Awayday (chapter 3)

It was now Sunday morning, I awoke to find Sami gently rubbing 'Meat' in her sl**p. I wondered what it was she was dreaming about. Suddenly, I remembered the events of last evening.

Don and Terri, I wondered if they felt as delicate as I did right now. It was a mixture of the drink and the action. I couldn't remember getting to bed, my head hurt, just a little, but my body, Ohhh, God I ached. I tried to move but decided that was a bad idea.

Parts of me seemed to be stuck to the sheet, other parts of the sheet seemed to have been stuck to me earlier. Sami was not of this world yet, so I decided to get up and see if I could take a well earned shower without disturbing her.

I stood under the lovely hot spray from the shower head, holding on to the back wall. I let it run over my hair and down my back, oh that felt good. My body was beginning to feel like the one I had come on holiday with but my groin area still felt as though it had been run over by a bus. What a lovely feeling, if I didn't have those fabulous images racing round my head, I suppose I would have hurt more, but combine the two and I had every reason to feel great.

I walked back to the bedroom as I dried off and stood looking at Sami. She seemed to have red blotches and little scratch marks all over the parts of her body I could see. I knelt down beside her and kissed her gently on the cheek. She smiled up at me and tried to open one eye.

"What time is it?" she said as she tried to move, "Oh God, I hurt, do you feel like this?" "It's half past ten and yes, well I did, but I've had a shower and it's eased things a bit." "I suppose we've missed Don and Terri, I meant to say goodbye before they left but I suppose they've gone by now."

"I don't know, do you want me to ring their room and see if there's any reply?" "Would you darling, it would be nice to say tarah if we can."

"Hello, Terri, it's Bob, I just wanted to say thanks again for last night, hope you two feel as rough as we do, you do, oh good. When are you off? Hang on I'll just tell Sami."

"She says they are just going down to the bar and did we want to join them for a last drink?" "Oh hell, yes, but how long can they give us, I can't go down looking, smelling and feeling like this, I must get a shower." Half an hour, is that long enough?"

"Yes, fine, hi Terri," she shouted as she jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. "Oh, my body, what did they do to me last night, I feel as though I've been mangled."

I hung up and went to talk to Sami as she took her shower. "Mmmm, you're right, it feels wonderful; I think I could stay in here all day." "Have you seen all those marks and scratches?" I asked. "Where?" she said, starting to look at herself, "Oh Christ, yes, I don't remember doing those." "And what about that one in your crotch?" She bent over and just laughed. She had a perfect ring of teeth marks encircling her vagina. "Well I certainly don't remember that one, but from the looks of those teeth marks I should."

We were down stairs in just over the half hour, pretending to hobble into the bar. Don and Terri were sat back down where they had been sat the day before.

There was a beautiful, huge plate of sandwiches waiting for us. "Tuck in," Don said, "If you're anything like as hungry as we were, they are only going to last about five minutes, we've had ours and we all missed breakfast, coffee?" "Oooo, yes please," we both said in unison.

"How do you two feel today," I asked. "Like we both spent the night on a corrugated iron roof," Terri said, "Wasn't it wonderful, I haven't felt as radiant and alive as this for ages, we just had to see you both again before we went.

Now listen, we've written down our address and telephone number for you both. Please don't feel you have to contact us, but if you are ever in our neck of the woods, please, please come and see us, won't you?"

"Funny you should say that you sweet darling, we have done the same and I had prepared a virtually identical speech," said Sami as we exchanged funny bits of 'The Bay Hotel' headed paper. Terri and Sami also exchanged very passionate cuddles and then both went "Ouch!" as their bodies reminded them of their delicate condition.

"Well we must be off, I am being very sincere when I say how glad I am the four of us met, I really am." said Don, and with that, they were gone.

Slightly tearful, Sami looked at me and said, "I can't help it, they were lovely, I wonder if we ever will meet them again?" As we sat in silence, finishing the sandwiches, I said, "Can't see us doing too much today, can you?" She just shook her head and carried on eating.

