Awayday chapter 5)

"So while I've been 'lapping' up Tanya, where have you been, anywhere nice?" I asked.

"Well, maybe. First of all I went to get that bottle of vodka I talked about and then went for a slow walk about town. I saw Mac again."

"You didn't let him see you, did you?" I interrupted.

"No bl**dy fear, I've done my bit for the cause, thank you very much. Doesn't mean to say I wouldn't like to return to something like that one day, but not for a long time, anyway, once I had dived in this shop to get away from him, I met this bloke and we just got chatting."

"Was he nice," I asked inquisitively.

"Yea, kind of, he was a bit small for me, height I mean, not his dick size, we didn't get that far today."

"That sounds ominous," I said, "are we likely to meet him in the not too distant future then?"

"Well we could do, his name is Tony and he's invited us to his party tomorrow night, it's just round the corner from here and he says you won't believe what goes on at his parties."

"I would if we're invited, I know what we're like at parties, even straight ones, they always turn into orgies when we get there, that's why we get invited to so many, I wonder why he invited you, or should I say us?"

"Because," she said giggling, "he asked me what was wrong with my legs and what could I say. I just told him it wasn't my legs, it was what was in between them that hurt. You should have seen his face. For a minute, he didn't know whether to believe me or not, then he started to laugh, apologized for bring so rude, which started me off, and things just seemed to snowball from there. He's given me some cream he uses when he hurts there and he says it soothes it in no time."

"Wait a minute, what do you mean, 'when he hurts there,' how can he hurt there?"

"Use your brains, what do you think he means, it's not just us women who like a bit of cock you know."

I felt so stupid; my brain was still a bit befuddled. "Sorry darling, of-course, and have you tried it yet, the cream I mean?"

"Well as a matter of fact, I have and beautifully administered it was too. As soon as I knew I wasn't going to be ****d or anything by this guy, we got on really well. He was telling me how he once got all out of shape because he attempted something that was just too big for him and he reassured me that there's never any trouble with things going back into place, as long as you don’t do it time and time again, it's just the cream you need afterwards that is a God send.

It obviously isn't needed every time, if you think about it, this is the first time I've ever needed it and how many times have I been tushy rammed, it all depends on what you attempt to do with it and you must admit, it was a bit excessive yesterday."

"A bit, that's got to be the understatement of the holiday," I quipped.

"Anyway, I told him I wasn't able to summon up enough courage to apply anything just yet and he came straight out with it, that he would put it on for me if I trusted him enough to do it."

"So did he?" I asked, totally intrigued.

"Yes he did. He closed the shop, took hold of my hand, led me slowly into the back of the shop and laid me down on what looked like an examination table. The images that were going through my mind, but I didn't let on. He gave me the bottle to read and it was an actual prescription bottle, so none of your phoney Boots toot, the real McCoy for me.

He warmed his hands under some hot water, laid me face down on the table, there was even a cut out piece for me to put my mouth and nose through to breath and asked me to lift my butt a little.

He slipped my skirt off and wasn't a bit surprised to find I couldn't wear knickers yet and simply slapped some on all around my butt and crotch area. I hadn't realised just how much my butt area did hurt until he pressed it, and went 'Yes, just as I suspected, mmmm." He then rolled me over, put my legs in these stirrup things and very gently filled my pussy with the stuff.

Well I say filled it, it was still so swollen, it didn't take much doing. He left it there while he went and made a cuppa tea and when he came back, he scooped the majority of it out and gently rubbed the rest of it in until it had virtually vanished.

Now the simple fact that he was even able to do that shows things have improved tremendously, if you had even touched me this morning I would have screamed, now here I was being massaged and believe it or not, I even came.

For the first time in a very long time, I don't know why, but when I was writhing about there in the throws of climax, all I could do was apologize and feel really embarrassed. He was so kind and gentle, he just squeezed me where he knew it would do me most favours for my orgasm and said quietly,

'Don't worry, we all need these wonderful things, now tell me if I can do any more for you to climax fully and then sit quietly and come down slowly from it.'

