Awayday (chapter 1)

We're off, at long bl**dy last. It seems ages since we last had a break and we are so looking forward to this one. You know how you get when you see the same old faces and sites, day after day, well you get stale don't you.

You get into a routine or even a rut that is very difficult to get out of, well that's where we're at right now and we're on the road, going to the coast, to do something about it.

Because of our jobs, Sami and I find it very difficult to concentrate on just the two of us very often, which is a great shame because there is very little space between us and that's just the way we like it. We depend very heavily on each other and that too is more than fine, it's great to have someone that dependable always at arms length.

We are your typically average couple with one big difference, when we go out to enjoy ourselves, we make sure everything is to excess. Now, come on, as long as no-one gets hurt, isn't that what we would all like to do, if we had the guts and imagination?

We had packed our bags, got in the car, got a mile down the road, turned round, gone back to the house for that 'thing' we had forgotten - been there?, yea, I thought you had. Anyway, we didn't mind going back for this 'thing', it was going to get well used whilst we were away, but more of that later.

I was already feeling horny, just being away, even if I was only a few miles out of town. Sami was finding it a bit more difficult, she hadn't switched off yet, she hadn't got into holiday mode, but she wouldn't take long. As she saw the last bits of our town disappear over the horizon, Sami stretched her arms in the air, arched her back off her car seat, took a deep breath and said, "Oh, thank God for that, boy have I been looking forward to this for a long time, this is going to be good, I can feel it way down here." and with that, she took both hands, pushed down on her pubic bush and gave a little shudder.

With her arched back, her beautiful breasts were sticking up into the lovely fresh morning air and her very hard nipples were trying desperately to break free of their confinement. Now I can't take any credit for the nipples being hard, (it's pretty cold this early in the morning) but I sure can take advantage of it. So I put my hand out and grabbed the nearest boob and gave it a gentle rub and a squeeze.

Sami jumped, her eyes had been closed at the time, she wasn't expecting me to do that, when will the girl learn? After the initial shock, she rather enjoyed the feeling and rubbed back into my hand. Stupid thing to do! You should never encourage me when I'm in a mood like this, especially in the morning. I am very much a morning man and find it very difficult not to jump all over Sami every time I wake up.

Well, be fair, if you woke up next to a gorgeous person every day and were able to inspect an eatable body like hers, wouldn't it have an effect on you? No! You need a break, or medication.

She took my hand off her boob and pushed it down her body to her crotch. The back arched again. I grabbed a hand full of hair and gently tugged. I lifted her right outer lip slightly and could feel her clit hood. My beautiful hooded, pink darling was just there, hidden away, but just there.

Mr. 'Oh, for fuck sake, stop it, will you, you two' jumped in my pants and she knew exactly when he was going through because she stretched out her hand and grabbed a hand full of his shaft. Smiling sweetly, she hispered, "That's my boy," rubbed him, patted him and let go!

Behind those sun glasses, shading sl**piness more than sun, it was difficult to see what was going on in her mind, but knowing her, all she wanted to do right now was get back to sl**p and hope the journey would be over the next time she opened her eyes. It was, it didn't take too long, that's one of the beauties of setting off so early, you miss all the traffic.

"Are we there," she said, stretching again, "Oh good, that didn't take long, now, where are we going to stay, get down onto the front and we'll have a look." Bossy when she's excited, I thought. We drove along the promenade looking first at the beach and the people on it, then the hotels on the other side of the road. We didn't want to be right in the thick of it, but we didn't want to have to walk too far if we wanted to go anywhere.

We checked in 'The Bay' and were shown up to our room. It was a nice room, plenty of space, a big double bed, nice and soft. The room was on the corner of the hotel with two windows, one faced the beach and the sea and the other, well the other was probably best forgotten, it looked out the side to where scaffolding covered the hotel next door.

"Mmmm, he's nice," said Sami as she looked out the side window at one of the builders, "Nice arse," I had to agree, he was fit and I know Sami's into arses. "Put him down, we just got here, and anyway, he's not going anywhere, he's likely to be there all week, come over here and get those clothes off."