The following day, we were up and raring to go. It was eight thirty and we were determined not to miss breakfast this morning. It was the buffet style breakfast and we pigged out, not quite over our need for food after the other night and anyway, hopefully we can now go to dinner time without having to break off whatever or whoever we decide to do today for lunch.

After we left breakfast behind, we went back to our room and poured a stiff vodka and knocked that back, poured another one and sat pondering the brochure. Sami looked out the window overlooking the sea and noted that it was a glorious day and how about a bit of exhibitionism today.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked. "Well I could wear that outfit I had on the other night and be a bit more deliberate as far as the natives are concerned."

Deliberate? I wonder what she had in mind this time, I bet it's going to be fun though. Off we went, down the promenade, Sami with her nipples grinding against her lace shirt and me hanging on to her shoulders to push her breasts together and give her a cleavage to die for, (a little trick she showed me in a mirror one day - it works too).

There were railings running along the edge of the beach and as we approached a group of lads, she said, "Come on, lets sit on the railings a while." I wondered at the time what she meant, but it didn't take a genius to work out what she was up to.

As she sat on the middle bar, flopping her arms over the top bar, her butt hung behind her and slightly lower than the bar she was sat on. From where the lads were sitting about fifty yards away, they must have got a lovely shot of her shaved pussy and curvy butt.

One of the lads suddenly noticed her and took his camera slowly out of his bag. He snapped off a few shots and then nudged his mates, they too looked and couldn't believe their luck.

Sami was way ahead of them, once they seemed satisfied with that pose, she stuck one leg up on the middle bar and gave them a beautiful open shot of her already wet, open lips and her pubic triangle.

More snaps, then she hung off the bar like a monkey, her arse was totally open to their lenses. Suddenly, one of them stood up and started to walk over to us.

"Scuse me for asking, but are you a model and are you her agent, it's only that the lads and I were wondering if you would be interested in a photographic session, you know, just along the beach there where it's a bit quieter."

"How much, well let's be fair, if you want to photograph my model and I'm on ten per cent, I got to look after our interests, don't I?" I said.

"Well I don't know, shall I go and ask the lads how much they've got on them?" "Yea son, you do that," I said, all kind of 'ard.

As he reached his mates, we were both trying to keep a straight face. "You my manager now then, guv?" "Yea doll, so you betta watch it or else, all right?" "Yea guv."

"We've got seventy five quid on us, is that any good?" "That gets you 'alf an 'our, son, come on show us where you mean, times money as they say." And with that, we were all off down the road, the lads on the beach trying desperately to pack away their gear and catch up with us walking on the pavement.

About half a mile down the promenade, the road and pavement turn inland and the beach turns into dunes, never popular with anyone other than lovers and, oh of-cause, camera crews.

"There's only one ground rule, NO TOUCHING. Try to get your shot in without coming within five yards of her, other than that, the poses she strikes will be up to you.

"Will she be keeping her clothes on?" Somebody from the back shouted.

"Well normally that's extra, but seeing your so well behaved, and you are aren't you? (lots of nodding heads), she'll take them off, but just this once mind. OK doll, strip," I said as I snapped my fingers at her and found a dune to sit on.

She looked at me as if she wanted to make me eat the bl**dy dune, but played along with it and very seductively started to undo buttons.

Clicks could be heard all over the dunes. "Hang on fellas, don't be in such a hurry, you'll have no memory left when she gets down to the interesting bits." I said. The clicking stopped and only slowly recovered.

For the next half hour there were all kind of strange poses requested, but no-one ever crossed the five yard line I had drawn in the sand. Nice that, I thought.

"Right lads, times up, just one more thing now, as a special treat, I thought I would ask 'Mandy' here if she would be good enough to have her photo taken with each one of you individually in a pose of your choice, what do ya think doll?"

"Great idea," she said. A cheer went up the size of which Wembley would have been proud. The first couple went up and just sat next to her. The next couple asked if I minded her being touched.

