Awayday (chapter 4)

I couldn't wait to find out how Sami's vagina was getting on. Had it gone back into shape? Did it still hurt? I mean, I’m not the smallest pencil in the box by any means but would she be able to feel me when we made love from now on?

It was Tuesday morning and Sami had had the experience of her life yesterday. After a couple of hours of exhaustive trying, she had finally been able to take all of 'Big Mac'. I put my hand out to see what I could feel as she lay there asl**p.

"Careful darling, it's still very bruised."

"How are you, how are you feeling this morning?"

"Ok I think, I don't think I'm going to be very active today, not by the feel of things." "Is she ok. . . . . . you know, has she shrunk any?"

You could see Sami was gingerly checking. "Oh yes, nearly back to normal, just very bruised."

"Phhew, that's a relief, I thought that was my lot for a while there."

"You’re k**ding, that's never going to be your lot, I would have put a rubber band round her if she hadn't gone back and you could have fucked through that."

Ooooo, the thought of it made us both giggle.

"Well I'm going to get up, do you want me to ring room service and we'll have breakfast in bed?"

"Would you mind darling, I can walk ok now but I would feel bl**dy silly taking a rubber ring down with me to sit on."

After breakfast, the girl came up to pack the stuff away and take it back down stairs. I had showered and was just in my dressing gown, Sami was still in bed.

She was really cute, about 5ft. 3. 8 stone wet through and about nineteen years of age. Long curly dark hair and a lovely curvy body. Dressed like a waitress made her even more attractive.

"You're the ones making the movie aren't you?" she suddenly said, “normally, on occasions like this, they're finished, packed up and out”, thought she was taking her time a little and now I know why, she was plucking up enough courage to bring up the subject of filming.

"Well yea, how did you know about that?" I said, taking more interest in what she was doing.

"Well the camera at the edge of the bed's a dead giveaway. No, I'm sorry, that was flippant, I know Big Mac and he told me because he knows I work here and he thought you might be interested in filming me. Am I being too forward here?"

"No, not at all, did he happen to mention what kind of films we make?" Sami perked up.

"Yea, adult ones, she said, you know, the type you can only send away for or download."

"And have you ever done anything like that before?"

"Well I've done a bit of naughty modelling for my boyfriend if that counts."

"Well it's a start," I said, "what do you call naughty?"

"I brought them with me just in case you wanted to see them." and she scurried over to where I was sitting and brought out a thick pack of photographs from behind her piny.

"Look, we started by me just stripping, bit by bit," Sami was out of bed and slowly making her way over to the table, "then he thought it would be good to get some shots of me just lying there in the nude, then stood with my back to the camera and holding my bum, then looking back at the camera through my legs." they were getting better and better as she went on.

Sami caught my eye on one of the few occasions I could take my eyes off the photographs and nodded furiously with her eye brows raised and a smile on her face.

"I particularly like this one, it took ages for me to balance on that part of my bum and pull by legs up in front of me that far apart without falling over, but you can see a lot of me can't you and you can see by the smile on my face that we were enjoying ourselves."

"Ah, now then, this one came a bit later, he had to stop for a while because I had got him so worked up he just jumped on me, it was wicked. But it really is in close isn't it, it took him ages to get it focused that close, but you can clearly see it all running out of me can't you. Boy, he did cum a lot that day."

"Are you still as hairy as you were in these shots?" I said.

"Oh, yes, is that bad then, don't you have any parts for hairy women in your film?"

"Oh, don't you fret, I'm sure we have, after all, it's about the American civil war and nobody shaved in those days did they, and if we don't have a part, we'll just write one in, how's that?" Sami asked, putting her arm around the girls shoulder to reassure her, "now when would you be available for an audition?"

"Well I finish my breakfast shift in about two hours, can I come back then?"

"Sure can, now if you would like to leave these photo's with us, we'll review them whilst you are away, to select your best side and all that, you understand." And with that she was gone.

"What do you think?" Sami asked.

"Lovely, quite horny I thought, what about you?"

"Oh, don't worry about me, I'm having a day off today remember, I can work the camera while you enjoy yourself."

"She's a bit young, isn't she, will she be all right?"

"What, you worried she might blow you out in bubbles, leave you stranded in dead willy land?"

"No, it's not that, I don't want to ask her to do anything that might frighten her."

