The Start of the Weekend (chapter 1)

The Start of the Weekend.

I couldn’t believe Friday night – it was out of this world. I thought that I was going to grapple with her on the floor before whisking her off to bed – well it was totally the other way round.

We came through the front door and as she starts to undo her clothes (on the run up stairs), she says “Nice floor” (just finished laying a new floor Friday) and disappears.

The next thing I hear is the bell – let me explain – this valentine’s day, I bought her a small red bell that has ‘Ring for Sex’ written on the side – subtle hey.

So I went racing up stairs (as you would) and there she is – totally naked with her knees up, feet flat on the bed about two feet apart – “Well?” she says.

My head was in that bush within the first second, didn’t take anything off, just let her push my head down into her pussy, close her feet over my back and hiss through her teeth.

I tried to take my shorts off with one hand but she was rocking from side to side, still holding my head and moaning, so that was a no, no.

Still kneeling up on the bed, I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled them up to me, my head still in her pussy, this brought her so that her head and shoulders were on the bed and nothing else.

From here, I could stick two fingers in her and attack her clit with my tongue.

“Oh fucking yes” she said and came all over my face. I kept pounding away at her pussy and clit and she kept on cuming until “No more – please, no more.”

I dropped her to the bed and only had my socks on five seconds later, I threw myself on top of her and grunted as I shoved him high up inside of her.

“What took you so long” she said – I didn’t bother to reply, I just carried on hammering her into the bed. Up on my hands, her nibbling at my right nipple and sweat pouring off both of us, my cock was going mad, he just had to cum.

We have a lot of sex, but somehow this was different, different in as much as she was taking the lead and definitely needed to rut, every part of her body was screaming ‘FUCK ME’ and her pussy was clutching him so tight, the ribs up inside her were going to make him cum.

I rolled over onto my back taking her with me, I grabbed a hold of her arse, pulled those little cheeks apart, stuck a finger up inside her and poured gallons of cum into her – I just couldn’t stop, every spurt brought a pussy squeeze from her, every squeeze from her brought another spurt from me.

Finally we both stopped and slumped into a puddle of sweaty flesh onto the bed – him still deep up inside her and her purring into my shoulder. We stayed that way for what seemed like ages until she started to squeeze him again.

I couldn’t believe it, he wanted to know – he was still inside her and starting to react to her squeezing. She felt him start to get bigger, looked up at me and just grinned, kissed me very softly on the lips, pushed herself up and sat very neatly on top of him gyrating her hips.

“That feels nice” she said, “I like that, all messy and twitching”.

When she’d got him totally rock hard again, she slithered up me, pulling him out as she went, spun round and put a wonderful sight straight into my face – a very gooey, very full, very red, very tiny pussy right on my bottom lip.

Out came my tongue and I drew in a watery mouthful of mixed cum, fucking beautiful, I was right, she hadn’t washed before cuming home and had been sweating all the time she’d been in bed – a luscious flavour of real woman so I knew exactly what she was tasting at the other end as she worked furiously on my cock.

It was strange in a way because I knew what she was doing down there but I couldn’t really feel much, we had worked so hard on each other the first time round, he was a bit numb now – fucking hard, begging for it but numb none the less.

I licked her arse hole and stuck a finger back in there and as I did, she flinched, I just hoped it was out of surprise and not that I’d hurt her. My tongue went back into her pussy searching for more juices whilst she now started pushing and pulling on and off my finger.

She lifted off me, lay by my side still facing the bottom of the bed “Fuck my arse – please stick it in my arse”.

I was up and kneeling between her knees before she had a chance to say another word. She pulled her cheeks apart for me and I gently tried to wedge him up her tiniest hole. He bent, he squeezed, he started to go in. “No – I need some lube, there’s some in that cabinet”.

I leaned over, got the lube, covered us both and tried again. “Oooo, now be gentle with me – oh, that’s better, I can feel him stretching me – careful, not too fast – oh I love this – a bit more – mmmmm nice”.

I was in, I could feel that nice smooth feeling of arse walls, sliding in and out, getting faster and faster. She kept moving to give me better access and depth and her much greater feeling and enjoyment.