"No, whatever you want." After e few had fondled her, another couple were kissing her pubes, loads of embarrassed laughter from the lads. Finally, 'Big Mac' stood up, dropped his shorts and produced a penis the size of a k**s arm. Not really hard, thank God, but massive enough to worry poor old Sami (Mandy).

Luckily for her, he just lay on his back, asked her to pick it up and pretend she was going down on him.

With that, they all shook our hands, wished us luck, thanked us a thousand times, giggled and laughed about what had just happened, not really believing it and saying no-one at college was going to believe them.

They started putting the money together and I said, "Don't bother lads, this doll makes about half a mill. a year doing it for real, that's our treat OK?" "Wow, Mr. thanks again, cool, ey guys, cool, see ya."

We rejoined the promenade and walked back towards the town. As we walked past the pagoda we had first seen Terri and Don in, I thought, why don't we do to somebody what they did to us. "OK," said Sami, "sounds like a good idea, who?" "How about this old geeza coming along, lets make his day for him."

So we ran up the path to the pagoda, Sami started fiddling with my zip as I rubbed some life into him. "Quick, sit down, I need to get us both in position," Sami said as she patted the bench next to her. I sat down confident that he was awake enough for me to give a good account of myself. She quickly bent her head down and took half of him in her mouth, gently pumping the other half.

Up sauntered the old guy. "Put it away son, what do you want to do, give an old veteran a heart attack." and with that he was off, he didn't even break his stride.

We just roared, put him away, stood up, cuddled, told each other we loved us and walked back into town, arm in arm. Sami had done a bit of shopping, got some shoes or something, we had been to a pub for a pint and shared a basket meal (no, we didn't make it to dinner) and were generally chilling out.

It was mid afternoon and I knew from experience, it was Sami's horniest time of day. Consequently, my hand automatically fondled her arse as we walked and she tucked her finger ends in my waist elastic.

"Do you know what I could do with?" she said, looking up at the MacDonald’s sign, "a Big Mac." "But we've just eaten, how can you be hungry already." "Oh no, not one you can buy in here," she said as she slowly turned her head from the sign to look me straight in the eye.

"You've got that look in your eye again, how the hell are we going to find him now, he could be anywhere, and what are you going to say to him if we do find him?" "Oh, I'll think of something, we could at least try to find him and you won't be left out will you?"

"No, I know, but I'm just a bit afraid that after you have got this idea stuck in your mind, we're not going to be able to find him and you're going to be disappointed, that's all."

"That's sweet darling, come on, let's go and scan the beach," she was off, not exactly running down the road, but certainly leaving a dust trail. Do you know, we must have looked for over an hour, nothing. We looked in all the likely places, the pubs, Virgin, sports shops, and then, just as we were getting totally pissed off, as if on cue, there he was.

He was tall, boy was he tall, he stood a good head (!!!!!) above everyone around him. He had a couple of ice creams with him, but where were his mates.

"Hi there,” Sami went straight up to him and said, "delivering one of those to your mates or can I have one."

"Oh shit Miss, hi to you both again, I mean," he spluttered in surprise, "No, I mean yes, sure you can and no, I wasn't taking one of them back to a mate, if you see what I mean, how you been, what you doing, just chilling?"

"Yea, what's your name big fella?"

"Oh, mmm, Charles Henry McDougal, but everyone just calls me Big Mac because of my. . . . . . . . you know," as he looked around and then secretively pointed down to his crotch.

"Are you considered a big boy then?" I asked.

"Oh, yes sir," he said, "everybody says they never seen anything like it, I should be in the movies, but I never seen one in the movies, so I guess I can't say sir."

"Well I was just wondering about that," Sami chirped in, "you see, keep this very much to yourself, but we are here to audition certain individuals in this town for a movie we are going to make and wondered if you wanted to audition for the part of 'Stonewall Dick-son', it's a movie about the American civil war."

"Oh yea, I love soldiers." was all he said as he dreamily looked ahead. This is going to be hard work, I could feel it in my bones.

