Awayday (chapter 2)

Well, Mick had now gone and so had the vodka. We didn't panic, but without saying a word, we were both dressed and ready to go find the nearest store.

We walked down the sea front arm in arm, Sami with a very see-through, sheer, black lace, long sleeved shirt on with a short, but not rude skirt and waistcoat. Me in my normal denim cut-offs and tour T-shirt.

We were admiring the scenery when Sami noticed a very passionate couple in a pagoda overlooking the sea. The guy, I would guess was about thirty and the woman was a little younger, both were dressed in beach wear and looked very hot. The pagoda was surrounded in bushes and it was quite obvious they had no idea they were being watched.

The guy had his hand on her breast and was massaging it vigorously. She, in turn was massaging the front of his shorts and there was no mistaking the effect she was having on him. After a while of silently watching we felt we should leave them to it as we wondered how we would feel if it was us. Both of us agreed we wouldn't mind at all, so we stuck around to watch some more.

After about ten minutes, she had managed to free his rampant erection out of the front of his now opened shorts and was sucking for all she was worth on the bulbous head. This was driving him crazy and he had both hands in her hair pushing her head on and off his prick. It wasn't long before he drew her head away from him and was cuming all over her hand that had replaced her head.

She rubbed it in his sack, she licked it off her fingers, she scooped it off his leg and devoured that and finally went down on him again to clean up what was still on him and to drain the last drops out of him.

Both of us, by now, had had enough of our inactivity and decided we should go and find the new bottle of vodka that had our name on it and go back to the hotel and seek a bit of activity of our own. After all, it had been over three hours since Mick had left us and we were starting to feel horny again, especially after what we had just witnessed our new friends doing.

We soon had our little carrier bag and decided that rather than go straight back to the hotel, we would go via the pagoda and see if they were still there. Unfortunately, when we got there, they had gone and all that was left was the little pool of cum on the floor where he had been sitting. Back at the hotel, we got our key from the reception desk and were about to take the lift when Sami grabbed my arm.

"Isn't that them?" she said.

"Who?" I said turning to look in the general direction she was pointing. "Yes, I think you're right, in fact I'm sure you are, I'd recognise those shorts anywhere, shall we go and investigate?"

"We can't," Sami said, "how can we just march up to them and announce that we liked what we saw them doing earlier?" "We don't have to be that blunt darling, but I'm sure we can strike up a conversation with them, come on."

"Hi, a bit quiet in here isn't it," I said when we reached the booth they were sat at. "Sure is," said the guy, "would you like to sit and have a drink with us?" "That's very kind," said Sami, holding out her hand, "I'm Sami and this is Bob, are you staying here?" "Yes," said the girl, "just for tonight, my name is Terri and this is Don, are you staying here?"

"Yes, for the week, but we've just got here this morning and we've only been to the store so far." "Oh, we've been here for the last week and this is our last night, we were just discussing what we should do with tonight to make it a bit special." "Can't help you there, we don't know enough about the place yet."

Don couldn't take his eyes off Sami's top and Terri was getting quite embarrassed at him staring. "Don't stare Don, poor Sami's going to be frightened off before she's even had time for a drink with us." "Oh, I'm sorry Sami, I didn't mean to stare, it's just such a great top you have on, that's all." We all laughed knowing full well that Don probably hadn't even noticed that Sami had a top on and was staring straight through the top at Sami's magnificent breasts and ever hardening nipples.

"Ok, ok, I admit it, but you can't blame a guy can you?" "Don't worry about it Don," I said, "Sami's been getting looks like that all afternoon, you would think people hadn't seen a pair of tits before." "Probably not a pair as lovely as those." Terri said.

"Oh, come on Terri, I bet you turn heads as you walk down the road, don't you?" Sami chirped in. The drinks arrived from the bar and I signed for them. The small talk continued and we all found out all we needed to about each other to know that there wasn't anything about any of us that the others didn't like. Sami seemed to be talking and laughing more and more with Don and Terri and I knowingly nodded in their direction to acknowledge the fact that they were getting on very well.

