, I promise, that's what you'll have." She grabbed my face and kissed me lovingly.

We sunk to the floor again and she climbed up my body. She kissed my chest and put her leg over mine. 'Meat' found the spot and she knew straight away, he was home, she pushed down and he gently penetrated her loving, tight, hot hole. We both groaned and hung on tight.

I grabbed her hair and kissed her deeply; she squealed and kissed back at me. I grabbed her beautiful boob and pushed it in my mouth. She arched her back and pushed down on 'meat'. Up again, down again, up, down, faster, slower, slow, fast, gentle, hard, just inside then deep.

I bit her nipple hard; she grabbed my hair and hissed.

She was cuming again. Again she flooded, she had gone. I put my hand under her crotch and grabbed hand fulls of fluid, I rubbed it into both of us, she flooded again, more rubbing. We rolled over and I watched as she squirted into the air. I rubbed 'meat' into the stream, she pumped him madly.

"Make him start." she hissed, holding him just inches from those beautiful heaving boobs.

'Meat' streamed all over them, it was hot, it was hard, she loved it, it was lovely, I loved it, she cupped her hands and caught what he had to offer, swallowed most before rubbing the rest into and around our crotches.

He was done, we were wet through, we held each other tight and gently rubbed against each other. That had been a very close experience, she sobbed into my shoulder.

"That was great," a voice came from the darkness, "that looked wonderful from over here." It was Kitty and Sami. They handed us a towel each and kissed us hard,

"You two were fantastic, so together, nice."

We were still breathing hard, "Why don't you come and join us."

"Ok, but I think we should all sit over here, it looks a bit wet where you two have been, here lay all these towels down where you've been laying and move over here."

Kitty and Sami told us both what they had seen and experienced up stairs as Mandy and I lay up on one elbow, gently scr****g our nails over each other and then just as gently leaning into each other and cuddling.

"Which room did you enjoy the most?" I asked

"Well I enjoyed the S & M room," Sami said, I just watched for a while and then got dragged over to a piece of machinery, strapped to it, blindfolded and turned upside down. Before you knew where you were or even which way up you were, you were being flogged by a cat-o-nine-tails."

"And guess who was doing that?" chirped up Kitty, laughing.

"My favourite, well not my favourite, but most fascinating was the 'Gravy Train' room."

"The 'Gravy Train' room, what the hell is that?" asked Mandy.

"Well I went in this one room and couldn't believe what I was watching, I just had to stay and see what happened. There was about twenty guys, all muscles and baby oil, you know the type, and the first one got on his knees and bent over, the next one got behind him and he just 'plugged in'. Then the next guy got behind him and so on and so on, until you had a train of guys all plugged into the guy in front of him.

Someone then put on a tape of train sound effects and the object of the game was to see if the guy in the front could catch up the last guy in the line and plug in, so completing the circle. If any guy broke the chain, they had to go to the front of the train and be the chaser, it was fascinating and very, very funny, it looked great fun."

Mandy just sat there, speechless getting the scenario straight in her mind.

"In the end, the whole train just fell apart with laughter and people just broke up into couples." "Well I think I'm going to go back up stairs and find the female equivalent of that if you lot don't mind, and if I can't find one, I might just start one." said Sami, still looking gorgeous and overdressed.

"See you darling, have fun," I said looking over at Kitty and down at Mandy, "what would you two like to do?"

"Well I could quite easily be persuaded to nominate him to be number twelve tonight if you would like that?" said Kitty looking down at 'meat' swaying about and nudging Mandy in the rear.

"Oooo, that sounds nice, mind if I stick around and enjoy both of you?" asked Mandy.

I rolled over and he slapped onto my stomach. Kitty climbed over my hips and pushed him straight inside her in one thrust. Even though she had had so much sex tonight, she was still very tight and flinched a little as he slipped in.

Mandy climbed over my shoulders and sat on my face, facing Kitty. As I parted her cheeks, I could see her lovely fanny and little puckered butt hole.

"You will be careful how carried away you get up there, won't you?" I said, "I don't want to drown."

"I will, don't worry," she laughed. They cuddled and gently massaged each others breasts, distorting them and pinching their nipples. Kitty was slowly rising and falling on 'meat'. She was incredibly wet and not just wet but slippery, I wondered if it was ample deposits of cum she had encouraged all night or her own natural juices.

I licked my way up one beautiful side of Mandy's lips and down the other, she tasted this delicious mixture of piss and natural pussy juice. I sucked in her clit and tweaked it between my tongue and lip, back down the far side of her pussy, round the edge of her arse.