"I don't have to remember many lines do I, it's just that I don't seem to be able to do that very well."

"No, no, don't worry," Sami said "somehow, I don't think you'll be doing too much talking, so you up for that then?"

"Yea sure Miss, when do you want me?"

"I want you right now Mac, no time like the present, is there, you free now are you?"

"Well yea, Miss, have I got time to finish my ice cream?"

"Oh I think we can arrange that," she said as she took me on her left arm and Mac on her right and marched us off down the street.

We got back to the hotel and up to the room in double quick time. We poured another drink each and sat down in the chair just resting our feet. "Think I'll take a shower," I said, "it's been a bit hot out there today and it'll freshen me up."

"That's a good idea, why don't we all take one." Sami said looking straight at Mac.

"OK Miss, just let me know when the showers free." he said innocently. "I meant together silly," she said pulling him out of the chair and starting to undo his shorts.

She had his shirt off next and just stood back to admire him. "Wow, you are a big boy aren't you, must be ten inches long and still no sign of life, mind you I should think it takes some getting straight doesn't it?"

He was trying desperately not to be embarrassed with me partially clothed, Sami still clothed and him stood in the buff.

"Ay, come on you," I said to Sami, that's not very fair on the lad, at least you could take your clothes off and let him see what he's about to get, oh yes, sorry, he's already seen it hasn't he."

I couldn't have picked a worst time to be rude to her because I was just bending over taking off my shorts when she flicked my bear arse with his T-shirt. Shit that hurt, got me right on the end of my cheek.

I felt very puny stood next to Mac so I made sure I wasn't stood next to him very long.

When he saw Sami's voluptuous figure coming into sight, there was definite movement in that beautiful limb, it was stirring into action like a huge bridge raising itself to let through a ship in full sail.

What a load of bull shit, it was starting to get hard, OK, that's all there is to it.

Sami led Mac into the bathroom and I went and opened the wardrobe to get the canon G12 out of the case - the 'thing' we had to go back for, remember?

Meanwhile in the shower Mac was towering over Sami and she felt totally swamped by him, he looked so strong, so Arnold. His massive limb was at about waist height to Sami when she gently took hold of it and squeezed the end. He growled and arched backwards a little, sticking it out at her.

It certainly wasn't hard yet but it had a lot of body to it. She bent down until it was at eye level and gently washed it. She pulled back the foreskin and revealed a surprisingly small head.

Well don't get me wrong here, there was nothing small about any part of Mac, it's just that most heads are larger than the girth of the shaft and his wasn't. Could be a God send for later, she thought.

She tried to measure it in her own mind. It must be a foot long by now and still growing. I set up the tripod opposite the corner of the bed for later and took the camera into the bathroom, what a site - Sami on her knees and this pink and purple 'thing' just staring at her with its one eye open and ready if needed.

She slowly and very deliberately put both hands round it and started to nibble at the end. He shuddered, this huge frame just quivered, if he was ever to fall over, well, it's just not worth thinking about.

It was still growing, nearly hard now, that nibbling was doing the trick. He growled again, this time with f***e, he was nearly there, he had nearly got it to full height.

"Has anyone ever measured that thing Mac?" I asked from behind the lens. I think I surprised him because his head shot round as he opened his eyes to see where the voice had come from.

"It's OK Mac," as I pointed at the camera and said, "just getting a few preliminaries down on film for the publicity, you know, now go on, answer the question and into the camera please."

"Eh, yea, a couple of the guys did once. They brought one of their s****rs into the gym showers and got her to do what Sami's doing because they knew that makes it go rampant and then they measured it. For science they said."

"And what did it measure then Mac?"

"Oh, I think they said it was fifteen inches long and six inches in girth, or was it the other way round, no it couldn't be, could it, look at it, he he."

He gave off this funny little laugh that made Sami's head shake vigorously. She was only onto about a third of his shaft and was stuffed, just couldn't stretch her mouth round any more of it but she pumped the rest by putting both hands round the thick oak tree shaft.

