A weekend away (chapter 2)

There I was knackered from the journey and our fucking in the shower and now here I am three hours later, slowly being woken up by my g/f sucking on a very hard cock – my very hard cock – bliss.

The aching in my balls had spread to all over my groin area and my first thought was to get hold of a hand full of hair and push down on the back of her head.

But no, I wanted a cock at the end of this session and if I were to do that, she’d bite the fucker off and spit it at me – she really hates that being done to her.

Suddenly I saw her hair – it was so much of a fuckin mess she looked like ‘Side show Bob’ out of the Simpsons – don’t laugh – whatever you do – don’t laugh – that would kill everything and I can already feel this is going to be really worthwhile.

You know when you get that tingling in your bum and it reaches down the back of your thighs, right down to your ankles and then all the way back up again – you got it – that’s the one.

I rolled completely onto my back (much easier for her) and she gagged – she hadn’t been able to get to all of him in the position I’d been in when I was still asl**p but now she could and she wasn’t ready for him.

The gagging didn’t break her stroke though although she did take him out of her mouth, gasp for air and pump him with her hand really hard and looked straight into my eyes.

There was rampant sex in those eyes, down she went again, humming in the back of her throat – still fisting him with her right hand whilst her left hand was searching in between my legs.

Gradually, with my help of-course, she found my bum hole and started to rim it – oh sheer bliss, I love it when she does that, she knows exactly how I like it – not gentle/not rough – around and around and then pull back over it towards my balls, then gently inside a little – out again, round again, pull back, then in further, all the time fisting my cock and sucking the end really hard, caving her cheeks in.

Although she doesn’t care to deep throat, she will set up a rhythm whereby I push up as she drops her head and gradually he hits the back of her throat but is gone again in no time.

Now just think about this, your arse is being penetrated and rimed, this gorgeous woman is gagging, fisting and sucking you into oblivion and your balls think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

You can feel it and you know she’s way ahead of you feeling it as well – you need to cum and you need to cum bad – but hell from hell – right at that moment, you feel really greedy and decide you don’t want to cum right now.

So I whispered to her – “Don’t stop what you’re doing, just turn round and let me suck you as well.”

It seemed as though she was working out in her mind whether she wanted this to be just for me or whether it would add to her enjoyment to suck on her wonderful pussy lips – she slowly twisted herself round.

I tried not to go near her bum because I knew that’d be tender (and it was) but just sucked in both her lips and started to gently chew on them – more humming from the back of her throat.

I lifted her up a little so that I could get a hand underneath her and found her clit. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this about the g/f, she has a very pronounced clit when it’s excited, it’s so chewable, suckable, lickable and lovable.

I like to play with it with my finger, gently twisting circles around it, then flattening my tongue and pushing backwards and forwards over it, time and time again (but god – does it make your tongue ache).

I also had to be careful because – quite selfishly, the more I played with her pussy lips and clit, the less she could concentrate on me and I needed to cum so badly by now, so I eased off just a little so that she knew I was still there and she was just edging whilst I was building to a real big load.

By now, she’s been building me up for almost an hour and I had been working on her for about fifteen minutes but we were going, I was virtually at that point of no return, the precum had been oozing for what seemed ages and suddenly I was there.

I didn’t have to warn her because as I’ve said before, on matters like that, she’s normally way ahead of me. She learned a long time ago that when I cum after a long time or a long build-up, I cum bucket loads and she can’t quite take that first wad and all the rest.

So what she does is to set him off spraying all over the place and then after about two or three giant wads of cum, she takes him in her mouth and wanks him furiously until she’s drained all of it into her mouth, then spins round and we share what I’ve just given to her.

But not tonight, she’s draining him, just as hard as my tongue’s working that clit – I mean, really hard now – she’s pumping furiously, drinking endlessly and I’m pounding her clit right out of her pussy.

She came – she came hard, her head lifts, cum drains out of her mouth, down her chin and drips back down onto my cock and balls – she breaths in hard and starts to cough and splutter – all the remaining cum in her mouth is now settling on her lungs and it hurts.

She spins around to sit up as I dash for a glass of water – slowly she sips it, still coughing, still her face and now her chest is covered in cum – I start to laugh.

Shouldn’t have done that, because I’m kneeling next to her, I’m at a perfect height for her to take a back handed swipe at my still semi hard cock – fuck.

I fall over onto the bed next to her and feign agony when all the time, things are starting to calm down and laughter is creeping back into us especially as it’s been the first time we can both get a proper look at each other’s hair, we look like something straight out of a circus – looks of amazement, slight embarrassment but huge amusement and we still had to go down for dinner.

We still can’t find the edge of the bed – never been in a ‘super king’ bed before – especially one that’s covered in cum – it’s fucking everywhere.

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3 years ago
Y'all going to be worn out if you keep this pace.
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
great start to the weekend
3 years ago
very hot story