The Visit - Pt 5

I wandered over to where Terry and Oscar were sitting and cuddled Terry from the back and looked straight at Oscar.

“Is that really all you down there?” I said.

Terry looked at me in astonishment.

“What – what – what did I say wrong?” I stammered.

“Ask it as it is, why don’t you, you cheeky bugger,” she said, “I have just taken the last quarter of an hour to get round to saying what you just blurted out in five seconds.”

“That’s not like you Terry, you don’t normally ask the questions until afterwards and then with a question like that, you would know the answer anyway.” Don interjected.

“Cheeky buggers, both of you,” and then as quick as a flash she turned back to Oscar and said, “Well. . . . . .is it?”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” Oscar said as he lifter his arse off the seat. He had shell pants on and with shaking hands (can you believe it) Terry very slowly pulled them down.

First of all, a mop of thick black hair started at his belly button and disappeared down towards his bat. Then an inch or so of the root slowly came into view.

“Oh oh,” Terry explained, “even soft it looks about 2 or 3 inches across and about eight inches round, this could be one hell of a ride.”

She tugged some more at his pants and more and more of his tool came into view. It was a long way from being hard yet, but it had obviously started with all the attention it was getting so it occasionally twitched, much to the amusement of Terry.

She had about eight inches of it now on view and she just couldn’t stop herself, she dived on it and started sucking the side that was uppermost to us all.

“Oy, come on, leave it out until we can all relish in this lads fuck weapon.” said Don.

I grabbed her by her shoulders and gently pulled her off Oscar’s massive tool.

“Come on old girl, you can do it, we’re here with you, don’t be afraid.” I said sarcastically.

She almost whimpered as a bead of saliva hung from her bottom lip to his tool. Oscar wasted no time in taking hold of the waistband, pulled it up and raising his eye brows in fake surprise at just how much was still to come, started rubbing Terry’s saliva in to a part of his cock still covered.

Suddenly, he finished the job for her by getting up off the settee and standing right in front of her face. In getting up, his pants had fallen sufficiently to reveal his massive dong that was, by now about half erect. It bounced in front of her. She gasped.

He took hold of a handful of it about half way down and rubbed the dripping end over her lips.

It was growing all the time, still more length, still more girth, where would he get all the bl**d from that it would take to fill this monster.

He stood about six inches from her face and placed it on her shoulder. From this angle, she could now see his enormous sack crammed full of two huge globes. This bag must have been about four inches across and hung about five inches below his tool.

We were all three speechless. Without taking my eyes off Oscar, I called over my shoulder quietly to Sami, “Hay, d-darling, you must come and see this, you must come and. . . you’re not going. . . . just look. . . . good God and Lord Harry.”

Not a sound from the kitchen.

Terry very slowly took hold of it in both hands. She stood it up in front of her face and pressed it against Oscar’s stomach. Her left hand at the top and her right hand at the root. She stuck out her tongue and started at the
bottom of the ball bag, let one fall either side of her tongue as she sc****d it upwards.

Slowly, they moved aside as her persistent tongue made its way to his now virtually hard tool. She moved her right hand slightly out of the way so that she could lick, kiss and nibble her way up the cum vain that was now protruding from the underneath of Oscars third arm.

It stretched about six or seven inches past his belly button and from where she was, she couldn’t reach the enormous head, so she let her left hand slowly lower it down to opposite her mouth and backed off a little so that it was still in front of her and not back over her shoulder.

It was huge, ribbed with spasming belts of muscles and bent upwards as though it was straining to grow even further and had simply run out of skin. To the touch it felt like a bodybuilders stomach, clumps of muscles capable of ripping and gripping if only it could find something to fit.

I should think many had tried and many had failed. Once again, the thoughts of Big Mac came flooding back to me, but somehow this seemed and looked different. Perhaps it was its muscular look, its twitching, its alertness. Somehow it seemed as though it could be used to fell someone - perhaps it could

Was Terry going to take this giant on? Oh God I hope not. It would hurt her I’m sure. But there again, I feared for Sami when she took on Big Mac but she won that one. Yea, but look at it, it’s obscene, no-one could enjoy that stuck up them, surely they would be in fear of their life and that in itself would make it unenjoyable.

Who knows what goes through a woman’s mind at a time like this. Perhaps the scary bit is thoroughly exciting. Perhaps the thought of just trying is enough. Perhaps the challenge of a once in a lifetime experience is just too much to turn down. All I know is its not coming anywhere near me!!

Her thumb and middle finger couldn’t make a large enough circle to go round the head and with both hands she took a tight grasp of the shaft. She started to wank it with both hands together but every time she started from the root, it swung about furiously at the head.

To steady the head so that she could work more on wanking the shaft, she took as much of the head as she could get into her mouth and dug her teeth in just underneath the glans where it joins on to the shaft.

She now had him hard and steady. She slowly started her two handed wank of this monster and he knew from experience that he wasn’t going to be able to move as she couldn’t get any more of the head into her mouth.

It was hard enough now to take out of her mouth and run her lips and teeth down the full length to the root and then on to the massive ball sack. She was sucking great chunks of the shaft in by her teeth. There were more marks on it now than ever before.

She was in a frenzy, he would jerk, flinch, shove, squirm, hiss, growl, squirt pre-cum into her hair, dance on one leg. He was getting so close, you could see the situation and Terry’s attention was really getting to him. He was cuming. He was cuming big time.

He was really going to cum so hard. This massive tool was going to spew its load all over us.

Terry looked at me and started to stand up. As she did, I put my arms round her and undid her flimsy robe. Quick as a flash, she had one arm and then the other out of the sleeves and the robe fell to the floor. I doubt if Oscar even noticed.

Her lovely shiny, brown, tight body rippled at the hard work being put into Oscar’s manhood. His hands grasped at air first in a fist and then fingers spread wide. He hissed, he pushed, he grunted, he blew. . . . . . he shot.

Gallons of white, sticky, stringy, hot cum splattered against Terry’s chest. She giggled in disbelief. She let go and grabbed handfuls of cum. She looked up at me, showed me her hands and giggled again.

I dived in and grabbed this waving, out of control giant and aimed it at her crotch. He shot again, this time into her pubic hair, again she rubbed it in. She now was growling like an a****l. She shoved handfuls of cum up her fanny.

It was so thick it just stayed there. She rubbed it in her face and her huge tongue lapped it off her fingers.

His frightened eyes stared at his knob and then at Terry. She saw him look and dropped to her knees, her cum covered face just inches from its massive head. I could feel the cum vain bulging yet again. Again, a huge wadge of jizz splattered against her.

This time it was on the roof of her mouth. As he shot again, she showed me and Don her mouth and almost missed the next lot in the process.

Finally, he collapsed onto the settee; his beautiful manhood still dribbling copious amounts of white fluid. Terry gently cooooed in front of him as she slurped up his last offerings for a while.

I shook my head in disbelief, turned to look at Don who was in a similar state of awe and said “Pinch me Don, go on, let me know that was for real and I’m not tucked up in bed asl**p.”

“Matey, to all intense and purposes, that was as close to unreal as anyone can get. It was a fucking brilliant experience, but for you and me, just being ordinary mortals, that will always be as close as we ever get to being able to emulate it.

Putting his arm round my shoulder and leading me off in the direction of another drink, he said “Just thank your lucky stars you were here to witness it. It’s something you will be able to tell your grandc***dren about”. . . . . . . . . we both looked at each other as we walked. . . . . . . . . “naa, maybe not.”

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