"Cheeky, we just got here," she said, reminding me of what I had just said, but jumping on the bed anyway. She straddled my waist and sat on my crotch, gently grinding her pussy into me. 'Meat' was there like a shot.

"Let's have a drink," she said as she bounced off the bed. "You cock teaser you" I replied as I joined her at the suit case. Out came a bottle of vodka and another of coke. I poured us a couple of 'stiff' ones (I thought it appropriate considering the condition he was in) and went over to join her at the window. I gave her the glass and she took a slug, shuddered and looked into the glass.

"Where is he, I can't see him." "Who?" I said sarcastically. "Mr Eleven Thirty." she said without looking away from the window. "Hardly," I said, "he's half the size of that bloke. Same proportions, but a lot smaller." "Mmmm," she mused "yea, maybe, nice arse though."

We walked away from the window, took another slug and sat on the edge of the bed. "What shall we do?" I asked, flopping back on the bed. "Well I don't know how you feel about this, but I would like to work 'him' pretty hard this week." she said, taking hold of the zipper to my shorts and pulling it down. With that they were on the floor and she was ripping her cloths off and flinging them in every direction.

I think that was the answer she was looking for! Once again she straddled me but this time it was my face that was to get a good grinding, not that I cared, I had been waiting all morning for something like this and I adored eating her, she always tasted fabulous.

'Meat' was twitching about, hard as a rock on my stomach and being sandwiched between her delectable boobs. She pulled back his foreskin and massaged his shining head with one of her pencil like nipples. She decided he needed lubrication, so she squeezed her nipple and her delicious milk oozed onto his head. She rubbed it around with her nipple again as I looked up at her most wonderful pink lips and that beautiful hood.

As I dived in and licked around the edge of her vagina she shuddered and whispered, "Mmmm, that's nice, do it again." Your bidding is my command, I thought and trailed around the edge again, taking great care to pull back the hood just a little and press down on her clit. "Mmm." came from the other end of the bed. She had her mouth full and was going way down his length.

He touched the back of her throat and she pulled back up again. Out he popped as she wanked him gently, this time with her hand. Back in again, same action, but now with her mouth. Fantastic feeling, I hope she's getting the same. The way she's cooing, I guess things are going just fine for her. By this time, clit has decloaked and is getting special attention. She twitches and shudders every time I squeeze her clit between my tongue and top lip. I leave clit and dig my tongue deep inside, she shudders again and this time hisses.

I rub my tongue in and out, up and down, round the full rim, up to her beautiful little butt and round the rim of that. She shudders and gasps, she's cuming. "Oh God," she says, "Oh God, yes, oh please, oh God." Her head drops between my legs, she tenses, every muscle is twitching.


She gushes, it hits my tongue, mmm, told you she tastes wonderful, I wonder if she will do that again for me. Mmmm, there it is again, mmm. She's coming down again, slowly, but yes she's coming down.

She starts wanking him again with her hand, but I'm not too interested in that right now, I'm far more interested in finding out just how nice it was for her. I turn her round and we gently cuddle. My right arm is around her shoulder, my left gently resting on the top of her thigh pushing against her clit that has again disappeared.

She is nuzzling into my chest and gently wanking him because he is still very much awake. As she tells me about how wet she is and how much she came that time, she gently moves over and presses him into my stomach with her crotch. She looks up at me with that devilish little grin on her face and says, "Are you sure you don't want to finish him off, I think he would quite like to." and of-course, she's right as usual.

She lowers herself down and without getting up, f***es him into her hot, sticky hole. It feels on fire and so does he now. We are so wet, I can feel our juices running down my balls and onto the bed, but who cares, we are where we want to be, with the person we want to be with, doing what we both have been longing to do - heaven.

Suddenly she erupts again but this time she drags him with her. We are both moaning and twitching. I am flooding her, she is flooding me, we are grinding in our fabulous simultaneous climaxes, grabbing handfuls of anything nearby, pushing as deep into each other as we can go.

