A weekend away (chapter 3)

A weekend away (chapter 3)

Woke up the next morning, shall I just say – weary, here we are, only been in the building 18 hours and we’ve already fucked each other to a standstill twice (not bad for an old bloke).

It’s ten past nine and shit, now we’ve missed breakfast – she’s still asl**p, lying next to me, looking her normal gorgeous self, only partially covered by the sheet and smelling the wonderful smell of pure womanhood.

The amazing bit for me is that she’s still asl**p and that’s from a woman who’s up at 6 and gone to work every day by 7, must be doing something right.

I can’t stop myself smelling her, she’s got her back to me so not many places I can get at – just where her arm pit starts – mmmmm, lovely – her gorgeous back – mmmmmm, slightly sweaty – she must have been on her back for most of the night – the start of her bum crease – mmmmmmmmmm, my favourite bit – my favourite smell, all sorts of gorgeous aromas.

‘Good morning’, she says – ‘what you doing’?

‘Oh just hovering, won’t be long’ – and I sniff her bum again.

‘Get off you perv, I haven’t been in the shower yet’.

‘All the better for smelling you with’.

And as I say that, she rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs and arms, half covering the ‘super king’.

Within a particle of a second I pounce – first licking her shaved pits.

Better explain about them – for nine months of the years she doesn’t shave her pits – it’s a fashion thing that she shaves them in June, so for June, July and August I shave my nuts – it’s a revenge thing.

A slow, long swipe of my tongue across her spikey pit, first one then the other – that musky half old taste of deodorant, then down to her neck – she wrinkles up because she hates her neck being tickled like this – she giggles.

Slowly, I trace my now drying (wet it again then) tongue down to her pussy hair (now that’s never shaved) and I breath in – wonderful that gorgeous smell of sweat and sex.

I can’t wait to delve into her pussy, I sit back on my knees and lift her legs up to press them back to her chest – what a magnificent sight – her pussy, now gaping and her arse, just starting to.

I go for her pussy first and drive my tongue deep inside – I want her night-time juices, those juices that have been gathering there since her last pee when she came to bed, those deep, creamy wonderful juices that will be washed away within minutes if I don’t get to them first.

My tongue swirls about inside her, her morning flavour is almost too much for me to bear but I remember where I am and how honoured I am to be able to do this. I delve still lower and just reach her dirty, hairy bum hole when she’s gone, she’s whipped one leg over my head and she’s scampered to the bathroom.

I hear her lock the door and still on my knees, as if in slow motion, I hear the chamber maid open our door and step inside. Dressed all in black, she’s about 19 – 20, brunette and has a gorgeous face. I can’t tell you much more because in my fluster to cover myself, I fail miserably, I see her eyes drop from my face to my still VERY hard cock, apologise, spin round and close the door behind her.

‘What was that’? says the g/f cuming out of the bathroom.

I just giggle like a little girl and cover myself in sheet.

I splutter out that I’ve just been caught buck naked by the chamber maid and her whole face is a picture of shock.

She spins, goes to the door – where the hell’s she going – opens it – also buck naked and all I hear her say is ‘Sorry about that, we should have put the notice on the door’, then closes the door and jumps on the bed giggling and joins me under the covers.

Now she’s all over me and me her – I’m still as hard as a rock and she can’t get him inside of her quick enough – I plunge in cock deep and feel her flinch as I hit the back wall to her pussy.

I’m in and out of her like a jack hammer and her feet are climbing higher and higher up my back, I reach around her leg and plunge a finger into her arse as she throws herself about below me.

I feel us both building to a huge climax only minutes into out fucking, this isn’t love making, this is rutting, this is fucking, this is about as raw as sex can get – we both need to wallow in the excitement we feel for each other – a feeling given to us by other people – strangers seeing us naked and horny as hell – I wonder how many ears there are to our door right now.

There’s no need to be plastering your ears to our door right now, we’re as horny as hell, we’re both about to explode and we couldn’t give a bugger about who hears us – noise – what noise.

She going to go off any second and I’m not going to miss out on that, I pound into her as deep as I can get, she digs her nails into my back and shoulders (fuck that hurts – that wonderful hurt) and bang, we’re there – exactly the same second – exactly the same nano second.

I can feel her warmth, her flooding cum fills her pussy just as mine does the same, I roll her over on top of me as we both cum – I pull her arse down onto my cock – she squeals and goes ridged, I’m still pumping up into her like lightening as she f***es every ounce of her weight down onto my cock.

She’s squeezing my cock, I can feel every part, every section, every millimetre of her pussy and she can do the same of my cock – still I can feel the cum leaving my body, we’re down to flinch – squirt, flinch – squirt – we’re done.

She flops down on top of me, I’m gasping for breath.

‘Sorry’ she says and tries to lift up, I pull her back down to me, I don’t want us to ever move, I love her so much, I play with those dimples on the base of her back, I play with the start of her bum crack.

‘Stop it you perv, haven’t you had enough, do you want me to get that chamber maid?’


Up she pushes and without giving me a chance to get away, there’s a very squashed nipple in each of her hands.

‘You deserved that, now what are we going to do about breakfast?’

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3 years ago
Another excellent chapter.
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very good & hot