"I'm going to have to get out of here, I can't see a damn thing through the lens, see you in a minute." Sami couldn't answer.

They finally appeared out of the bathroom, Sami leading Mac by his 'lead'. Mac lay on the bed while Sami went over to the dresser and brought over the body oil.

The camera was rolling as she started to trickle it down his huge body, then put the bottle down and instead of rubbing it in with her hands, she lay on top of him and rubbed it in with her body.

This was driving Mac mad, it was very difficult not to look at his giant limb, it just seemed to be everywhere. Sami was glistening by now and Mac still growled, her beautiful glowing breasts were in his mouth, taking a real hammering and then either side of his giant, gently wanking it up and down.

Every time it came out the top of her boobs, she took it in her mouth, sucked hard for a couple of seconds and then let it disappear again. She lifted her body up his and his limb slipped between her legs and out behind her.

Most men would have been proud to own what stuck up behind Sami's butt. Not for impaling yet, lets work this lad a bit more first. Sami gently prized her fanny lips open with the head and then let it slip by, back to her boobs, then back in her mouth, back to her clit.

At first, Sami had been playing to the camera, but now she was starting to forget about that and was really getting into things. Back to her mouth, her boobs, her mouth, then, oh my God, he's cuming.

Sami was caught off guard; she didn't quite know what to do. He was grunting, groaning, shooting, covering her boobs, her chin, her hair. Loads of white pearls, white strings, white pools. Oh, what the hell, enjoy it, so she started to lap it up as a cat would a saucer of milk.

"Mmmm nice, Bob you should taste this, actually, he tastes just like you do."

"Well, I suppose that's it for a while," as I stopped my masturbating and stood up to turn the camera off.

"Do you need to rest," Mac asked Sami.

"No, I don't, but we assumed you did, you know after just . . . . . . . .

"Oh no, no need to worry about that, he does that a lot, just ignore it, sorry if I messed you up."

"Don't worry about it, as long as it doesn't upset your 'performance', plenty of mess pleeessse."

So it was 'as you were' Sami and I had a secret little shrug of our shoulders at each other but thought, lets get this show on the road then. It was about time things got serious and Sami couldn't wait.

Ever since she had seen it in all its glory in the shower, the obvious questions just wouldn't leave her mind. What would happen if he split her wide open? What would happen if she ruined it for me for ever more? If she took him, would she ever be able to shrink back to normal size ever again? Would she dare take him, or even try?

Things were moving along naturally, her curiosity was just too much for her, she had to try, but at her speed and if it hurt, she could get off. She straddled his stomach and could feel it half way up her back, oh my God, she thought, this was either going to be fabulous or a total disaster, and all on camera.

I shuffled to the corner of my chair pounding madly and held my breath. She leant forward and had to slide up his body until she was nearly at his nipple line.

She was going to need some help here, so I got to my feet and took a hold of the monster. Mac looked up at me and I put my finger to my mouth to tell him to keep quiet.

I could see her glistening lips wide open, but not open enough yet to even accept the head. Thank God the head wasn't thicker than the shaft. We were ready, the body oil had made everything lovely and slippery.

I opened her lips wider and the head disappeared, quite easily actually, I could see she was taking more and more inside of her but what was left outside didn't seem to be getting any shorter. It must have been a wonderful shot from where the camera was, close in tight between Sami's legs. She pulled out a little and then pushed more in, her breathing was getting heavy.

Back out again, in again, out, suddenly, Mac grunted, held her back so she couldn't move and gave a couple of very short stabs, another couple of grunts then slowly let go of her back.

"Sorry," he whispered, "carry on."

She was enjoying this, as yet she felt ok, she felt stretched, she felt she could take more, she felt very wet and her itch was definitely getting scratched. I couldn't believe how taught her vagina lips were, so stretched to accept his six inches of girth, quite apart from the length of this magnificent b**st, the girth was fabulous too.

I could now see, as she worked herself on and off of his staff, his cum was churning up and being squashed out the sides. It came out in little spurts, it had nowhere else to go.