And then it subsided, he is still deep inside her but we have flopped, heavily breathing, occasionally giggling at each other, acknowledging that that was great, especially cumming together like that, it doesn't always happen, but when it does, it makes it even more enjoyable.

Sami is too hot, she gleams in the morning sunlight, she roles over onto her back and as she goes, he pops out with a spish and we both look down at ourselves and the mess we are both in. It may be messy, but it's a glorious mess. Sweat, cum, all mixed together with plucked pubes and redness. She drops her head back down onto the pillow and gently reaches down for him without even opening her tired eyes. "Mmmm, that feels nice." and with that, she's down licking him clean and then up to get her glass that she left after her last glug at the window.

With her silhouetted like that against the light coming through the window, she looks gorgeous. She is covered in sweat so she is gleaming, her tight little arse, her legs slightly apart, her lips still slightly parted from there recent invasion, our juices starting to cling to her clit hood and the middle of her lips. "Oops," she says, "I think I just leaked everywhere," and with that she scooped up her pussy length and looked at her hand. "Yes I thought so, God, you came a lot."

"It's not all mine you know, I felt just how much you came you know, I bet most of that is yours." "Do you think so," she said, turning round smiling and sitting on the window ledge, glass in hand. She took another slug and emptied the glass. "Good though, wasn't it?" she said wrinkling up her nose as if it was naughty. "Get me another drink would you darling?" she walked over to the bed, passed me the glass and walked off to the bathroom.

"I better do something about these white water rapids running down my legs otherwise this room is just going to be full of stains." and with that she disappeared round the corner of the bathroom. I got up and poured us each another vodka and coke and put the glass back on the window ledge. I could see the builder was still on his ledge unloading bricks, so I opened the sash window, hoping it would attract his attention.

It did, all he saw was plenty of flesh behind the now swishing net curtain, he couldn't make out whether it was male or female. I went back and laid on the bed.

I was dying to know what he was going to do about what he had seen. Builders being builders, he wasn't going to ignore it, but he was about two floors below us and couldn't get much of a view from where he was.

Sami came back out of the bathroom holding a small hand towel in front of her. It covered all the important bits, (just) but that was all. She walked over to get her glass and noticed that the builder was looking up at the window. With the net being caught in the breeze, it only occasionally covered the window and more often than not was hanging half outside.

She stepped back quickly getting out of sight. Then more courage filled her now boozy head and she decided she just had to get that glass, oh and whilst she was at the window, she might as well sit back down on the window sill. She spread the hand towel down to make her seat more comfortable, showing him her lovely full breasts, and sat with her back to the builder, but leaving him in no doubt whatsoever that she didn't have a stitch of clothing on.

She could hear him coughing and spluttering below her. This was the moment of truth, was he going to make a spectacle of himself and her by shouting out something vulgar and attracting the attention of his mates, or was he going to keep quiet and get more and more involved.

Although she was wittering on about nothing, you could tell she was holding her breath. She had never done anything like this before. We had had some crazy experiences together and always like trying something new, well this was the something new for this holiday and we were both in virgin territory. I got off the bed to join her at the window, my curiosity was just too much for me, I had to know what the builder was doing and to get her out of the way if he did start shouting things up at her.

I needn't have worried, I couldn't see him anywhere, where was he, surely he wasn't ignoring us, that wasn't very builder like. No he wasn't. Suddenly, his head popped out of a windowless frame on our level and a big grin spread all over his face when he saw us both just standing there.

"I wasn't sure when I was inside, which would be the best window," he said, "Wow, you don't often get holiday makers like you two, you don't mind do you?"

"Mind, mind what?" we both said stupidly. Well what is the best thing to say in circumstances like these? "Well, mind me fucking you both with my eyes, I mean, it really isn't very often you get the chance to see a beautiful body like you have darling and find the guy isn't mad about you seeing it.

"Well as long as you are all right about it darling," Sami replied, "I suppose I don't mind, it's the body God gave me and I'm far too hot to put any clothes on or shut the window and if someone just happens to look in the window, well that's their hard luck because I don't intend to do anything about it."