"Well I tell you what, how about if I led her into doing things from behind the camera, like a director would. I know exactly what you want her to do, I should do, I've done it for you often enough, I'll just make out it's me that wants her to do it, it may go down better coming from a woman."

"Good idea darling, only one more problem." I said.

"What now, anything agony Aunt Sami can help with?"

"Well it's just that I haven't cum since Saturday, now even under normal circumstances, that's a long time, but under these circumstances, it's going to be catastrophic, I'm going to cum so quick, she's going to think I'm some kind of shit ruining her chances at becoming an actress."

"Well I think you have two choices here loverboy, either I help you to cum now so that you have a chance to get over it and start again by the time she gets back, or you - or should I say I - get her to give you a blow job first which always takes longer for you to cum and I can control what she does and slow it down even more for you."

"How about both?"

"Now how did I know you were going to say that?" she said "Get over here you lovely hunk and get that dressing gown off."

The next twenty minutes were absolute bliss. Sami knows just how to pressurise those nerve ends around the rim of my cock head. She knows that I love her to suck hard at times when he's deep inside her mouth, she knows just when to wank him and then when to make him lovely and hot and wet again.

She knows exactly when he's ready to cum, she flicks those nerves with fast little jerks and sucks just his head when he starts spurting, sucks it as hard as she can, forcing an already torrent out even faster. It floods the back of her throat but she keeps gently pumping him to get the very last drop from me.

"Oh that was so lovely, it seems ages since I came."

"Well it is for you, but you never have been normal, most people have to make do with a couple of times a week."

"Yea, but don't you feel sorry for them?"

"Yes, I must admit, I do. It feels great to cum, why people don't want to feel great as often as they can beats me, never mind, it's their loss, I'm just glad you don't feel like that." she said

"Me to, darling, me to."

Bang on eleven o'clock, there was a little knock on the door. I opened it and there she stood, her hands clasped in front of her, swaying on her toes, smiling up at me."

"Hi again, it's me, is it all right to come in?"

"Sure come in, I'm sorry, the first time round we were introduced to your lovely body but not your name."

"Well my stage name is 'Tanya' - good isn't it?"

"Eh, sure, it's as good as any other, I'm not sure how many other Tanya's there were in the American civil war though," I stammered.

"Silly, that doesn't have to be her name in the film, now does it, I thought she could be called 'Belle', now what do you think of that?"

"Belle," she said thoughtfully, "kind of like Southern Belle, isn't it?"

How come we always seem to attract this kind of person around us, I thought silently to myself.

"Now," Sami said, I'm going to be working the camera for you two today, I'll give instructions as to what I want the camera to see and you try to do them for me, would you Belle?"

"I'll kinda try honeyc***d."

"Yea, that's ok, without the accent though I think, I don't want it distracting what you actors have to concentrate on, now do I?


"Now then, how comfortable would you be taking your clothes off in front of the camera for me?"

I lay on the bed and watched, I don't think she realised I was there to begin with she was concentrating so hard on the camera and her smiling and her little waves and her whispers asking if that was all right..

"I tell you what, I'll turn the camera off and go and get a paper and another bottle of vodka and let you two love birds get to know each other. Quite understandably, it's a little tense in here and that will come over on anything we do, so we got to get rid of that first. I should be about half an hour, do you have to be anywhere later this morning honey?"

"Eh, no, no, not until I go back on duty for dinners at about six o'clock."

"Oh, fine, fine, so we've got plenty of time. Won't be long." and with that Sami was out the door and gone.

Tanya' kind of looked upset. "She doesn't like me does she, I'm not going to get the part am I?"

I pulled her back to me so I was looking at her lying on the bed facing me. I kissed her gently on the lips and I said, "What you have got to understand is that in a studio, there will be forty people hanging on your every action and if you screw up, they have all got to start again and in this business, it may not always be possible just to start all over again, if you get my drift, it can take time and that costs money."

She was thinking about it, you could tell, you could almost hear her brain grinding round. She didn't get it.

"Well let me put it this way, if you screw up when you are at the end of a cum scene, you can act your way out of the next take, if I screw up, I can't just cum again like that, I have to wait a bit."

"Oh, yea, I get it, I'm sorry."

