A weekend away (chapter 4)

I’ve been fumbling over chapter four because, to be quite honest, we didn’t go near each other for the rest of the day.

Well, I say we didn’t go near each other but in reality, we’re inseparable when we’re together – I just meant that we didn’t go near each other sexually but that didn’t mean others wouldn’t.

We were starving, we were fucked, we knew we had to get a shower, we were covered in cum – both new and old, dried to us like wallpaper paste.

In the shower we stood under the power water soaking our bruised bodies – smirking at each other like teenagers at what had been going on for the last twenty hours.

Before leaving the room, we had a strong vodka and coke and then went in search of an eating house.

Mmmmmmmmmm – ‘All day breakfasts’ and just across the road in a ‘greasy Joe’s’.

Better explain what a ‘greasy Joe’s’ is, where I cum from, a very small, run down, working man’s café that has those horrible plastic table coverings and wooden chairs is called a ‘greasy Jo’s’ – wonderful food, all made fresh right in front of you so that you can cough as a result of the cooking fumes, but great food, great cuppa tea and plenty of it.

We sat down opposite each other and without warning, she had taken off her clogs and had a foot either side of my hanging balls, gently rubbing them together.

“You be careful what you’re doing down there won’t you?” I said.

“Aren’t I always?”

I looked around, there was the guy doing the cooking busily beavering away and then there was the young guy who had just taken our order (oh I don’t know – 19ish) behind the counter, resting his elbows on the serving hatch, his head in his hands – looking straight at us.

“We’ve got an audience.” I said.

She slowly turned her head and looked straight at him and without any warning at all, nodded her head in our direction, telling him to cum over to our table.

“Did you like what I was doing to him with my feet?” she said to him when he arrived.

Beet red and hand shaking as he held his notebook tight. He didn’t talk, he just nodded.

“So you won’t mind if I do this then?” and with that, she slowly dragged her hand flat on his shorts all the way down from the belt to the leg opening.

“Mmmm, not bad for a young man”, she complimented him.

He bent at the middle as if to move away from her.

“Didn’t you like that then?” she asked.

Again, he didn’t say anything, he just straightened up again bring his crotch back to her hand, but this time, instead of sizing his cock from top to bottom, she gently pushed her hand up the shorts leg hole and found what she was looking for straight away.

“Mmmmmmm, I like that” she said.

“You’re not pestering those folks are you Frank?” asked the chef.

“No dad, I’m just chatting.”

When the chef spoke, her hand shot out from the leg hole and back to her own lap.

“Don’t stop – please Mrs, that was really cool what you was doing to me.”

She pulled the front of his shorts away from him and then pulled the waist band over his cock and balls and tucked it underneath – he was now out in the open for us both to see.

I must say he had a nice cock, not big, not small, quite thin – his g/f will be pleased with his dimensions should he ever summon up enough courage to suggest anal as part of their experimenting.

He was nearly hard by now and with her blowing him . . . . . . .

Fuck – she’s blowing him right here in the café with his dad not more than twenty feet away.

He was starting to shake, to hop about on one foot then the other, hissing quietly under his breath – this SOB’s going to cum.

And sure enough, within three minutes of getting inside her mouth, he was filling it with his youthful, frothy cum – one spurt, a second, third, fourth and then just the occasional shudder.

And she – my brilliant trooper, didn’t miss a drop – she even took him out of her mouth and pulled her thumb and index finger up his cock from the bottom to the top and got that last gulp out of him and then proceeded to lick his helmet clean.

Good grief, he was still rock hard – oh the beauty of youth.

“Here you are Frank, cum and give the folk their breakfasts will you?”

“Ok dad” he said as he quickly pushed his cock back inside his shorts and pulled his T shirt back down to cover his predicament.

“Was that good?” I asked, she just smirked and nodded her head – “Delicious, best starter you can have just before breakfast you know, do you want some?”

She leaned forward and offered a very sloppy kiss. I, of-course, didn’t miss a beat, leaned forward and licked the inside of her mouth out with a very eager tongue.

“Wow, you’re right, he tastes great doesn’t he – all kinda sweet somehow.”

“That could be my chewing gum you know.”

We nearly choked with laughter and bacon when she said that.

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very good
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Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for posting.