It seemed so natural, here was a man I had only known for like twenty five minutes helping me through a truly gentle orgasm, and it was doing absolutely nothing for him. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I came back to the hotel about half past two, tried to sit in the bar and let you two finish up here, but was dying to tell you what had just happened to me, came up and there's all kinds of funny noises coming out of here, so back down the bar and the rest is history."

"So you're cured then?" I asked.

"Well I wouldn't say cured, but if you had any juices in those wonderful balls you wanted to get rid of, as long as we took it easy, I am sure I could oblige."

"Well just give me a little while and we'll test that theory out shall we, how about just before dinner, just to give us an appetite, you understand."

True to her word, I ordered my prawn cocktail with totally drained nuts and a big smile on my face.

It was another beautiful morning, half way through the week, half way through the holiday (unfortunately), tonight, we had decided to go to whatshisnames party and see how the other half live.

Sami said she would like to go back to his shop sometime today and see if he had any more of his cream left, she felt sure she needed another massage, but what to do in the meantime? I suppose we could sit by the pool and get some rays - boring. Sami says we should save ourselves for this evening, so any rumpy's out of the question. I wonder if Tanya's around?

I think I better give the pool a try!!!

I must admit, it is rather nice just lying out in the sun, nice and peaceful and not very busy.

Oooo, she's nice, lovely long legs, I wonder who she's with, pretend to be asl**p. She laid her towel out on a small area of grass next to poolside and slipped out of the towel dress she was wearing. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, she only had a tiny orange triangle of G-string between her legs. From the back she looked nude.

She smiled over at me and lay down. Propped up on one elbow she tried to unscrew the top off her suntan oil. No luck, she offered it up to me and simply said "Please?"

I can tell you, it took about two seconds to be landing next to her on her blanket. Kneeling down, I took the bottle and she rolled over onto her stomach.

"Rub some in would you?"

I put the top on the ground and trickled some down between her shoulder blades, down to her beautiful arse cheeks. I gently started to massage it in and she shivered.

"Mmmm, that's nice, you have very nice soft hands, do my legs as well would you?"

I wasn't finished on her back yet, but of-course I would. Both hands, up between her shoulder blades, gently but firm, out to the tops of her arms, around and under each one, down the sides of her ribs. Oooo, that was nice, I could feel the outline of her boobs them, down to her waist, in to the cheeks of her arse, dig in those dimples and down onto her cheeks.

Thumbs inside the crease, and up her back again, straight back down again this time, no time for detours, thumbs in her crease again, pull them slightly apart.

Trickle some more oil on, this time, start in the crease and down each leg. Bottle back down, thumbs in again. When I apply pressure I can feel her press back into my hands and silently moan.

Start at one foot, grab both sides of her leg and straight up to her butt again, part those cheeks. The other foot, straight up to that gorgeous arse, part those cheeks again.

Every time I part her cheeks, I can see that beautiful little pucker, the string is so small, it can't hide it from me, this time my thumbs gently glide up and over it, that made her jump - it made 'Meat' jump too, not that he needed any encouragement, he's been as stiff as a board ever since she took her dress off.

In white shorts it's very difficult to hide facts like that and when she rolled over to rest on one elbow again she couldn't take her eyes off my crotch, hardly surprising when I was kneeling not two feet from her nose end.

"I saw you at dinner last night didn't I?" she said, still staring straight at 'meat', "you were with that beautiful brunette, weren't you?"

"Yes," I said, provocatively straightening him out and making him more comfortable right in front of her, "that would be Sami."

I had got oil all over my shorts now and it left a distinctive outline of 'meat' as he stuck straight out at her.

"I'm Bob by the way."

"Kitty," she replied, still glued to 'meat.'

"What, as in pussy?" I quipped, that broke the spell, she looked up at me and smiled.

"Wow, I haven't heard that before, that looks as though it needs attention," she said as she nodded in 'meats' direction.