"That's ok, you're new to all this, you're bound to be nervous. Now, come here, get your dress off, get into bed and lets have a cuddle." She even looked at ease now, she took her dress off over her head and now all she had on was a matching white frilly virginal camisole set, plainly see through and very sexy.

She climbed into bed and half lay on top of me, under my arm. She knelt up with her right leg between my legs and rested her knee against my raging hard on. She pulled her camisole off and her beautiful ample breasts just bounced there.

She looked down at 'Meat' and said, "Wow, he's lovely, my boyfriend thinks he's big, but wait till I tell him about you, he will be so jealous, can I touch him, wow, he's already wet, what made him do that?"

"Oh, most definitely the sight of you, you are enough to make a man cum just looking at you, do you really think it's a good idea to tell your boyfriend about us?"

"Oh thank you, do you think I have a nice body then?" With that, she stood on the bed and, turned around and pulled her thong off, very seductively. She bent to take them off her feet and this huge thatch of hair protruded from her crotch. Somewhere in there was at least one pot of gold and if Sami was able to lead her down that particular path, perhaps there was going to be two such pots!!

She spun round, put one leg either side of mine and flopped down on her knees. She was now only inches from a very agitated, twitching, aching 'Meat'. She put her hands behind her head to make her voluptuous breasts stick out like footballs and thick tufts of black hair hung from her arm pits. I reached up and twisted finger fulls between my thumb and first two fingers of both hands.

"That tickles," she shyly said and closed her armpits momentarily, "do you like all this hair, my boyfriend's not quite sure, sometimes he says yea, it's all right, the next time he says Na, it's gross."

"Well you take no notice of him, I think it's absolutely gorgeous, I could smell it and play with it all day if I had the time and it's going to look fantastic on camera, your going to have 'em cuming in the isles."

"Oh, do you think so," she said as she looked down at 'meat' and parted her crotch hair for him, whilst she carried on about this and that, (I have no idea what it was) she slowly ground her pussy along his whole length.

What she was saying was getting slower and quieter, she was getting wetter and wetter, it was running off the sides of him until she stopped talking altogether, put her hands on my chest and lifted herself off of 'meat', he sprung up to meet her and she pressed down on his now elevated end.

Luckily she had parted her hair so only a minimal amount went inside her chute with him. She was hot, God was she hot. And tight – so very tight, it was almost like a bum hole, she's quite new at this, I thought.
She's quite instinctive though, she knows what makes her feel good and she wants plenty of that.

She was grinding down on my pubes and rubbing her clit on mountains of hair. She had hand fulls of my chest hair and was gently curling and straightening her fingers in it, like a cat.

Her breathing was erratic, eyes shut tight and that funny little grin on her face, juddering every time she found that perfect spot, every time she came just a little, but she was building, she was building to a big one, she tensed, she stopped stroking my chest, she even stopped breathing, she shook, she groaned in the back of her throat and then cried out as if in agony.

It burned around 'meat', it ran out of her, it was even hot on my legs, again she tensed, again it went hot, she dropped her head onto my chest, I reached round to feel her arse, It felt wonderful as she clenched her muscles, trying to strangle him as he nestled deep inside of her.

One last groan, one little splash, one last gasp of air. For a couple of minutes, she just rested there, slowly recovering from her boiling point. She finally slid off to nuzzle under my arm again and stare at 'meat'.

"He felt so wonderful inside me, I could feel every vain in him pulsing, I couldn't help cuming so quickly, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, little one, that's exactly what the filmgoers want to see, plenty of people cuming, cuming out of the screen at them, the more often you can cum for them, the more they will love you. The trick is not to stop after you have just cum. I know that is what nature is telling you to do, but you may have noticed, I haven't cum yet and there is still some footage in this erection of mine.

Next time, get off him by all means but perhaps you could suck him and blow him and make him cum that way, after all, a man cuming is far more spectacular than a woman. She may be able to fake it better than he can, but very few can spurt it as far."

"Gosh you know so much, I wish you would teach me some trick of the trade like that."

"There are very few tricks really, just never look directly at camera, always pretend it's not there, always let it see what you as a bystander would want to see and always do what you as a person would want to see others doing or exactly what the director is telling you to do.

Most of all, really get into it and enjoy it, sex can be so enjoyable, why get hung up about it, let yourself go, imagine doing everything you want to do, watch out for the way your partner is leading you, they may want you in a certain position that is better than the one you are already in.