Ooo, that made her jump. She was beginning to press down a little, her movements were becoming ragged, her breathing spluttered, she stopped and sank down, pressing her pubes into my suck.

I had her clit and was sucking for all I was worth.

She came - it was hot and sticky, it was real and it tasted beautiful, she shuddered again and quickly started a rough rhythm.

It stopped as quickly as it started, it went hot again and that familiar taste reappeared, I swallowed several delicious mouthfuls before she went slightly limp and then remembered I was below her. She slipped off my face and kissed me,

Kitty was playing with her fanny just to finish it off for her. She rolled over and Kitty's fingers went deep inside her, they felt around and she gently gyrated her hips. She sat up and released Kitty from her duties, kissed her passionately and fondled her boobs for her, one hand disappeared behind her and Kitty jumped.

"Nails." is all Kitty said and they both laughed. Mandy didn't bring her hand back round the front, I guess she just persevered but a little more carefully. I could feel her hand grab 'meat' on each of Kitty's up strokes and squeeze him until Kitty went back down on him.

On one up stroke, Mandy stopped Kitty descending again and put her head down to where her hand was. I felt her tongue snake out and rim Kitty and wash over his shaft. She sucked my balls into her mouth and gently played with them.

Kitty was now leaning right over and resting on my chest, enjoying every movement and bit of attention Mandy was giving us both. With so much gentle attention, I could feel him starting to bubble up deep down in my groin, both girls felt it as well and Kitty got off to join Mandy ready for the happy arrival.

Mandy started up a serious wanking motion now and Kitty put her face next to him just to get it occasionally slapped by Mandy. When he came, it wasn't a gusher, it oozed out of the eye, raised about half an inch into the air and just flowed all over their hands and faces and gathered on the top.

When they relaxed their hands around his shaft, it slowly slithered down nboth sides much to the amusement of the girls. They each took a half of his shaft in their mouth and squeezed the cum in and out, up and down. He was covered, they trailed through it with their finger ends, they lapped at it, they spat it back out onto the top, they recycled it, rubbed it in a little more, played with the new stuff, rubbed their faces in it, rubbed each others faces in it, drank it off each others tongues.

When he was finally done, they took great pleasure in cleaning him and each other up and then flopped into a huge bundle of flesh.

You could tell everyone was starting to get tired, I had no idea what the time was, but we must have been here seven or eight hours by now. Mandy felt as though she was asl**p in my arms but Kitty was still looking around at who was left.

"See anything?" I whispered.

"Well I saw one guy earlier who had a pretty impressive shlong and I think I just saw him come in, hang on a minute, I'll go and see if it is him and if he wants to come over here."

"Hi, I'm Eddy, Kitty tells me this is the place to sit while she goes to see Julia and get some drinks, Oooo, who's this beauty?"

"This is Mandy, I think she's just about had enough, but if she has, I'm sure she can tell you for herself."

Kitty was not wrong about Eddies proportions. He had quite a small body which emphasized a very impressive tool that swung out in front of him. Not incredibly long, long enough to be quite frightening in certain lights, but a girth hard to get your hand round.

He nuzzled into Mandy's rear and she wriggled in her sl**p, he pressed a bit harder and she automatically opened up a little for him. It seemed to disappear up inside of her and his mouth opened and his eyes closed. He held still and shuddered.

"Ohhhh, she's tight, she's grabbing him, he's cuming, shit I'm cuming. Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh." He pumped forward with each groan, she didn't even open her eyes.

His head hit the floor and slowly surfaced above Mandy's shoulders. "Oh, well, will you explain to Kitty, make my apologies for me," and with that, willy still dripping, he was off up stairs. I had to wonder what his particular room was going to be up there.

"Where's he gone?" Kitty asked when she arrived back with an arm full of glasses.

"Oh, he only settled for a moment, said something about gay and disappeared up stairs, haven't seen him since."

"Oh, what a waste, did you see him, did you see IT, enough to make you're eyes water, never mind, I'm not sure I could have managed him anyway.

We lay in bed, the four of us. We were back at the hotel, it was light but the curtains were doing a good job at keeping most of it out. I was back to the way I felt Sunday morning after the night with Don and Terri, feeling like shit again. None of the girls were awake yet.

I stood back and looked at them all, just laying there, arms and legs entwined. I'm a lucky fella you know. Having a glorious partner like Sami allows me to meet fabulous people like Kitty and Mandy. All so very different, all so gorgeous in their own sweet way - 'meat' twitched.

"You bugger, behave yourself - well at least until they're awake" I said as I turned and headed for the shower.
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