"Sami says I've got to save myself for tonight."

"Why, what's happening tonight?" she asked, laying back down again, but this time on her oily back.

"Oh, some guy's holding a party with a difference just round the corner."

"What and you expect to be able to satisfy that kind of urgency at it do you?" and she gently brushed her hand over my oily shorts making him nearly jump out and bite her,"sounds like my kind of party, can I come with you and Sami, would she mind?"

"Rub some more oil in would you?"

"No I'm sure she wouldn't mind, she's off right now at his place getting a rather intimate massage and me doing this for you and the thought of Sami getting it off with Tony, I'm not sure I'll be able to wait until tonight."

"Can I help?" she said seductively, propping herself back up on her elbow and looking back at 'meat' who by now was sticking his head out of the left hand leg of my shorts, "by the shade of that purple, it doesn't look as though it would take too long."

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, just wanting to rip that little triangle off and pump into her gorgeous pussy.

"Right here, in the pool, I love making love in public, it's so exciting."

I was up to my chest in water, leaning my elbow on the side and asking, "What are you waiting for?"

She giggled, got up, jiggled over to me and sat on the edge of the pool, her fanny just inches from my nose end.

"You're going to have to squeeze past me." I said.

"Ooooo," escaped as she squirmed her oily body down next to mine. She deliberately stuck the triangle in my face and left it for a while on my mouth, raised herself slightly so that her crotch brushed my lips, there was no material to it and not a hair in sight, I could smell her wetness, I stuck out my tongue and tasted her vagina, it was there, pink and shinning up at me, she shuddered.

She tasted gorgeous, I didn't have to push the material to one side, when she parted her legs, it disappeared up inside of her.

She slithered further down into the water and her beautiful, small breasts were next for the 'taste test'. I wrestled 'meat' out of my shorts in readiness and although he was as hard as he was, he seemed to float.

I grabbed a nipple with my teeth and she flung her arms round me and hissed. She pulled me to her and rubbed her fanny past my belly button and onto my pubes.

That's all the encouragement he needed, he was gently rubbing her arse and she wasn't trying to direct him. I pulled slightly back and allowed him to trail her body forwards. I pushed back into her and she threw her head back, she was full, he pushed home and bottomed out.

God she was tight, was it the water, was it the surroundings, was it the excitement, who the hell cares, she felt fabulous. He needed this; he had ached for her for the last half hour, what a crazy woman, as beautiful as she was, now getting whacked in a swimming pool in front of a hotel full of people. Well there might be people watching, you don't know for sure.

He was in and she was squeezing his lights out.

"Hold still a minute," she stuttered, "I just. . . . . . . need to. . . . . . . Ooooooo. . . . . . . that's. . . . . . . that's it. . . . . . yes, just there. . . . . Ooooooo, God. . . . . . . Ooooo, she laughed,. . . . . . . sorry, it's supposed to be you, I know, but. . . . . . Oooooo, I couldn't help that one, Ooo, that's better, wow, that was strong, I must have needed that more than I realised.

Suddenly she squeezed her legs round me even tighter, I gently pumped in and out. . . . . slowly. . . . . back and forth. . . . . . she was going again.

This time he was with her, the thought of her creaming all over him, in a pool, in broad daylight was just too much, I jammed in as far as I could go and we both froze, she could tell he was there and she quietly squealed in my ear.

We were cuming, we both knew it, we both needed it, we were both loving it. She sighed and ploughed on and off him, he shot red hot cum right up inside her cervix, she felt the heat and pushed down hard on him, buried her head in my shoulder and came again.

I shot another wad up her hole and pulled nearly all the way out , catching her g-spot again, she shuddered through another jolt of lightning, another shot from 'meat' and we were both nearly done.

She laughed again, I joined her, we both cuddled and she pulled herself up onto poolside.

"I'm in room 217," she said, "must dash, I want to see what you taste like." and she was off, leaving 'meat' just dangling there, gently depositing the last remnants into the pool.