Always try something new if the opportunity arises, you never know, it might be the best experience of your life, never be led by what someone else tells you - except the director and your partner of-course, make your own mind up, that's what you've got it for, if it sounds good and it won't do any lasting damage, go for it, fill your boots, you'll be a big movie star in no time, now what about him?"

She slowly pressed the heal of her hand against his slippery shaft and let it ride to the top, she took hold of his head and pulled it. It pulsed in her hand.

"That's it, that's what I like ," she said, "when it pulses like that, it sends shudders down me, that's what I could feel when he was way up inside of me, that's what made me cum, would you make me cum again, I promise I won't stop this time?"

"I'd like to be on top of you this time, if that's all right," I said.

She smiled and said "Of-course it is silly, come here," and very gently pulled me on top of her. I knelt between her knees and started to part the endless hair in her crotch. She squealed and squirmed as I touched her. I could see her clit sticking out of the forest and dived down to suck it into my mouth.

She held my head and shook, her every sinew was on fire. She rubbed my chin up and down the length of her hole, soaking me with her juices. I licked her pubes, her gash, her lips, her clit, she juddered and shook, she froze and breathed out, she pushed my head the full length again.

I lifted her legs to touch her chest, her beautiful hairy bum was at my command. I rimmed the little puckered hole, she squealed again. Back to her vagina that has excreted pools of her fluids since I had last been there just seconds earlier.

I let her legs go, but they stayed on her chest, I climbed up to her head and placed my length at her beautiful door, it was gaping open, ready for me to penetrate, it was clenching and relaxing, opening and shutting at will. She was so wet and hot, I could feel both without entering her.

She was pleading, "Fuck me, oh, please fuck me, put him inside me, please."

I gently pushed forward, grinding my full length along her flexing hole before puncturing its jaws. I could feel her grab the side of him as he passed by, her clit was pressed flat against her bone, she gasped for air.

"Please, don't tease me, please."

I let him gently glide inside her burning, tight tunnel. She grabbed him and her muscles sucked him in, up the shaft they fluttered, I could feel her milking him. A smile crossed her screwed up face, she sighed, she whimpered. Her head left the bed as she concentrated on contracting those muscles.

She was holding onto him so tight, I thought he was going to burst, I found it difficult to move him back and forth, she wanted to suck him dry. Her head went back, I pulled nearly all the way out and pressed his shaft half way down against her butt hole whilst still toying with her G-spot with his head. She grabbed my arse and hissed, she pressed him down even harder on her rear hole, he slid up inside her again and she gasped.

She screamed, she creamed, she screamed again, she moved fast, she moved slow, she was wet, she was hot, she creamed again, her teeth bit my neck, her finger nails dug into my back, she cried into my shoulder.

"Oh that's fantastic, make her cum again, I know I've just cum, but I know she'll cum again, oh please."

I started a fast rhythm, she was thrashing about below me. I was up on my wrists, watching her, her lovely breasts were jiggling up and down with the f***e of my pumping. She raised her legs up to her chest again, she held onto her ankles. I could see him disappearing into this forest of dark hair.

Every time I pulled out of her, her muscles made sure her pink lips appeared from within her bush, she was nearly there.

She pulled me out, she stood up in front of me. I was on my knees with my face inches from her finger going crazy on her clit. Suddenly she parted her masses of hair and cum squirted all over my face. I instinctively opened my mouth and she deposited a wave on my tongue.

She was rocking on her heals, she could hardly stay on the bed, her finger was still just a blur, another wave hit my face, it was sticky and hot. It tasted delicious; I ran my tongue around my lips. I ran my hand around my face, I lapped off my fingers.

She fell, she was on the floor moaning, holding her crotch, rocking backwards and forwards, she was delirious. I jumped off the bed and picked her up in my arms.

"No, no. Please no. . . . . . . don't stop," she said as I laid her limp body back down on the soaking bed. "I need you, I need you so badly, please, put him in, let him cum, let him finish off inside me."

She curled up in a ball in front of me and slowly lifted her top leg just enough for me to part her hair once again and f***e myself past those clenched muscles.

"No, not there darling, I need you in here, I couldn't take any more there." and with that, she parted the hair on her butt and ran her finger back and forth across her little butt hole, "please cum in here, I want you to f***e him in, please."