Sami was now sitting in the soft chair with her legs tucked up under her and Terri commented quietly to me what a beautiful view she was getting from where she was sat. I asked her what she meant and she leaned forward to describe that as Sami only had on quite a short skirt and no knickers, she was getting an eyeful of her perfectly trimmed mound and bald lips.

I was quite surprised that Sami had 'forgotten' to put her knickers on, but there again, we had left in rather a hurry and we were on holiday.

My conversation with Terri finally got round to the pagoda and although she was quite shocked at the thought of us having seen what they had been doing to each other, she wasn't horrified and accepted it quite well.

About an hour had gone past now and the drinks had been coming thick and fast. Sami leant over to me and whispered that Don had just suggested we all go up to their room and raid their mini bar as it was their last night, how about trying to leave it empty. Terri was glued to Sami's crotch as she leant over to me and I could see it was having quite an effect on her.

I told Sami that it was ok by me and I would find out from Terri how she felt about it. Terri said she thought no-one was going to get around to coming up with the obvious, and was on her wobbly feet in a shot. The drink had gone to her head and she flopped down in the chair again, much to the amusement of the rest of us. I helped her to her feet again and with a kiss on my cheek, she thanked me and took hold of my arm to make sure she made it safely to the lifts.

Once inside the lifts she rested her head on my chest and thanked me with closed eyes for helping her to get upstairs. When we got out on their floor and went through their door, I was quite impressed, it wasn't just a room but an apartment. It had a living room and separate bedroom that Terri immediately disappeared into.

Don told us to make ourselves at home whilst he mixed us some drinks. Sami suggested she go and see if Terri was ok and disappeared through the bedroom door. Don brought the drinks over to where I was sitting and put them down on the table in front of me.

"Listen Bob, don't get me wrong, but I really like Sami and I was just wondering. . . . . . . . . well, I don't know how to put this, mmmm." "Don't worry Don, if she likes you enough, she will let you know and as long as you are good to her, then it's cool by me, Sami is a very head strong lady and when we are on holiday, we like to enjoy ourselves to the full, how do you and Terri feel about that?"

"Well Terri has been making signs to me behind your back all afternoon to get you up here. When you and Sami came in the hotel earlier, she told me that she was convinced it was you and Sami that had been watching us in the pagoda and couldn't wait to meet you both, she's also very turned on by Sami."

"So you knew already that we saw you both in the pagoda, no wonder she wasn't too upset when I told her about it." "No, in fact we set the whole thing up, although we didn't know you were staying here at the time, we saw you coming along the promenade and thought it would be an incredible turn on for us if you 'caught us' at it, and it was, believe me, I couldn't wait to cum, as you probably gathered."

We both laughed just as the ladies rejoined us. Terri looked well recovered and it turns out she was faking most of the d***kenness just to get close to me and to get Sami on her own for a little 'chat'. Similar to me and Don, they had discussed things and, as it turns out, we seem to be very similar in our sexual promiscuity.

I sat on the floor with Terri playing footsy with me while Sami and Don stood near the window and looked out into the bay and chatted. Terri recited various sexual games they had played in public and that was getting me very turned on. I looked over to Sami and Don and they were now cuddling and Don was gently massaging Sami's butt.

Terri came up to sit on my lap and I marvelled at how light she was, until she pointed out to me that she was, in fact, not sitting on me, but was squatting on her knees and could lift herself at any time. This squatting and her showing me how it worked was having just the effect she hoped it would and 'Meat' started to 'raise to the occasion'. This kind of movement didn't go unnoticed and instead of lifting herself up and down, Terri put her arms round my neck and started moaning in my ear as she ground her crotch into my bulge.

She was obviously hitting just the right spot because twice every cycle, once on the way forwards and then again on the way back, she would shudder under the full blow of her weight on whatever spot she found so arousing. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that this partial stranger was pressing her sex down on my tool, I wasn't particularly taking part in anything.

I raised her skirt to take further part in the game we were playing and found a bush of pubes looking back up at me. On the forward stroke, the bush would disappear, but on the backwards stoke, a streak of wetness would show up on my cut-offs and a huge mangle of hair would appear. This thickness, this mountain, this mop of pubic hair was in stark contrast to Sami who always kept hers well away from her lips and cropped in whatever shape took her fancy at the time.