You can always tell when she’s enjoying a bit of anal because she’ll grip the bed on either side of her head and her beautiful little arse will be cuming up and down to meet your plunges.

“Just push it in as far as you can, let me see if I can take all of it.”

So here we go, we’ve tried this before and she’s always got to give up before she’s got all of him, but I love trying, there’s nothing better for me than to feel my cock fully inside any hole, especially an arse.

Further and further I gently go, pulling slightly out then further up inside her – her keeping perfectly still. This is about as far as we normally get, you know that bend up inside of a woman’s anal canal, well that’s as far as she normally likes it and we’re there now.

When I pushed further, she gripped the bed even harder and her bum went away from me a little, I followed her and pushed further, I was now pushing into the bend – she didn’t like that.

“No, stop Dave, I don’t like that but I must have taken more that time didn’t I, you can’t have had much more to put up there can you?”

“Oh darling, I was nearly there, you were so close.” I lied.

“Just fuck my arse like you love to do, see if you can cum again so soon.”

What does she mean –so soon – we’ve been fucking for over two hours – no, nearly three but I’m not arguing, I’ve got a fantastic tight little arse to fuck.

I must admit, by now I was starting to flag so I gently fucked that perfect arse of hers with slow, grinding plunges and just drifted off into this wonderful land of anal.

Here I was with this wonderful woman who had taken me to bed and fucked my lights out then after a decent gap had rolled over and asked me to fuck her arse – life doesn’t get much better.

I slowly slipped off her back, rolled onto my side, pulled her to me on her side, added more lube and pushed him straight back up where he’s just been. This now meant that I could reach around and grab a lovely handful of tit and then slide my hand down to tweak her clit – shit did she jump when I found it.

She couldn’t take too much of that and pushed right back onto my cock which by now was nicely sliding in and out of a not so tight arse hole – no way was he going to cum.

So I pulled out, got her on her hands and knees and fucked her pussy – oh that glorious pussy – there was that grip again – there were those ribs – here cums the white stuff – I gave her one blast, pulled out and squirted three more good ones all over her back and arse and before he went soft, pushed him back up her arse (with a bit of difficulty) and pounded that for another few minutes.

I couldn’t believe it, it was a quarter to eleven, the bed was in a real mess and so were the two of us, so we dragged the sheet and pillow cases off, replaced them and staggered down stairs looking for food.

Pizza and chips later and a shared bottle of wine we staggered back up stairs and collapsed on the fresh, new bed.

I woke up at half nine and she had an almost full mast cock in her mouth.

“Good morning sinner” she said “fancy some breakfast?”

“Not before you’ve finished there” I said, so away she went pulling at my balls and when I moved so that my legs were way apart, she found my arse but couldn’t get a finger in.

“I tell you what” she said, “I’ll get on my back, you get over me and put him in my mouth from there, I’m sure I’ll get at least one finger in you from there” and she was right. It was tight and a bit rough.

“Hang on a minute” and with that, she took what bit of finger she had in me out, ploughed full depth into her pussy and brought it back to my arse – it slid in no trouble.

“That’s better” she said and grabbed my cock with her teeth, she hummed as she searched for my prostate – fuck me, she’s found it and straight away she could tell, maybe it had something to do with me bolting forward away from her finger and shoving my cock half way down her throat.

I nearly ruined everything there and as the tear gathered at the corner of her eye, she pushed her finger backwards and forwards over my prostate – this is ideal.

I could feel my urethra filling and goo dribbling out into her mouth, her humming started again – she could obviously taste me – I just couldn’t stop dribbling, I had no control with what she was doing to me.

I took my cock out of her mouth (she didn’t like that) and started to paint her face with what looked like a continuous, almost colourless drool of goo, back in her mouth again, grin on her face.

Didn’t have the slightest need to cum and after a while I could tell that breakfast was becoming more important than being pinned to a bed and swallowing loads of goo – however tasty.

So I lifted off her and held out my hand to help her to her feet but instead of taking my hand, she grabbed hold of my still semi hard cock and lifted herself away from the bed that way.

Breakfast it was then.

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2 years ago
Great story! You have a superb way with words and descriptions! I felt like I was her with you!!!
3 years ago
Nice. Got me hard.
3 years ago
very good