He felt great again now, tuck him in, get out, get dry, go find Sami, tell her about Kitty and not being able to wait!!!!!

"I'm just sorry you weren't there Sami, you would have loved her, she's just your type, sexy and wicked, just like you, maybe later, eh, how was Tony?"

"Oooo, just great, you know, he has this fabulous touch, he's so gentle, so nice, so serious. When he was 'applying' it today, he was saying how he would have loved to have been a doctor, but for all the wrong reasons, he reckons he would have been struck off years ago. And he didn't laugh when he said it, in fact he seemed to be somewhere else whilst he was talking, probably dreaming about the party, we are going aren't we?"

"More likely he was dreaming about his boyfriend, Yes, if you want to and feel up to it, Kitty says can she come with us?"

"Well I suppose I better meet this woman I'm supposed to fancy, I'm sure Tony won't mind, what's one more, I doubt he'll even notice."

I knocked on 217, curious to see what she looked like all dressed up, Sami was going to be another half hour and I said I would go and get Kitty as I was ready and had nothing to do.

"Who is it?" came the reply.

"It's me, Bob."

"Oh, come in, I'm nearly ready." I walked in and got the shock of my life, there was Kitty, stood in front of the long mirror, not a stitch on, even on her head!!! The spiky, short, blond hair she had on this afternoon had been a wig - she didn't have a hair anywhere on her body.

"Wow, if that's nearly ready, I'm definitely over dressed." I said.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll be wearing a lot more than this, I just meant that I wouldn't be long."

"Oh, do you have to wear a lot more, you look just perfect right the way you are."

She just giggled and turned back round. I walked up behind her and grabbed her round the waist. I let my hands slip down her lovely smooth body and open up her pussy lips. She was already wet, she knew what she wanted tonight and if the party was no good, she knew she could rely on me and Sami.

"Mind, you'll get all oily again, I've just finished applying it all over." with that, she pulled out a small cat mask that just covered her eyes and nose, pulled on a pair of long black leather boots, picked up a long black whip and said, "Therenow, ready, how do I look?"

"Stunning, absolutely stunning."

"Why thank you sir, pity you're not called Tom really isn't it?" she said as she walked past me letting the whip trail over my shoulder. She picked up a long trench coat, tucked her whip and her mask in one of the pockets and opened the door for me.

"Hair?" I said, pointing at my own head.

"Not tonight, they cost too much for parties like these." she'd been there before.

Up in our room, the guy was just putting the finishing touches to Sami's outfit, thanked her for the sizeable tip she had just given him and was off.

"Well, who do we have here, you must be Kitty, I just love the hair, brave girl. Come on, take that coat off, show me what you're going in."

Kitty didn't need second bidding, she had her mask on, her whip out and her coat off in a flash.


"My sentiments exactly, now come on you, stand back, let's see what you look like."

Sami looked just like a bloke, she wore a trilby, double breasted jacket, waist coat, shirt, tie, trousers and black shoes.

Suddenly, you saw Kitty's head shake, her eyes blink and her mouth drop open, she had noticed that except for the trilby, jacket and shoes, the rest had been painted onto Sami's body.

"Stunning, absolutely stunning, how easily does it come off?" she said, running her hand over Sami's boob and down to her stomach, then pulling it away and looking at it.

"Actually, I'm going to have a devil of a job tomorrow, you've virtually got to let it wear off, it's a form of dye, not paint, I could go swimming in it, but I don't think I'll test it that much."

"Well between you two, I feel a right drudge," I just had on a light blue t-shirt and a pair of very baggy white trousers. I put my hands in my pockets and pulled them to the sides. My trousers parted as if they were curtains, 'meat' flopped out and waved at the girls. I put my hands down again and you would never know, it was just the trouser ankle bands and my belt that were keeping the two halves together.

"Excellent," Kitty said as she slipped her hand inside the flap and found 'meat', "you don't mind do you?" she said looking over to Sami.