It was very exciting, seeing all that hair, if there was ever a time I was to be reminded this was not Sami, it was now.

The groaning was getting louder, Don and Sami had stopped what they were doing and had come over just to touch Terri and to encourage her to her orgasm. Their hands were all over her body, they pulled bits of clothing off her, they spoke strange noises at her and to her, they slapped different parts of her sex, pressing parts of her organs, rubbing theirs into her face, her hair, her breasts and all the time her head was coming further and further back. Her moans were getting louder and louder.

Don encouraged me to silently lift my arse off the ground, as I did, he and Sami whipped my cut-offs to my ankles and Terri screamed as the full length of my manhood suddenly became available to her and she sank onto him in one thrust up to her pelvis.

Don and Sami went back to their manipulations of Terri's now writhing body. Sami disappeared behind Terri, separated the lovely cheeks of her arse and played with the puckered little hole nestling in between them. Don continued to rub his huge erection into Terri's face. It was difficult to say whether the glistening on her face was coming from Don's pre-cum or sweat.

Sami, by this time had encouraged Terri to unwittingly press down hard on my 'meat' and lift her butt in the air. This allowed her to lubricate her middle finger and deposit it gently inside Terri's butt hole.

Don had turned Terri's head and was now feeding her ever larger slices of his raging prick, pulling and pushing her head on and off of him, with a slurping noise reminiscent of an emptying sink.

Sami's finger was fucking Terri's butt now and would pull and pinch, squeeze and stretch, it was all driving Terri to the point of collapse. She suddenly ground to a halt but the hands continued to cover her body, three people playing, pinching, squeezing, nipping, massaging, talking her through the most intense feelings someone can have, prolonging it for her as long as possible, pushing her down, impaling her even more on my rod of steel, rocking her hips for her.

She shook, she quivered, she dribbled, she screamed, she moaned, she gushed, huge amounts of cum, everyone dived on it and rubbed it in everyone, everywhere, she came again, just moving slightly, she cried, she sobbed she pushed down, she shuddered and came again, she flopped, she past out, she went limp, she was a dead weight.

Don and Sami looked sympathetically at me and helped me out from under Terri. Don gently picked her up and laid her down on the settee and didn't try to help me up, he just rushed over and handed me a drink, put his hand on my shoulder and thanked me over and over. I suddenly realised that both he and Sami were naked and I wondered how I could have missed that part, I seemed too dazed to even attempt to talk, let alone to stand.

I tried to understand that I had done something to be thankful about, but to my way of thinking, I had almost been a plaything for Terri to enjoy. Perhaps the secret was that everyone but me knew that and the fact that Terri was now out cold was proof of just how good it had been for her even though I was supposed to be passive.

Who cares, as long as Terri enjoyed it and Don and Sami had enjoyed their part in it, that was a good start to the evening.

The strength in my legs was starting to come back now and the power of speech felt almost automatic again. I asked Don and Sami how things were going for them and as they automatically started to touch each other again, they said that things were great but the obvious interruption had stopped proceedings, but did I want to join them and encourage things along a bit the way they had for Terri.

I said I didn't mind, but that I was new at this kind of thing but would do my best for them both. Sami was laid on huge cushions on the floor and Don was on her right, I crawled over and laid on her left side and kissed her gently on her lips. She held my face, looked me passionately in the eyes and reaffirmed her love for me.

Don took her right breast in his mouth and squeezed her nipple with such fire she gasped, took it out of his mouth and held on to it, just checking it was still there. I think that was his way of saying to us, 'Less of the mushy stuff.' Even though she was quite shocked by his ferocity, she loved it and pushed his head back down on it.

My hand pressed down on her pelvic bone and I felt her hips raise up off the cushions. My two middle fingers automatically found their way inside her neatly trimmed bush, past her hood and pinched her gorgeous pink clit. She moaned, and started to gyrate on my fingers. Both went past her clit and as the ball of my hand continued its pressure, the two digits searched for and found her G spot, that golden little bulb that makes all the difference to a woman's pleasure and ultimately, to her cuming power.