You could tell she fancied him by the way she was walking around the room almost promenading, always in sight of the builder and the way she was going on and on about it. She took a deep breath and with her stopping talking everything went very quiet. She took another slug of her drink and came back to stand half behind me at the window.

"Would you like a drink," I said suddenly breaking the silence, "Oh no, I suppose you can't in your job, bit dangerous isn't it." "Fuck the job, anyway the gaffas not in today, so nobody's going to miss me, I'm working on my own this side of the building anyway." So we needn't have worried about him alerting his mates, but it all added to the excitement.

"You better jump in then," I said and turned away to get his drink and expose Sami to him. He jumped in and Sami just froze to the spot right in front of him. "Wow, you really have got a stunning body you know," he said looking her up and down. He put his hands on her shoulders and asked her to turn round.

She did as he asked and he gasped as her lovely little arse came into view. She walked away from him and slouched down in the chair next to the bed. I took him his drink and he introduced himself as Mick. Good name for a builder, I thought.

"Do you mind if I wash up, I stink like shit and it's very hot and dusty out there?" "Sure, go ahead, the bathroom's through there," I said as Sami took another swallow. As he disappeared round the corner, I looked over to Sami and she held her mouth to stop a scream of excitement escaping. I held up two shaking thumbs and she nodded in her delirium. I could hear the water running and Mick say "Do you two do this lots then?" as I walked over to where Sami was sitting. I grabbed one of her legs and put it over the chair arm, thus exposing her still slightly wet and puffy lips.

"No, this is the first time we have ever, I just couldn't, I don't know what's come over me now," Sami said as she gently slapped my hand, giggled and put her leg down again. I looked that hurt little puppy dog look at her and whispered under my breath, please, oh go on, please. She pretended she was going to by putting her leg back over the arm, just to get caught by Mick coming out of the bathroom.

I quickly stood up as though I had done something wrong, but was surprised just how slowly Sami lowered her leg again, leaving Mick with a fabulous eyeful for quite some time. "Wow." He was back to that again, I wondered if he had any other expletives in his vocabulary, "Beautiful, just beautiful."

"Here's your drink Mick, tell me, have you ever done anything like this before?" "No, never, I thought things like this only happened in the movies." He took a big slurp of his drink and shuddered being surprised at the strength of it. "Wow, that's nice, what is it?" he said, finishing it off and pushing the glass in my direction.

"Vodka," I said, "nearly all vodka." filling the glass, this time, putting more coke in it. I looked across at Mick who had settled on the corner of the bed directly opposite Sami so that he could look directly up her slightly parted legs. All he had on now was a pair of very mucky shorts and a similar pair of socks. I gave him his drink and said

"Mick, I hope you don't mind me saying, but I was wondering what your shorts were doing to the bed." It took a moment to register and he shot upright, nearly spilling his drink and looked back at where he had been sitting. My worries were justified, he had left a patch of dust on the white sheet.

"Oh fuck, I'm sorry," he said, brushing it with his spare hand. To take the heat out of the moment and replace it with even greater heat, I said "The only reason I mentioned it was because . . . . well . . . why don't you take 'em off, I mean." and I gestured towards mine and Sami's crotches as if to say, "We haven't got any on."

Once again, you could see him working it out when he said, "Oh, yea, I see what you mean, yea, good idea," and with that he put his glass on the floor, ripped his shorts off and stood there with just a smelly pair of socks on and an erection that must have been hurting like hell inside those shorts.

Both Sami and I couldn't take our eyes of it. It wasn't that long, but it had some girth to it. "Wow," said Sami. "Don't you start," I said, "that looks painful," I said, looking over to Mick and nodding down to his rock hard shaft.

Painful?" he questioned as he rubbed it between his thumb and other fingers, "yes, fuck, you're not jokeing there," as he sat back down on the bed still playing with it and looking straight at Sami's crotch.