Suddenly, she flinched, she began to shake, to shudder, to grind, to groan, to shiver, she held onto his chest, she clenched her teeth and hissed through them, she clamped down on him or at least the half inside of her. Seconds later, she started to relax.

"Sorry," she whispered, "carry on."

I wonder if she meant that, knowing Sami, she had indeed cum but just wanted to make a point. He took hold of her hips and for the first time he started to move his butt backwards and forwards, just slightly at first but with ever increasing movement.

I watched as her juices joined his being churned together by this unreal pounding, froth trickling down his mighty tool and on to his surprisingly small sack. Perhaps it just seemed small next to its giant neighbour.

With her being so well lubricated in their cum, his penetration technique was gaining him ground, she now had about nine or ten inches inside her and you could tell she was starting to feel every inch.

On his upward stroke, she would flinch as he bottomed out, sometimes he would catch her cervix right on the end and push it up into her womb, now that would hurt and if it wasn't for Sami's masochistic streak, she would have 'rested' there and then, but push on Mac, push on.

I checked the camera, I checked the memory, I checked the focus, I checked our drinks, should I suggest a break now? No, lets wait, that's just me worrying unnecessarily. Did she have her own goals here? Of-cause she did, just how much could she take, I had to find out.

He was cuming again, the grunts were louder the growling vibrated the bed. She held perfectly still, if he pushed forward again as he came, she was going to hurt. He did, just a little but it made her jump, her head went back, she was pushing down as well, she was cuming again. She was up on her hands, pushing down on his chest, she must have had twelve very long inches inside her now, she couldn't take any more surely.

He shuddered, she shook, they were both growling and grunting through another magnificent climax, his mighty tool had sent her over the top again, her tight little hole held onto him so tight, he could feel every wrinkle in her beautiful tube.

"Sorry," he whispered, "carry on."

"Actually Mac, I'm so hot and so very thirsty, do you mind if we take a break here and have a drink."

"Oh, I'm sorry, no of-cause, yea, let's have a drink, I need a pee anyway."

She very slowly pulled the length out from within her and flopped down on the bed next to him and watched as his cum still oozed out from that purple mound on the end of his magnificent shaft. She took it in her mouth and savoured his flavour.

He was off to the bathroom and she looked over at me. "Are you ok darling," she said, "not much fun for you is it?"

"Look, I'm fine if you are, this is fascinating, I've never seen anything like this and we are going to have some great times watching this film, are you sure you're ok?"

"It's incredible, I've never been so full, It's an incredible feeling, I hope you don't mind me talking like this, it's as if I don't enjoy making love to you, you know that's not the truth don't you?"

"I know darling, I don't mind you enjoying this experience as long as you still love me."

"Of-cause I do darling, I love you even more for letting me do this, how much more of him is there still to go, you see I can't tell from where I am, is there much, I would love to take it all inside of me if I can."

"I would say another three or four inches, it's hard to tell, you had the most inside you when you both came just now, how did it feel?"

"Very, very full, very stretched, it's only hurt a couple of times but nothing I couldn't handle, I haven't really hurt at all yet, do you think I'm going to make it?"

The way she was propped up on one elbow looking towards me, you could see her stretched lips hadn't made any attempt to go back into place yet, I just hoped they would eventually.

"She looks so stretched, look." She looked down and saw this gapping hole where once her neat little fanny had been. "Good grief, I didn't realise I could stretch this far, look at all this cum." "It's like I've just had a baby." she laughed.

"Do you mind if I have a drink as well, please sir?" Mac was back from the bathroom, some of his stiffness had gone and it was hanging down like a horse.

"Sure sit down, I'll get you one, vodka ok for you?"

"Sure, anything."

We chatted and laughed for a while with both of them up on one elbow facing me on the bed. I had switched the camera off for the time being, not wanting to waste the memory and the chance of some action.

"So Mac, you keep cuming like that, how many times is it now, three, four?" "Three so far sir." "How come you just keep going like that?"