"Oh God," she said, "I need him inside me, I need to fuck," and with that, she was off the floor, had pulled Don off his elbow and was throwing herself on top of his still rigid pole. I lifted it off his stomach, placed it at the entrance of her open, dripping hole and rimmed her vagina, letting it soak up huge amounts of her juices, preparing it for entry.

She was having none of that, she needed to fuck and she needed to fuck now, she timed her decent to perfection and just dropped on his massive rod.

Now Don didn't have a horse between his legs but it was enough to be admired and when I was holding it and slightly squeezing to encourage bl**d entry, I could feel just how strong his erection and therefore his attraction for Sami really was.

As it buried itself up to the hilt, it took her breath away and I could see her back off a bit, but within nanoseconds she was juddering into another hilt penetration, then another and another. Her lovely little butt was a blur under the pounding she was giving Don.

He, in turn was groaning and grunting as her full weight hit him in the groin once every second. He squeezed the life out of her dangling boobs, they were distorted, pulled out of shape, mangled under his attention, she loved it. She had cum three times in quick succession, from where I was laid, I could see the foam that was gathering at their point of contact. She was slowing, that initial urgency gone.

I scooped up some of the thick white froth that had formed and manipulated her butt hole with it. An encouraging moan came from the floor. She stopped her movements and waited for my experienced exploration to begin. I pressed gently with my middle finger. It disappeared behind that initial muscle and I waited. Seconds later, I felt her relax and new I could slowly probe a little further. Past the first knuckle, the second, I was up to the hilt of my longest finger. The wall linings were so smooth, the pressure gorgeous. I wriggled my finger about as I slowly withdrew and re-entered.

Her moaning was becoming more intense, her rocking motion was matching that of my finger, as I pushed, she pushed, as I withdrew, she did the same. I gently inserted two fingers, she lifted her head and slowly hissed a "Yeeeesssssss." Don could just see over her shoulder what was going on and was enjoying the feelings of satisfaction Sami was getting.

His rod was still enjoying her burning tunnel when suddenly, she lost both of us, turned over and asked me to place Dons rod at her back door. She was now ready to try this ultimate satisfaction and lowered her arms either side of his shoulders. Don held her hips, I occasionally wanked his sopping 'meat' as I held it at her beautiful little brown star and she gently lowered herself onto him.

It was a lot easier than I had anticipated but congratulated myself on the standard of her preparation. Don gently released his hold on her hips and she lowered herself down his entire shaft until she was able to nuzzle her butt into his pubes. The look on both their faces was one of delirium. They were gently writhing, one below the other, Dons rod was slightly moving about inside her butt and his hands were pulling her pubes, opening her lips, uncloaking her clit.

I slowly lowered my head, so as not to disturb their concentration and as Don pulled her lips apart, I flicked my tongue on her lovely little pencil clit, sucking it in, letting it plop out, sucking it back in. I rubbed two fingers up her thigh and straight up inside her burning tunnel. She was dripping and gently cuming over and over and over, almost imperceptibly.

I could feel Dons cock, very gently moving just the other side of that thin wall. I placed a finger either side of his cock and moved them back and forth. They both felt that and moaned a moan of deep satisfaction. Don clutched Sami's sides, he exhaled sharply, he pumped short stabbing jolts between my fingers, he was cuming. Sami felt it too, she grabbed my head, she grabbed Don's hands, we all held on.

Ohhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . he withdrew until just his cock head was inside her butt to give himself plenty of room to cum. From up inside her pussy, I put my middle finger across the end of his cock and felt the f***e as it flew out of the end. Pressing Sami's wall against his rod like that meant that she too felt his explosion.

I pulled Don's bl**d red pole out of her chute and pumped it for him. He came again, this time all over Sami's pubes, and again, and again. She rubbed it in her loins, her pubes, her clit, her thighs. I rubbed it onto his sack, her inner legs, up inside her tunnel over his failing head. We all lay still, slowly, very slowly recovering from what we had just experienced.