By this time Sami's hand had started tracing the edge of her vagina and a couple of fingers had slipped inside. She stood up and staggered over to where Mick was now laying down, propped up on one elbow. She lay down next to him and took hold of his shaft with her very wet hand. Micks eyes closed as he sunk down off his elbow and went back to "Wow."

I walked round the edge of the bed unnoticed by either of them, they had gone, gone to fantasy land and had left me behind. Wrong, Sami had no intention of only putting up with one man when there were two available to her, and as if she would go without me anyway. When I got round her side of the bed, she looked up at me and grinned, looked at Micks throbbing 'Meat' and waved it at me.

She gently got off the bed, not letting go of what Mick had to offer and ground her arse into my pounding Mr 'God, I can't believe my luck, already gone the distance once this morning, now here we go again.' She bent over at the waist and offered her butt to me and placed her upper torso on the bed with her face in Micks crotch.

She gently nibbled on his purple head and he shivered and clutched the bed. I rubbed 'meat' up and down her arse crease and pressed home into her burning vagina. She gasped and pushed most of Micks rod into her mouth, she brought it out again and started a very noisy, very vigorous wanking. He wasn't going to take too much of this.

I was pounding away behind her and could see every move she made. Micks face was screwed up in anticipation as she devoured as much as she could take again. Out again, continue the pounding, five minutes went by, Sami was in a sweat, her mouth ached as did her arm, Micks rod was burning bright red, I was cuming, Sami had cum twice, how was he taking this.

Most men would have exploded ages ago with the attention Sami was giving him. Then bang, Mick cried out, a long, loud "Ahhhhhhhh. . . . . . . ahhhhhhhh. . . . Both Sami and I stopped what we were doing. She didn't let go, she wouldn't do that, in fact she squeezed his rod so hard, there was no way he was going to shoot. "Ahhhhhhhh. . . . . . . ahhhhhhhh. . . . . . .

In his own mind, it didn't matter what Sami was doing, he had already cum, gallons of it and unless she was going to hold him like that for ever, we were about to find out just how much he had cum. She suddenly loosened her grip and as soon as she did he sat bolt upright as though he had been shot.

That excruciatingly wonderful feeling of not being able to shoot everywhere was over, but that delectable feeling of just having cum and that feeling of it leaking everywhere was just beginning. He pumped and pumped, the first two must have left the bed by a yard. She had her teeth clenched and her hand pumping, she was grinning and peeped back at me as if to say "Look, look what I've got him to do."

The site of all that cum glowing white on his brown body blew my mind for me and I slumped over Sami's back as I emptied yet again deep inside of her. She reached back between her legs and gently squeezed my balls to encourage every last drop inside of her.

Mick was done and had slumped back down again just blinking at the ceiling, I was done and had pulled out of Sami so that I could sit back down in the chair and Sami was done, well and truly done. Her mouth ached, her arm ached, her pussy ached and her face was buried in the bed. Her lovely hole was slowly closing but not before it again lost some of the cum I had just deposited there.

She slowly, achingly stood, clutching her crutch and silently made her way to the bathroom. Mick seeing her go, suddenly got up off the bed and said "Here, let me do that for you." and disappeared into the bathroom with her. All I could hear was "Wow, what a lot," then a little later "Wow, she looks so fucking lovely," then "Wow, that feels nice.

When they both finally came out they were both giggling and slightly falling over. Mick grabbed his shorts and pulled them on. He grabbed the rest of his stuff and was out the window.

"Wow you two, I can't believe what just fuckin happened. You two can come back here anytime. . . . . . wow" and he was gone.

I was still in the chair when Sami came over and knelt in front of me. She took 'Meat' gently in her mouth and sucked and licked him clean. "Thanks darling," she said, "that was great." "Thanks yourself, and yes, it was great from where I was too."

Suddenly a very distant "Wow" wafted in through the window and we both giggled.

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fab x
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Thanks for pointing me to this. Now in my favourites and will most definitely share with K. Now on to episode 2 xx C
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Thanks for the comments guys, hope you enjoy the following chapters as much as this one.
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Great story. Thanks for posting.
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great story man! keep it up \m/