"I don't know sir, it just does, I don't think I've ever had to stop yet from cuming too much."

Sami and I just looked at each other, she raised her eyebrows at me as if to say, lucky bastard, what staying power.

"How many girlfriends have you had Mac, have any of them been able to take all of you?"

"I've had loads of girlfriends sir, but I haven't been able to do much with most of them, they just seem to want to see it and then run away, scared I guess."

"I'm not really surprised Mac, it is a bit of a terrifying site, don't you think?"

"I suppose so sir."

"Has anyone taken it all yet?" Sami interrupted.

"No, not yet, I wish someone would, it must be a great feeling to have it all inside, I've never felt that yet."

Sami was starting to fidget again, this was her kind of conversation and it was getting her hot and horny. She reached out for the oil again and asked Mac to put some on her. As he rubbed it in, she squirmed under his touch. She then held his staff upright and trickled it down its length, giving me the bottle and rubbing it back up to the head again with both hands, then down again, he was getting mighty hard again.

She spun round and asked Mac to hold onto her hips as she straddled him and faced away towards me. He dutifully held onto her hips and I positioned his rod.

I felt the bl**d surging through his veins, the slippery length slowly pumping through my hands. The head disappeared again, she hissed.

This time she wasted no time, she was back to where it had been before in seconds, raising up and down, with Macs help, her tight hole was wanking his shaft, his eyes tightly closed, further and further down she went.

Twelve inches, thirteen, she stopped her movement, her head went forward, her teeth clenched, she shuddered, f******n, she grabbed his legs. She pushed up again and half his shaft reappeared.

Down again, the sweat dripped off her brow.

A definite outline of his rod stuck out from her stomach every time she went down on him. It must be pushing up into her womb, it was as though I was watching a baby kick within her stomach without the bulge of pregnancy. Out again, down again, the outline stretched a pathway across her stomach skin, could she do it.

He was cuming again, the thought of being totally inside someone, finally, was just too much, he shuddered, he shook, his head and shoulders left the bed. He grunted and growled, she held still, enjoying the heat of his cum spraying her insides.

No apologies this time, just a few seconds then another gentle rhythm. She slowly pulled herself off his limb and asked him to enter her from behind, he was wet, he was dripping cum all over the bed, it was running from her gapping hole, down her leg, onto the sheet.

She was on all fours when he positioned himself. In went the head, half his shaft, ten inches, twelve, gently, he massaged her butt, he used his juices to role his hand over her little puckered preserve. His finger was at her back door, she was hissing.

"Yeeeesss. . . . . . . Oh God, yeeesssssss. She was exploding, in her head, all over her body, in her womb, she was cuming.

It was the most explosive she could remember, she had never felt so crammed packed. She flooded, poured out and around his shaft, she gushed, she pushed, she gushed some more, it ran down her legs, his legs, dripped off her rigid clit, his sac.

She hissed, he growled, he was cuming again, the site and sounds around him, he couldn't take it any more. She screamed the scream of delirium, of f***e, of power, of control, of success.

HE WAS IN. He was fully in. She held him, she whimpered, he cried, he came, he withdrew gently then pushed all the way in. His pubes were brushing lightly against her butt.

His giant arms were holding her tightly. He kissed her neck, the back of her head, he came again, it just had nowhere to go, gushing out of them both. She was now able to take him gently in and out and to the hilt every time.. My glorious Sami had done it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We lay on the bed cuddling each other softly. I was stroking her head. Mac had been gone a couple of hours now, we had had dinner in our room as Sami still wasn't quite steady on her feet yet. She could just about walk, with a little help, but she couldn't sit down.

She wouldn't let anything or anybody go anywhere near her cunt but reassured me that she was getting feeling back in her muscles and it wouldn't be long before she could clench a normal penis, the way she had done until this afternoon.

She was so tired. I could feel her dropping off to sl**p in my arms. What a fabulous girl, my glorious Sami.

What a fabulous film we now have!!!!!!!
100% (6/0)
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2 years ago
Awesome story.
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