Our breathing was starting to slow down, our strength was returning. All Don could say was "Wow."

Sami and I just laughed as she rolled off him and looked at me. "Are you all right darling?" I asked as I took hold of her shaking hand. "Oh yes, yes, yes," she repeated as her head dropped in tiredness, "You?"

"Crickey, yes," I stammered, "but there's just one thing," "What's that?" she asked as she looked through bleary eyes. I just pointed down to 'Meat' who by now was doing somersaults for relief.

"Oh, don't you worry about him, I have a feeling enough people around here owe you so many favours, he's going to be shrivelled up by the end of it."

"Too true," came a voice from the settee. It was Terri, back from the dead, "I can't wait to get my hands on you, do you fancy coming over here for a minute Bob, I want to say thank you the best way I know how."

Helped by Sami, I crawled over to where she was laying, by the time I reached the settee, her arms were outstretched and she softly cuddled me whispering "Thank you. . . thank you" in my ear. Her back arched as we gently hugged and she pressed those lovely boobs into my chest.

I felt her hand go down my back and onto my arse. There, it was joined by two more small, soft, warm hands belonging to Sami. They caressed my body from head to toe. Slowly, they stood me up and stood front and back of me. They continued their caressing and kissed under my arms, down my legs to my feet, up my inside leg and gently sucked in my length.

They nibbled the sides of my erection as they kissed. They fondled each others bodies as they fondled mine. My body was racked with goose bumps and the desire to spray these lovely beauties with hot white cum. If I looked as though I was getting close, they would turn there attentions to my back and to each other.

They pumped my length, one hand each, my knees were weak, they fondled and pried into my butt, my head went back, they kissed my throbbing head, they kissed each others pubes, my breathing was erratic, this was the most erotic sight.

They sucked on a ball each - at the same time, stretching the skin so tight, I thought it would tear. They sucked on my nipples, they encouraged me to feel up inside them, front and back, whilst they kissed each other, juices were running down there legs, it was impossible to tell whether they were male or female juices.

They were squeezing pools of pre-cum from me and passing it too and fro, Sami to me, Sami to Terri, back again, rubbing juices into our faces, sucking each others fingers.

And then they decided, it was time, they wanted all he had, NOW. Their hands were a blur, their mouths and tongues worked furiously, he was cuming. As he exploded, my back arched forwards and it streamed - they were in front of me waiting with mouths open and tongues out to catch every drop.

He splashed the back of Sami's throat, then Terri's, he drenched both sets of breasts, it went in their hair, they were rubbing it in, licking it off, passing it around, between their mouths, our mouths.

He was done, but they weren't, they wouldn't let him rest and I suppose if I was being honest, neither did I. They weren't going to let him go, they sucked and sucked, laid me down and stuffed it in one fanny, sucked him up inside and then another, he was staying right where he was and he wanted them both - they wanted each other.

Sami got on top of Terri in a sixty nine, I got behind Sami, first she wanted it in her pussy, then she opened her butt, then she wanted to role over so I could ream Terri. All the time she had her mouth full of Terri and was giving off these funny little muffled sounds.

Terri couldn't wait to role over, she wanted her holes filled, first one, then the other. Which ever hole wasn't being filled was being stretched by Don who couldn't stand not being involved in what he was watching. Both Sami and Terri were cuming continuously by now, they were moaning, groaning, swaying, falling, stumbling and yet they wouldn't let go of anything they had hold of or had hold of them.

Don came again, this time all over everyone, I finally came again whilst up Terri's butt - she screamed and seemed to take a bite out of Sami, who couldn't care less she was too busy rubbing in Dons cum and drinking what of mine was leaking out of Terri.

We finally just lay there, we realised we had been at it for six hours and couldn't believe how exhausted we all were. We finally sat in the chairs and settee having a last drink.

"Well was your final evening just that little bit special then," I quipped sarcastically.

Hoots of laughter, comments of "Best ever," "Never before," "Never again in a month of Sundays," "Couldn't take many of these." Sami and I just looked over at each other and knew exactly what to say.


Roars of laughter.
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