Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 3)

Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter
(chapter three)

On shaking legs, you raise one finger, we stop, waiting to hear what you want to say. “I won’t be a minute, don’t move . . . . . . “

And with that you are gone, out the still open door, pulling at your jeans as you stumble through the room.

As I lay over the corner of the bed with my legs splayed, cum drooling out of my battered fanny and my chin still glistening with Kevin’s massive deposit, my fucker flops down beside my head, his semi hard cock still slightly drooling its essences towards my sweat covered body.

“One fucking tight little arsehole you got there,” he growls. “Anyone ever been up it?” he spits.

I nod slowly then shake my head. I don’t really know what to say. If I admit that I enjoy having my arse fucked, he won’t give up until he’s plundering that too, but if I say no, then he’s going to want to be the first.

“Do you want to clean me up whilst you’re laying there.” He shuffles closer to my face.

I slowly raise my aching head, my neck and jaw still painful after Kevin’s assault. Now I remember why I feel so grateful right now, I was right, his cock is so beautiful, so big. Even half asl**p it must be over six inches long and as many round.

I reach out with my hand, grasp and squeeze it a couple of times. It spits white fluid at me and I giggle. I squeeze again, the same happens but I am ready for it this time. My tongue is out, it’s properly lined up and I can gulp down the very end of his wonderful explosion.

I raise it from where it lays across his hip and swirl it with my tongue, I stick it in his pee hole and he moans. I slurp in his bloated cock head and suck hard for any remnants of his cum still loitering in his shaft.

If I start pumping him now, I wonder if I can get him hard enough for another fuck, maybe he has another load inside those massive balls that he would be willing to empty down my throat.

Oooo, I feel more alive now, now I have this wonderful cum machine in my hand. I pull from the base and watch his balls pull tightly away from his body. All the skin ahead of my hand is pushed over his purple helmet, still it weeps at me. I pull sharply back and the skin on the head tightens and shines at me.

In my mouth again, this time bobbing frantically, I’m doing it, I can feel it filling with his hot bl**d, twitching in my hand

“Ooooo fuck, girl, you’re good, you’re soooo fucking good. That’s it, squeeze hard, pump me, pump faster, oooooo yes, take it to the back of your mouth, I want to fuck your mouth, oooooo so fucking hot.”

He roughly holds my head with his massive hands and pumps me onto my hand still working his shaft. I keep him out my throat with my tongue, how long will he let me get away with that?

“There’s sloppy seconds waiting for you down there if you’re interested mate, I got her nice and loose for ya.”

Kevin’s back.

I look up from my prize and smile at him, he’s carrying a stand, a light and a box, he’s gone again.

“Get back here and start sucking bitch, who told you, you could have a rest.?”

I swallow my prize this time and nearly throw up, I withdraw, take a huge gulp of air and push down on him again. He’s nearly back to full length now and there’s no way he’s going down my throat again.

“If you want a fucking blow job or anything else for that matter, I get to say how – right?” I shout at him.

Wow, where did that come from, where did I get the courage to say that lot?

It works, he lets go of my head, mutters something and watches Kevin. He’s back again, this time holding a camera, it’s big. I smile to myself, big cock, what size did you expect his camera was going to be. Fuck, am I ready to be a film star?

Within minutes not much sucking has taken place, not much of anything has taken place apart from Kevin frantically pulling wires from here, plugging them in there, switching this on here, pointing that over there.

I little red light comes on and Kevin takes one final look through the view finder. He’s happy, a lovely smile spreads over his face.

“Smile you two, you’re going to be stars.”

He wriggles out of his jeans and stares at the two of us on the bed. I slither down to the end and stand at the bottom of the bed, I call Kevin over to stand behind me and my fucker to follow me down the bed.

Kevin shyly flicks the side of his nose and shuffles over to me, he gently slides his hot hands round my waist and hugs my sweaty body to him. That cock – oh that wonderful cock, I can feel it pressing into my lower back.

I lean over the bed, placing one hand on it and pointing to the ‘O’ I have formed with my mouth so that fucker can see I want it filled.

I look at the camera, lick my lips seductively and then over my shoulder at Kevin. He reaches round me and pulls his hard cock up to slide the length of my slit, covering it in the juices flowing from within me from the recent giant orgasm deposited there.

Soon he is slick enough to slowly press up into me, flicking my clit consistently as he goes, my hips start to push back to him, we soon have a rhythm going.

Fucker watches for a moment, “Fuck that is so hot, is she tight or have I ruined her for good?”

“She’s just wonderful, I can feel every ridge up inside her cunt rippling up and down my prick, she’s sensational.”

“Bring that mouth over here bitch, let a real man get to work on you.” Kevin looks at him to warn him he’s on dangerous ground.

“What . . . what . . . . I was only k**ding, I like to hear rough when I plough, nothing wrong with words, is there?”

Kevin doesn’t bother to answer, enough said. He looks down to where we are joined. “You have the prettiest pussy, do you know that, your lips are clinging to me when I pull out, I like that, it looks like you’re kissing me with your fanny.”

I don’t try to answer, I have an angry cock in my face, but I hear every word and can feel every inch. I clench my cunt muscles around his thick shaft to thank him for his kindness, he groans, I squeeze again and again, I start to milk him with those same muscles. I look at the camera, close my eyes and smile.

He slips out of me and rubs up and down my arse crease, over my tiny brown ring and up again. Oooo, that feels so nice, his cock is making me push my ring out at him. He’s lining it up, will he try where fucker failed, will he dare to go up my chute when he knows fucker couldn’t?

Oh please try Kevin, I feel so relaxed now knowing it’s you trying and not him, push darling man, gently push, I’ll help if I can.

His crown slowly edges my sphincter apart, slightly in, all the way out, slightly more in, all the way out, more and more of your wonderful cock is disappearing up my arse.

Oh yes, that feels so wonderful, it’s like wanting to shit every time you pull all the way out, a little deeper, please, just a little more. God, I love your cock, I feel so stuffed full of cock, stuffed at both ends.

The wonderful feelings from my back end, is reflected in the energies in my mouth. Still the camera rolls. I pump his wonderful, long, thick cock with my tiny hand and slurp up the pre-cum as it bubbles out the slit. I suck the head, whip mine from side to side, chomp at the nerve ending bordering his glans, spit on the end, wank the juices in, listen to him moan, louder and louder.

Kevin is making me so hot, the relentless slapping of his balls on my pussy, his giant cock spearing my arse, his hands playing with a nipple and my ever sensitive clit. Kevin, you’re driving me mad.

I spit again on my fuckers pole, his face is contorted, his mouth is gaping, his breathing is spasmodic, his hands fist the bed on both sides of him.

“Oooo, this looks like just what I need, I’ve always wanted to be in a porno.”

It’s Jen, my darling Jen . . . . . fuck, that door must still be open.

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4 years ago
Love the growing cast of characters
4 years ago
wonderfully erotic