"Not at all, be my guest," said Sami as she pulled her hand through the length between Kitty's legs,

"Mmmm, lovely and smooth and wet already, I can see you and I are going to explore some lovely avenues together."

"You may not mind, but be careful, too much of this and I'm not going to be able to modestly walk round the corner to Tony's house. Come on you two, otherwise we're going to be staying here and screwing each other silly and you've both gone to so much trouble."

"We don't want to be the first there, now do we, go on let me see you do that trick again with your pockets," said Kitty.

"What this one?" I said, raising my hands from my sides - out flopped 'meat'.

"Ah yes, that's the one, Oooo, look, it's too late, it's already started to affect you."

There he was starting to stand to attention. Sami laughed,

"I knew this was going to happen, as soon as I saw you take your coat off, I knew he wasn't going to able to resist the way you looked, mind you, I know how he feels, I tell you what Bob, come and lay down here." and she pointed at the bed.

I jumped up on the bed and laid on my back.

"No, on your side," she instructed, "right Kitty, do you fancy going down on him?"

"Try keeping me off him, he tastes wonderful," both Sami and I looked puzzled but agreed to ignore it.

So she climbed up on the bed and lay on her side with her head in my crotch. Sami then also got on the bed with her head in Kitty's crotch and put her crotch in my face. The love triangle was complete.

Kitty put an ever hard 'meat' into her throat and opened her legs for Sami. Sami just stared for a while, Kitty was so small, she was so bald, she was so virginal except for a clit that was already hanging down from her vaginal lips.

Sami kissed it and then sucked it into her mouth, it stuck up like a small prick, an inch, inch and a half long, it was brilliant.. "Haven't you got some work to do?" she looked over to me and smiled.

I dived into her muff and tasted a sweet chocolate flavour. I broke off sucking her lips and looked up at her.

"Yes, I thought you'd like that, strawberry next?"

"You never cease to amaze me, you don't."

"Ay, you two, less chatter, more eating please, I have an itch I desperately want scratching here and I want a mouthful of fluids before we finish, so concentrate," and back to work she went.

Sami tasted gorgeous, I just had to smile, she felt my cheeks move into a smile which made her smile, which seemed to increase Kitty's enjoyment because she squirmed and took 'meat' out of her mouth.

"Oh God, that's nice, just a bit further down, yes just there, keep it going just there." 'Meat' went back in and was being severely nibbled down his full length. He reached the back of her throat, but that didn't seem as though it was going to stop her. She pressed further forward and pushed him gently down her throat.

She swallowed and the muscles milked the sides of his shaft, it was an incredible feeling and made it very difficult for me to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing for Sami.

She didn't seem too concerned, she had her eyes open and would occasionally take her tongue out of Kitty's fanny and slam her g-spot with a finger that was just a blur. Her other hand was rimming Kitty's butt and making her squirm her lovely little white rear up and down.

Kitty was cuming and pressing down on 'meat as she continued with her funny little noises. I stopped what I was doing to Sami and looked over to her. She has stopped tonguing Kitty and looked over at me. She puckered her lips and nodded in the direction of Kitty's little rear as if to say, what a lovely piece of arse, thank you.

Just as she did that, both Kitty and I exploded, you could tell she was cuming because her tiny fanny would open and close, a bit like a goldfish out of water, she was tiny.

Cream oozed out of the side of her slit as Sami kept up the barrage of movements.

My cum was once again spurting out of the end of 'meat' but this time straight into her stomach, I was lodged so far down her throat. She was quite oblivious of anything I was doing, she was already into her second orgasm as Sami slurped up her juices from the one before.

Suddenly, she threw her head back, gasped for air and I plopped out of her throat, I was still cuming, but now only into her wanking hand.

Back down on me, lapping up every last drop, please don't get any on my trousers. She was about finished, as was I.

Sami hadn't cum but she didn't mind that. We all stretched onto our backs and just felt around for different interesting bits of body to play with.

I must admit, Kitty was getting most attention from the two of us, there was just something about that very bald, very smooth, shinny little body that was fascinating.

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