She laid her head back down on the pillow and held open her cheeks for him to explore her other pot of gold. "Oh yes, that's it, in there, here let me help."

She held him at her doorway and moved back against his thick stem. His head went inside her as she pulled on her cheeks, "Oh, that's it, that's it, go on, that's it, oh, that's lovely, further, oh yea, further, gently."

She was so tight, I pressed home and could feel similar muscle contractions here. She felt glorious, he was beginning to stir. That old familiar feeling from deep down in my balls, he was starting to erupt way down.

Not yet, I need to enjoy this wonderful feeling, she needs to enjoy it as well.

She was cooing, whimpering, rubbing her head in the pillow, encouraging every movement, every throb of my staff, every pulse brought a shudder, every twitch a gasp, every push a "Yeeesss."

I was so far up her brown hole I could feel that bend in her bowel but she wanted every inch I had and although it must have been hurting, she showed no sign of restricting anything I wanted to do and every time we were mashing our hair together, she pushed back at me for that last inch.

I cuddled so close to her, one hand on a quivering tit, another holding onto her butt cheek, opening and closing it in sink to my pulsing cock.

He was cuming, she new it, she looked through bleary eyes over her shoulder. "Do you want to cum in me or on me," she whispered.

"Both," I answered.

"Oh God, yes," she said as she flopped back down again, "Yes, go on, do it, yeeessss, cum in me. Pull him out, let me rub it in."

"Not yet, wait, wait, Ohhhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . ohhhhhhh shit, yes."

He came so hard, it nearly lifted her off the bed, she grabbed me and screamed again. He exploded again inside her, same response. I pulled out of her and she immediately grabbed him, threw a leg over my head and sat facing me.

Bang, again he exploded, cum all over her chest, dribbling down to her pubes. Up on my knees, bang another load splatters her face, she giggles, half out of her mind. She draws tramlines in the cum on her chest, she rubs it all around her face, sucking it off her fingers.

Bang, another load in my hand. She wants it, she pushes my hand into her breast and squeezes it out the sides In her mouth, she's sucking him dry, moaning , milking him dry with her hand.

Bang, in her mouth again. It's my turn to flop over on the bed, trying to catch air. She shows me her open mouth with my cum clinging to her tongue and her teeth. We kiss, we share my load, it tastes salty, but she loves it.

She throws herself on top of me, sharing my cum that's all over her, we gently rub it in with our bodies. Her beautiful breasts gleaming from the sweat and the cum.

We settle down, allowing our minds to become accustomed to what has just taken place. This little live wire has just cum more than she may ever cum again. She will never forget this experience, she is still trembling, still silently cooing, gently groaning, gently encircling a pool of my cum filling her belly button.

She pumps him slowly and hard again with her wet hand, another few drops emerge, she's down on him again.

She moves round so my face is full of hair. I lick her pubes, so much hair, so much wonderful hair. She smells fabulous, she smells of sex, of sweat, of cum. I carry on licking, sucking her hair, the cum coming from her butt is flowing down to her bush. We clean each other best we can, too much of everything to do a proper job. We're spent.

"How can I ever put into words how I feel right now?" she asks.

"I don't think you have to, you look radiant, you're glowing, this agrees with you, you were marvellous, you don't have any thing to learn, you were just what I needed and you knew it, didn't you, you read me, my body, my mind, my needs and you gave yourself totally to satisfy those needs. No-one can ever give more than that."

I had been asl**p when the door closing woke me, it was my delectable Sami.

"What time is it," I said blearily.

"Half past four."

"Half past four, it can't be, where's Tanya?"

"I don't know, I came back to the room half an hour ago and I could still hear the two of you, so I went and stood at the bar again, much happen in the four hours I was away, what was she like, was she as nice as I thought she was going to be when I left?"

"And some." I said coyly.

"Well we'll just have to review the film when we get home and see just how good she was won't we."

"But I thought you said the camera was off. . . . . . . .”

"I lied, te he." she sniggered.

She's got a wicked laugh but she’s right, that’s going to make some great viewing and we're going to have some great sex to go along with it.
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2 years ago
HOT and so nice to hear about someone really appreciating and enjoying a hairy pussy.
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great stuff - now K and I need to find a waitress to bring us something in bed - and maybe get you guys to film it / and then we can swap.